Here it comes in at right now, with the coupon code, it comes in at 267 uh without the coupon code, it’s like 290. It comes with the keyboard case, so that’s pretty good for a budget tablet. It comes with a case and a keyboard, so it’s got some functionality there, as for specs it’s got a mediatek helio p60t a little bit about that processor. It’S. Eight cores got four a 73 cores and four a53 cores and then it’s a mali g72. Mp3, gpu don’t know too much about that. But we’ll definitely see the specs. Uh um see the performance. I will do some benchmarks: it’s a 12 nanometer processor it’s, pretty cool four gigabyte, four gigabytes of ram, and then it comes with 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes of internal storage. A 10.1 inch display is 16 by 10 aspect ratio and it’s 1920 by 1200 it’s, a 7 000 milliamp hour battery it’s got two speakers. Two mics two cameras. I don’t care about the cameras, but if you do they’re a two megapixel front facing camera and an eight megapixel rear facing camera it’s a tablet, they don’t have good cameras uh. This is a budget tablet, it’s not going to have a great camera if the ipad pro doesn’t have the best camera this isn’t going to have the best camera, but an interesting fact about this it’s. The first tablet, with the uh up chrome optimized, for tablets, put on it so that’s pretty interesting.

This did release several months ago, it’s, not a new product um, but you know it’s pretty exciting. I also do have the lenovo usi pin in the mail, so i will be doing a review on that when i get it and i will go um, you know a more long term review on this product after i get that right now. This is just going to be an unboxing, and first impressions plus i’ll, give you guys some specs and see how i like it just my opinions. If you do want to purchase this product, i would say i have amazon links in the description, but looking at it right now, it seems like buying it directly from lenovo might be your best bet, so let’s get into the unboxing all right now, let’s start with The unboxing of this bad boy, all right so like i said this product does come with a case that doubles as a keyboard, so that’s pretty good um. I don’t think it has expandable storage, which can be an issue, but you know i’m, not i’m, not too too worried about it right there right now, it’s a tablet, so i don’t imagine you know it’ll be like crazy, make sure we get this come on here. We go look this out. This is the tablet um. Okay, all right, i am not upset. I do like the color scheme. They decided to go with. I like the blue and the black um.

It does feel pretty good like it’s it’s, i like it. I, like it a lot. We will set this off to the side and see what else we get in the box. I’Ll just put that right here: okay, that’s, not important what’s in here, oh that’s. This must be the case. Okay, all right i’m trying not to bump my recording equipment, all right, okay, all right, so we will go ahead and throw this on. I do like the color scheme, but i do like it staying in good shape, more okay, pretty interesting; okay, all right, so that doesn’t seem unless i’m crazy, okay, let’s go ahead and get this out first before i really focus on that too much. Okay. Okay, all right, not too bad, not too bad. It feels. Let me just give you my first impression, really quick. So i it’s okay, it’s, okay, it’s a little it’s a little small, but i think it’ll work it’ll, be fine, all right, let’s uh! I think we do get a charger which is pretty rare nowadays, actually um. We do. I think it is a, i think, it’s a 10 watt charger i believe come on. Oh, you got to open the other side, god i’m, so i am so silly. Okay and we get a mic adapter, so it does not have a headphone port. It does come with a usbc, cable and a 10 watt charger. So let me throw this thing together.

We’Ll actually do this together, so um, okay, so it’s it’s a magnetic. This is all right magnetic all right. I’M, not too upset let’s, okay, and this is what it looks like that’s, not bad um. Now this is supposed to okay let’s see how that okay, you know what this could be. Pretty nice it’s got, i don’t know how well you guys can see that probably not very, but i will i’ll change the angle on the camera soon, but right now, let’s let’s, keep it pretty low and we’ll go ahead and power. This bad boy on. I want to say that’s the power button. I certainly hope so i could be looking really, but there it is. Okay looks pretty bright, although i think it’s only a 400 nit screen, so i don’t think it’s crazy bright. You guys missed that pill and i’m. So sorry um, i should not have taken that away from you guys, okay, so i think i’ve got to set it up, so i will do that and i will be right back okay guys so, after playing with the tablet a little bit, i do have the Um, Music, the benchmarks done if the camera wobbles a little bit i’m terribly sorry, uh i’m. Trying to get this set up exactly how i have it. The screen is: okay: it works it’s it’s, not the brightest screen, but you know it’s it’s, not bad. So this is the benchmark results for the geekbench score, so we can go over here and we could actually see that we’re actually kind of close to the snapdragon 655, which is a mid range trip, chip, at least on single core and on the multi core.

Let’S see 1260 we’re a little bit less than that, so probably closer to like a 650 or something if they have a 650. I don’t know maybe like a 6 30 or something i’m, not too sure about the scores. I don’t usually benchmark my stuff. I just kind of go off how it feels so i mean this feels it’s, not terrible i’m gon na i don’t have the best setup for this um, the slingshot extreme um. I don’t think this is a great score either, but it doesn’t support vulcan, but i mean it is better than 32 percent. You know, but you know what that’s. This is fine too i’m, not too upset about this it’s. You know it’s a tablet and this is um hold on so this. Let me just let me just minimize this so that’s what some android apps look like on this device. It just kind of pops up a window and if the speakers get moderately loud, they’re pretty good speakers i’m. Just you know going off. You know comparing it to my phone that’s at max let’s, listen to a little bit of some copyright, free music and then we’ll. Try to play dragon ball legends and see if we can play it on this thing. Let me turn the mic around Music Music uh. My speakers are very hard to like demonstrate on devices because it no matter what you can’t get a true sound whoops did not mean to do that.

So we’re gon na go ahead and turn this down we’re gon na. Let this game uh get what it needs to be downloaded and then we’ll come back and i’ll try playing it a little bit. Most people play fortnite or not fortnite. They play pub g or call of duty mo i’ve i’m, not gon na game. On this thing, that’s, not the it’s, not its purpose to game, so i don’t plan to use it. For that i mean i do have one other tablet that might be a little bit no it’s it’s way older, so it’s not gon na, be you know better at gaming either, but it’s, not what this tablet’s for um, so we’re gon na. Do this like a little bit, i haven’t played this game a whole lot and i’ve never played it like this. So bear with me all right, that’s, just that sort of works like exactly what you expect um it’s, just instead of distorting the screen. Okay, all right! All right, like it looks good like it looks like it looks on my like my old flagship phone. I have a lg g8x. Thank you with a snapdragon 850, which was the best when it came out and it looks very similar. So we can run this game. Fine, oh oh charging on my key until it’s, full all right, it’s, just whatever, whatever we we see it plays it now: i’m, not gon na i’m, not gon na bother keeping this on there.

So i mean i’m very happy with this thing as um chrome os is new to me, i’m, not gon na lie it’s but it’s like very similar to android from what i can tell i mean chrome. I tried downloading antutu, but i have to go into developer options which is different on the chrome than it is on the um on your smartphone. So but i mean youtube, looks nice. I like tablet youtube. I i think it’s pretty cool. You can see kind of the stuff that i kind of watch like huge shout out to j rose. Your stuff’s always entertaining is the same as my dry: bread um. You know these are austin evans. Of course i do a lot of tech. You know, watch anyways, we’re, not gon. Na get in like videos are nice it’s, very nice, the screen’s very nice i don’t have any complaints. I mean this stand, feels pretty good. Like it’s, i mean it’s, not like the sturdiest but like for what it is. It’S free with a tablet, so it’s it’s, good enough. For sure i mean i it hasn’t like dropped at all, except for you know when i moved it myself, so it feels pretty sturdy. I i’m happy um. Some competitors to this would be the galaxy tab. S6 light, and that does come with a pin. It doesn’t come with a case or anything so i mean, i think, it’s a little better spec, but i mean they’re very comparable, that’s, obviously an android tablet – and this is a a chromebook um.

But you know what i’m i’m excited so i’m gon na go ahead and close this and we’re gon na look at my ugly mug again, so you may be asking what’s the point of this. Where am i going with this product? Why did i think it would be interesting, well, i’m, going to tell you the direction i’m going in, so my plans for this one i’m going to do like a drawing review with it i’m going to get the pin i’m going to test that out i’m going To test how it does the drawing apps, you know all that stuff. With the lenovo usi pin um, you could use hp, pins or something, but i just you know, i’m getting the stuff from lenovo so i’m, using their pin anyways. So that’s one one part of it: that’s i’m, going with but i’m also gon na see. If you can use this for content creation, so i want to you know i’m gon na use my phone to record. Obviously, i’m, not gon na use the eight megapixel okay it’d be too too much of a pain but i’m going to do all the video editing on it. I’M gon na try to get the audio recorded on it. That should be easy to do. I do have a usbc lavalier mic, so i could do that. I will see how easy that’s going to be to do it’s going to be, i think it might be challenging, but doable so we’re going to see how that turns out later down the road.

I’M. Still waiting on some stuff before i get right there, i think i need a usbc dongle. I just need other ways to connect this thing, but look forward to that i’m. Happy with this thing, this thing’s pretty cool, um can’t wait for the pin, though i’m excited about the pin and that’s it i mean it’s. This is more for me than anybody else.