The laptop is powered by AMD’s risin 5. 3500. U quad core processor, along with 8gb of ram 256 gb, nvme, SSD, radeon, vega, 8, graphics and other great features, including fingerprint reader. The laptop design is clean and suitable for day to day activities such as working on schoolwork browsing, the internet or even streaming content. The AMD processor is efficient enough to let you run multiple application, as well as support multimedia editing, photos and videos. It is also capable of some degree of gaming. Thanks to Vega 8 graphics, laptop, weighs only 3.5 pounds and profile that measured only 0.7 inch. 10 laptop is easy to carry, should face no problem, slipping it into the backpacks and carrying it to the work. The laptop is equipped with 2 USB 3.1 ports memory card reader, 1, USB C port, headphone jack and HDMI port. That comes in handy to connect to external display. The general build of this laptop is to be multi purpose. Perhaps the most compelling feature of this 2 in 1 laptop is ifs multimode design. It is straightforward to use in any mode that matches your present requirement. Laptop 10th tablet or stand mode, the lenovo included the apple macbook pro style; power supply, cable, the law of charging any person in just one hour due to its rapid charge technology. The laptop boots into Windows from cold start in less than 10 seconds, thanks to nvme SSD, the included lenovo’s active pen, S is well finished.

Design comes with a quad 8 battery, which is ready to last for months. The pen is easier to control, can support 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity and also lets you sketch draw directly on the screen with the digital pen. You can capture moments of inspiration or take notes, but there’s. A big flaw with the Pens mounting design once mounted in the USB slot, with the provided mounting accessory. It blocks all USB ports along with memory card reader and power button, since the laptop is targeted at a mobile population. The webcam, for instance, has a true block privacy shutter that lets you close of webcam physically when not in use the AMD Rison. 5. 3500. U is a mid range processor with this fork or maximum fog speed of 3.7 gigahertz Rison. 530. 500. You is a great processor for home and office computing use with the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously. It can also handle demanding stuff with such as video editing. The Mensch mark results and specs show that AMD Rison. 530 500. You competes directly against the intel’s hn. I 580 250, you processor, as expected, the 3500. U is slightly faster than its risin. 5 2500. You processor, with quite similar specs. With this vega, 8 integrated graphics, the horizon 530. 500. You can be a low cost budget solution for gaming for sure it isn’t, as nearly as fast as a dedicated video card you can find in gaming laptops, but the vega 8 can provide a very decent gaming experience in many of the popular titles in Cinebench.

Our 20 Lenovo laptop produced great results scoring 1477 points, which is comparable to intel’s 6th gen. I 7 processor in hard drive, benchmark laptop produced excellent results thanks to nvme SSD hard drive with close to 1 gig right speed and over 1.6 gig read speed with super fast access time. Laptop comes with Windows, 10 Home Edition 64 bit operating system. Pre activated, cpu z, shows the specification of our processor with 4 megabytes of l3 cache. The motherboard is manufactured by Lenovo itself and has 8 gig of memory installed and running in dual channel mode. You have extra slot available, you can add additional memory down the road in CPU Z, benchmarks, laptops core 2004 points in multi, threaded application and 389 points in single thread. Application in past mark reading laptop scored, 3040 7 points. You Lenovo has done a good job when it comes to cooling. The laptop during our stress test laptop, never exceeded 75 celsius mark with all cores running at 100 at 3.6 gigahertz clock speed during our 4k YouTube video test, laptop full HD panel produce great colors and sharp contrast ratio. Laptops built in speakers are loud and produce great sound 10 torques t 50 at several stubborn plastic clips hold the bottom panel in place. The side rails of the bottom panel wrap around the io ports and rear vents, making disassembly difficult that’s. Why we don’t recommend you to remove the back panel because it can void the warranty.

Laptops RAM is upgradable and you can add additional RAM. If you want nvme is using m2 slot and battery is rated 44. What our laptop cooling is managed by heat pipe with 2 fans blowing air on the heat sinks, pushing the hot air out from the back bends. Laptop memory is upgradable. You can add additional memory game by moving the metal cover which will expose to memory DIMM slots. Lenovo has been taking giant steps in the right direction.