Just as i always do my videos, i won’t just run through the specs, but let you know what is this lenovo twin, one laptop actually good for and in which case you should buy it. So i’ll start with this info. If you’re looking to buy this little boy to play games in most cases, it will handle it for you easily and we’ll talk about it a little later. This laptop is perfect for designers photo editors and other creators, freelancers students, teachers, businessmen, marketers, copywriters and all other persons who often have to deal with any kind of work with graphics, video, editing website, browsing software, developing producing presentations, text typing and also for people who often Work outside, if you feel that you belong to the people listed above, please feel free to continue watching as this little boy might be one of the best solutions for you first things. First here is a couple of aces in the hall 10 hours of battery life. From a single charge, lenovo active pan included right into the box, fantastic port selection, including type c and hdmi backlit keyboard, physical shutter on the webcam, and all that combined with an excellent performance and a reasonable price. This sounds unreal right. Okay, now let’s dive into some details: lenovo flex 5 packs a 14 inch 1080p ips touchscreen panel with the narrow bezels around it. It provides an amazing experience during working gaming creating or just watching a movie. This is one of the best screens i’ve ever seen.

The color accuracy is amazing, the contrast is great and the brightness is 250 nits, and this is quite understandable. Why? Because the laptop was designed mostly for creative people and with kilograms weight and about 21 millimeter thickness, you can stay creative anywhere. You go and by the way, it’s not only a compact and lightweight machine, but also it looks awesome. Let me know what do you think about this design in the comment section below this video and what about the battery? As i said before, it can last you for about 10 hours working from a single charge, and you can charge it up to 80 percent in one hour. This is amazing and i’m. Pretty surprised that at this price point we can observe such a cool feature as quick charge. Now let’s talk about the lenovo, active pen or let’s, just call it stylus. If you will it recognizes 2048 levels of pressure, which is a crazy sensitivity. It also has a palm rejection feature and it’s made in a streamlined metal body. Design simply put this thing is a fantastic addition to this laptop, which makes your creative workflow thousands times easier and faster. You can draw more accurate, changing the thickness of the lines without even lifting the stylus from the screen. It helps a lot during photo editing, you can take notes quicker and also there are two quick access side buttons which can be configured for one click, opening of your favorite apps.

This is insane guys talking about power. It packs a nice power, efficient 4 cores amd ryzen 5 cpu with an integrated vega, 6 graphics card, 16 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes ssd. All that provides very nice experience during your creative work, gaming, editing documents and so on. The ram here is not expandable, but 16 gigs should definitely be enough for any tasks now. I know you, ladies and gentlemen, always ask about gaming. Well, lenovo, flex. 5 is definitely not a gaming laptop, but still it does a great job. You can run fortnite gta. Vice city, san andreas and gta, 5, world of tanks, minecraft counter strike global offensive, overwatch rocket league and so on, but guys it’s not for something serious. You won’t be able to play red dead redemption, 2 or cyberpunk 2077, for example. So keep that in mind alright! So why do we call it two in one laptop? One of the main features of this thing is the 360 degrees hinge which allows you to use your two in one touchscreen laptop in whatever mode works best for you use it in laptop mode for everyday computing. Tent mode for sharing things stand mode for watching movies and videos comfortable or tablet mode for more intuitive interaction in each mode, except the regular one, it’s comfortable to draw with a lenovo active pen and i’ll, be honest with you guys, sometimes it’s, very handy. There is no number pad in this model, but lenovo included an amazing stereo speakers powered by dolby audio and what i really love.

They put them right on the front panel. So there are no muffled sounds. The audio is crystal clear and it’s. So much of a pleasure to watch videos and movies with this setup, usually, you won’t find a nice high quality keyboard on the flexible laptops. But this boy has surprised me here as well. It feels expensive it’s, also pretty quiet and it’s backlit it’s extremely comfortable to type on it, and i can compare this experience with typing text on my mac, and the last thing i will mention here is concerning the port selection. It is definitely a next level on the left edge, you’ll find a power port, an hdmi output, a usb type c port and an audio combo jack. By the way, the usb c port can be used to charge the laptop and it’s fantastic. You can basically charge it with a power bank on the right edge. There are two usb 3.1 type: a ports, a full size, sd card reader, which will come extra handy for those videographers and photographers and the power button. My overall opinion about this laptop is very good. It definitely has a lot of pros, especially for such a price, and i can name only one con and it’s that the screen might be a little brighter. I mean it’s fine, but when it’s extra sunny you might want to find a good shadow to work alright, so that is it for the video. I really hope it was useful for you and now you know for sure.

If this lenovo laptop is a good option for your purposes and if it’s so, please consider buying it from the amazon using the link below in description box, it will support me dramatically and help to produce more videos like this at no additional cost.