Today i am here to discuss the new generation of lenovo flex: 5. 14. It l0 versatile 2 in 1 ultrabook convertible into a tablet: the lenovo ideapad flex, 5 14. It l05, with 14 inch ips full hd, touchscreen 360 degrees. Openable is nomadic with its nine hours of battery life thin and light. This hybrid laptop pc performs well in everyday use, with its good amount of 16 gigabytes ram and its tiger lake quad core i5 processor. With iris xc graphics solution capable of running games that are not too greedy. In addition, this discrete laptop that can be transformed into a tablet benefits from enhanced responsiveness thanks to its fast ssd storage, a backlit chocolate keyboard or even wi fi x and usb c connectivity. It has a discrete yet original look with its thin and light dark, graphite gray case that can be opened 360 degrees to transform into a tablet. The screen is indeed equipped with multi touch touch technology, therefore, by pressure gesture of at least one finger applied to the screen, one can interact with the system and the software as it is tactile. The screen is treated glossy as a result, the colors are reinforced, but the panel is subject to reflections in a bright environment. The screen is also very suitable for displaying high definition content such as videos, because it adopts a precise, full hd definition, as well as a 16 9 format. It also has significant viewing angles, both vertical and horizontal thanks to its ips technology.

Its colorimetry is, however, classic lower than that of more high end ips panels. We appreciate being able to backlight the keys of the chiclet keyboard, which is practical to distinguish them in case of limited ambient light in terms of connectivity. This versatile, two in one ultrabook, is well equipped with its usbc, its wi fi x, wireless modules and bluetooth, 5.1 for connections and communications at distance, its practical hdmi, video output for easy connection to a tv or monitor, for example, its audio port, as well as its 2, usb 3.0 usb 2.0 compatible guaranteeing transfers up to 10 times faster than usb 2.0. If you plug in usb 3.0 devices, however, we regret not to find thunderbolt 4, while it is natively supported by tiger lake processors, the lenovo ideapad flex, 5 14 itl05 is a compact, thin and light high definition. Laptop convertible into a tablet intended for general mobile use. Easy to transport, thanks to its lightness, finesse and compactness, this two in one ultrabook is able to last about nine hours on battery in light use in terms of autonomy enough to appeal to nomads. However, it delivers good general performance capable of satisfying many users, because it is based on a tiger lake quad, core i7 1 165 g7 processor, low consumption intel, as well as a good amount of ram of 16 gigabytes higher than the average very useful in multitasking. However, it should be borne in mind that too often carry out work.

That is heavy on processor resources. It is better to opt for a pc with a non low consumption processor ditto in graphics, because no dedicated graphics card is on board here to manage demanding 3d processing. However, the performance of the iris xc solution integrated into the tiger lake quad core i7, are clearly superior to those of the classic intel uhd 620. As a result, thanks to the iris xc, you can watch photos and videos as well as run games that do not consume too much graphic resources. On the storage side, we are dealing with a 512 gigabytes ssd, a capacity in phase with the standard of hard drives. But if you need more space, you can use an external storage unit such as a usb 3.0 usb c device to benefit from fast transfers. An ssd has several advantages over a hard drive. It consumes less energy is more robust, silent and much faster. This translates in practice into much faster software launches, as well as processing and starts stops, or even faster arrival on the cards of online games. Thanks for watching this, video hope you like this, please do subscribe.