Today we gon na unbox and review the Lenovo Flex, 5 Chromebook editions.. So without further ado lets get on into it. Lets get on into it. Initial thoughts on packaging weve got the Chromebook logo. Weve got the Lenovo logo. Weve got nothing really on that. Side. Weve got your normal spec sheet on this side. Security tab, normal stuff. Safety tape on the bottom. Lets. Get this tape opened up., See what we have inside. Now this one. This laptop features a tenth gen i3 4 gigs of RAM., Oh thats. The Chromebook. Well set that aside for a moment. Lets, see what else we have in the box. 64 GB of storage. There. It is. Lots of packaging in here. Thats. What I was looking for. Youve got your cord. Youve got your power adapter. Power. Adapter is a USB C, which is nice and weve got the Chromebook itself. Nice, safe plastic, wrap., All gray, exterior. Kinda a stiff hinge.. If I go to do this with one hand, you will see the whole thing wont: open, lift up. Lets get that paperwork out of there. Lenovo services. Little protective sheet.. This is one of those 2 in 1, so It fully goes all the way. Back.. The thing I like about this and what intrigued me about this model specifically., Is that youve got your speaker grills on the front., So the noise is actually going to come at you. Now in a 2 in 1 case, that may be a little bit.

Different. Lets see what weve got for ports. Power button volume, rocker USB C and Kingston lock. Then, on the other side, we have another USB C USB, A headphoneheadset, jack and micro sim card slot Exhaust vents Standard screws, nothing special. So if we wanted to crack this open, it wouldnt be that difficult to do So. One of the things that I noticed on this Chromebook is that there werent any display outputs.. However, with the two USB C ports., I wanted to test out and see if one of those could be used to a display.. Ive got my USB C adapter and a mess of cables, but you can see Im connected on this little portable display and it works. So dont be concerned overly, if you really like the Chromebook, but for some reason you need some type of display output for your needs.. I guess this is here to show you you can do it with a little bit of investment. and a USB C to HDMI dongle. Overall impression of the this Chrombook Is. It is a great deal for the price You get your 2 in 1 features. You get a backlight keyboard. You have user facing speakers in the laptop stance, a large mouse pad. The only issue, maybe is the lack of a direct display output, but as we demonstrated that can be handled with a USB C dongle. Now, before we close out this video, let review those specs one.

Last time You get an intel core: i3 10th gen processor, 4 GB of DDR 4, 64 GB of storage, two USB 3.1 gen, 1 type C ports, one USB 3.1, gen, 1 type, A port micro, SD card slot; wireless AX, bluetooth, 5.0, IPS touchscreen, with full HD And a webcam supporting up to 720p Thanks again for watching this video about the Lenovo Flex, 5 Chromebook edition, Please let us know in the comment section what you thought or what you type of Chromebook you use and dont forget to hit that like button and get Subscribed for future videos as well as possible, check out these ones in this area.