5.. I did several videos on the previous version, which had the ryzen 5 4500u. This one has the brand new ryzen. 7. 50. 700. U – and i am very excited to check this out – this one is slightly bigger than the previous one i had, because that was a 14 inch. This one, however, is the 15 inch laptop, but the performance should roughly be the same, so let’s unbox it take an overview of it and we’ll prepare for the review. I can see right off the bat. The power charging situation is very much the same. It’S, a 65 watt power, brick that plugs in via the usb type c, on the left hand side, but interestingly, unlike the flex 514 inch that i got previously, this one doesn’t have the pen that came along with it. This seems to just be the two in one device and touch screen rather than the active pen which helped with uh inputs. So part of my impressions with this is that this is a much bigger laptop than the 14 inch. It has even the numpad added into here the 15 inch, obviously quite big, but the overall design and aesthetics pretty good. The hinge on this is solid, but obviously can’t support the full weight of that 15, and i can also see that they added in the camera privacy shutter for making sure that nobody can spy on you with your camera. Let’S go ahead and turn this guy on or we can’t, because it’s completely dead, heck.

One interesting thing to note with the flex 5 is that, even though the charging cable comes as a usb c charging cable, it does still have the ac adapter included right here. So that you can use a regular power brick, but they include the usbc charging, so they have the dual option for charging, but then force you to lose one of your usb ports in order to charge it, which is a bit of a bummer. The charging cable length seems to be pretty good. The actual extension from the brick appears to be about six feet, and then this wire cord appears to be about four feet, so you get about 10 feet of total charging length, that’s kind of one of those understated things that doesn’t happen in laptop reviews. All too often you find out that the brick either has a short, cable or it’s, a short cable to the wall. That’S included, you have to get an extra one or because it’s so short from the brick. You have to get an extra long, cable anyway, so that you keep the brick next to the laptop it’s, always good to see. Companies like lenovo include something that’s a bit more useful so just to cover i o. While this thing charges a little bit, we have the two usb 3.0 ports on the right hand, side with that sd card reader and the power button, and then, on the left hand, side, as i mentioned, is the ac input hdmi out, as well as the usbc That could be usbc or power and then a headphone jack and a reset button, that’s interesting, so let’s get this thing turned on and just get some initial impressions.

Initially, i can tell that the screen is incredibly reflective. That is not met in the slightest very glossy. Very reflective make sure that you’re in a decently well controlled environment, because that is hard to look at. But you can also see that the bezels are included under the glass and not actually a physical part right here. So when the computer is off, it looks rather bezel less, but once you turn it on, you realize the extent cortana cortana. You realize the extent of where the bezels end on this thing. Okay, so after getting windows set up for just a second, i have one key complaint with this laptop already, and that is the touchpad number. One is kind of tiny, not very large, for the size and laptop that you’re getting, but then number two it’s centered with the center of the keyboard, but not the entire surface of the laptop. So the numpad is over here on the right, which means that this touchpad is left justified, makes it so that your hands have to go far to the left in order to be right where the touchpad is going to need to be, and the reason i think That this is just speculating from having the flex 514 inch is that they use the 14 inch keyboard and touchpad setup and then just tacked on the numpad at the end, which gives you this centered one. That goes here, because that would work on the 14 inch.

But doesn’t exactly work here on the 15 inch, it seems like it’s a cost cutting measure that’s, like that mildly infuriating type of annoyance, not something that’s, actually going to be a huge detractor in the day to day experience. I can also tell straight off the bat while just turning up the brightness. This display is not very bright. The colors are not very accurate. This task bar is all sorts of yellow compared to what i would expect from a more color accurate, monitor. Also again, a big complaint on the original flex 5.. It was less than 100 srgb. It was, i think, 250 nits total brightness. It just wasn’t a very positive experience, but the main reason i’m excited for this laptop is not because it’s the flex 5, but rather it has that ryzen. 7. 5700U. 8 core 16 thread processor. It also has 16 gigs of ram at 3, 200 megahertz and then that 512 gig ssd with the updated radeon graphics. So i was able to pick up this laptop for 800, which for including eight cores and 16 threads of the latest ryzen generation, seems to be a pretty decent value. So as we wait for some of the performance stuff to get downloaded, let’s go ahead and take a look at what we got for the pre installed: bloatware uh amd’s chipset’s already installed. We have alexa that’s kind of garbage. Dolby audio is included, lenovo pen settings that’s totally fine lenovo voice, not 100 sure what that does.

Lenovo utility is garbage mcafee, also not wanting that to be installed. There’S, microsoft, 365., don’t, really care for that office installed smart microphone settings from forte media overall. This seems pretty light it’s only some of the original lenovo bloatware you can see here that it just automatically popped up. Lenovo welcome! Not exactly excited about that. Okay, so for quick performance i’m pulling up a cinebench r15. This is something that i’ve run on the previous ryzen 5 4500u we’re gon na go ahead and run this and see what we can get in multi, core and single core score. Just to get a brief comparison before i deep dive into a full review for a video over on ufd tech, currently we’re hitting a decent, steady, roughly three gigahertz on this acor cpu, which is pretty impressive and it’s staying whisper silent. The fans aren’t really ramping up to be annoying at all, which can happen in cinebench. It appears that we’re hitting right in the 1450 region for multi core which just given context of the previous flex – 5 – the 4500? U that appears to be 58 percent faster, but if i compare that to the recently released surface laptop 4 and the ryzen 5 46 – 80 – u that’s in there! That makes this 5700u processor only 16 faster, even though it has two more cores and four more threads. So that’s not exactly exciting. I haven’t had the opportunity to check out the surface laptop for with its ryzen 7, but the ryzen 7 on this seems alright, maybe it’s thermally limited, maybe i’m, using too old, of a software with cinebench r15, and i might need to update that to something like R23, to get a better indication of its performance, but initially i’m, not exactly blown away by the performance but i’m gon na deep dive.

That again for the video that i’m gon na release on ufd tech, the keyboard seems as familiar as i recognize it from the previous flex 5 that i had. It does have the fingerprint reader here on the bottom right hand, side now, let’s go ahead and test out the speakers and just give that a quick, listen Applause, so that’s all right. The volume is at max is fine. It works pretty well there’s. Hardly any bass response, there’s very little distortion going on it seems okay overall, it does seem like this laptop has a lot of the same compromises that were present in the original flex 5, such as the display which, upon me reviewing my notes from the previous one. Only had 57 srgb coverage and 250 nits brightness, which is just not good, not very good. Initial impressions of this flex, 5, with the updated ryzen 7 5700u – is that kind of tepid i’m not exactly blown away with it like. I was the original flex 5, but, as i’ve been mentioning, there will be a full review coming out to ufd tech, so get subscribed to that channel to find out all the latest details, as i put the 5700 you through its paces. With that being said, i’m brett with the brainerd’s channel.