The lenovo graphite, gray ideapad flex 5, which is going to be my new laptop after i get it ready now: i’m, not a particularly technical person, so uh off the top of my head. This graphite gray, laptop uh, can convert into like a tablet form and fold. Over and uh it’s got like 16 uh gigabytes of ram and half a terabyte of storage and it comes with a ryzen 7 processor. So i bought this from costco, typically it’s, a thousand dollars canadian, but uh. I got a fancy ass, costco discount and now it was only priced at 800, which is cool uh, but then after tax it got like to 890., but hey that’s, still like over 100 dollars in savings, so let’s pop this baby open all right. Let’S start opening up this bad boy. You know this was not only very well packaged, but when it was delivered, it also came with free sacks of air wow talk about a deal. Oh, and so you can see the uh the laptop right away. It’S uh encased entirely in this, this home stuff and there’s some additional stuff in in the in the side. This is the part where i pulled up stuff out uh i can’t read what, and so i this is like a two piece adapter and it uses uh. Oh, it charges by usb that’s interesting, and so this is what it looks like out of the box. Oh no, i’m gon na have to age, restrict this video because now there’s stripping involved Music, so many layers.

What a tease Music well isn’t, that nice looking shiny, sleek, smooth design, it’s uh, like you call it matt, i don’t know you got the lenovo the symbol, because it’s it’s lenovo, the underside, which has stuff it’s, got a like a vent on the sides. It’S got like um, i think this is like power and then it’s got a us, no that’s, an hdmi port, oh that’s, fancy and then uh. I think this is how it charges and like headphones and other type of headphones, but what what do these ports do? Ah, the power button is over on the side that’s good, yes, and then you can insert uh memory yeah and then two usb ports. How many bananas does this weigh? Uh cannot weigh this for whatever reason: okay, i guess that’s supposed to wrap up the review, but all right this thing opens up. Oh i’ve, never done a real hardware review before um, so there’s like no locking mechanism, and it opens up real nice. Oh oh baby and so let’s get this out of the way. According to the costco reviews um, this is a bilingual keyboard got ta, be honest. I do not see the difference yet you can hear the clickies yeah like the clickies are definitely there and then it’s it’s got this big screen with like minimal edges to it, and that’s it’s, cool and and it’s got a good camera and there’s no camera on The other side, which is fine if you uh, do not care about stalking people or recording like lectures there’s.

This thing here, i think, it’s, like the fingerprints, probably won’t, bother with that. Okay and uh our articulation um take this watch the hinge. I heard in some reviews that people broke their hinges: wow, that is totally black bending it backwards, bending it backwards. Okay, yeah baby that’s. What i’m talking about it’s it’s uh it’s, like tablet, that’s cool? You know big big, shiny tablet or just just a keyboard by itself, and, and you can, you can prop it up – that’s cool, i i will probably keep it like this when i’m at home and connect it to my uh. My monitor, although this is higher resolution than my monitor, so this might become my main screen. I don’t know what the am i supposed to talk about. I don’t know i i guess i had to like turn it on or something so i’m starting up the thing right now there. It is the first time it’s it’s, lighten up good computer and uh it’s got a light up keyboard actually and uh a little thing to like scroll. Your your camera, like on and off so that’s cool it’s, like a like a manual shutter, so i’m gon na be setting this up and we’ll come back Music, so it’s been a few hours since i set everything up and um. I am thoroughly satisfied with this product um. Just to give some context. This is the bar that was set uh. I was moving from a surface pro 3 purchased around 2015.

It has a bloating battery. It no longer holds a charge if it’s unplugged, it has a screen flickering problem and i am pretty sure some of its processing power has diminished. It was like um an intel core i3 now before i would not be able to run three youtube streams. Minecraft at three digits fps or discord together. No, instead, i would be running minecraft by itself at like 15 fps, but now my optifine is reading 110 frames. Uh me not being a very experienced hardware, connoisseur um. All i can really say is that the ideapad 5 outperforms a six year old surface pro 3. Music. This thing has been my loyal companion for the last six years, but it is a fire hazard now, so i have to dispose of it otherwise, yeah uh.