Today i have the lenovo duet, chromebook tablet, uh two in one actually – and this came out in may of 2020. a lot of reviewers at the time said it was an excellent chromebook and most of them rated it as one of the best chromebooks, if not the Best chromebook of the year so lets go through it today and see what we can discover about it and see if it is still worth getting today in the box, youre going to get the tablet youre going to get a plug in keyboard and youre going to Get a back cover which will go into a little more detail and ill. Show you how all these things go together. Then youre also going to get a 10 watt charger in the box and youre going to get a usb c uh to 3.5 millimeter jack uh dongle in there, so thats, really nice. Most companies dont include that anymore. At this size, uh, basically were mostly going to have this as a tablet at 10.1. Inches here so well just show you what is going on with it. On the left side, there is nothing on the right. We got the power button, the volume rocker and down on the bottom. We got that one usb port and the led indicator. The bottom has with keyboard magnetically clips in the top has two speakers and two microphones on the top uh in the front. I should say we have a camera theres, no notch, but its only a two megapixel camera, so that will serve for zoom calls and things like that, but its not a any high quality camera.

On the back side, we got the 8 megapixel camera, which will also serve not really for photos, but for scanning documents and qr codes and things like that. Its got the two tone color here its made of an aluminum alloy. The this is the only color that it comes in and it is a very sturdy tablet. Uh very does feels very high quality, so very impressive. The duet comes in two versions, the only difference being that one is a six or four gigabyte of storage and the other one has 128 theres about a 40 to 50 difference between the two. So you can decide which one works best for you. The both versions have four gigabytes of ram, which is plenty for a chromebook. I think the processor is a mediatek helio p60t, which is a mid range tablet that came out a few years ago, and the equivalent snapdragon is a 660., so a mid range processor. But i havent had any problems with this so far for what i was using it for it does have a 7 000 milliamp battery and the display is a 16 by 10 ratio aspect ratio. So the videos fill most of the screen. You just have some little black bars on the top and ill just show you what one of these will look like here. You got a little bars on the top and bottom, but still a very good aspect: ratio for any kind of movies that were going to be watching.

So we have the speakers on the top theyre, not the best quality, but they do sound fine and they do get plenty loud, so thats uh. I think that would be fine if youre, using that i personally usually use have a headphones on, but the speakers work just fine if you wanted to use them – and we have the back cover here – has a very nice textured feel to it, and this magnetically attaches To the back of the tablet, so lets do that here and then you can see that we just open this up, and that will prop up at any angle that you want, and it is very sturdy. It will stay in the position that you leave it, so that is real nice. If you want to use the keyboard, we could attach that in here and then we have our tablet. It automatically goes into tablet mode and we can get into the chromebook how it works exactly, but well just assume that everybody knows, and this is again the tablet mode of it. The keyboard is very nice. It is only a 10 point in 10.1 inch screen, so the keyboard is a little squashed, especially up here in the top right corner, youll notice. Some of the keys are like half sized but thats. Okay, once you start getting used to it. It is not really a problem at all. The specs say that this is a 1.3 millimeter travel for each key, so that is nice, its not a full keyboard, but for a tablet keyboard.

It works very good, and the bonus is that it has an included trackpad. Here, which works works very good and most keyboards dont have that. So that is a very nice feature that is included so with using this device. I usually get about 10 to 12 hours, easily uh on it, and you could just kind of turn on here. It says 95 7 hours left uh. That is not always 100 accurate, but i usually get at least 10 to 12 hours of screen on time. Then the other nice thing about this is, if you forget about it and just dont turn it off and put it in a corner for a little while i have gone back to it, one or two weeks later and very minimal battery drain on it. So the sleep mode on this is very efficient. The included charge of the 10 watt charger charges this in about from from zero to 100 in about three hours, so not a very quick charging device, but you can charge it overnight. It usually is not too much of an issue the if you, the tablet can handle 15 watt charger. So if you have one of those, the tablet will charge in about two hours. So a little bit better and a lot of the apps on the for the chromebook have gotten much better, and most of them are optimized. Now for the tablet version and theyre, not just a phone version on a big screen, so most of the apps now are optimized for the tablet version.

So very few, i havent had an issue with any of them, so they all seem to be working very good. In the past that was an issue, but google has made a lot of improvements recently and so most of the apps work just fine on the tablet, and if not, you could always go to the web version. If you want to use word or any other documents like that, no issues at all using it and with the keyboard, you could type up documents on this. You could do excel spreadsheets. Basically, you could do anything that you would on a tablet and a laptop except some heavy, intense gaming or video editing things like that that this would not be your tablet, but everything else works very good on this. If you wanted to do shopping websites, if you wanted to do watch, media or videos, if you want to youtube or, like i said, do a word document or emails, this would work very good for just about everything you might need. And again, the processor is not the fastest, but ill just show you here. I im not a big gamer, but i downloaded uh asphalt 9 just to see if it would work and i havent had any issues with it. So again, this is an excellent chromebook. You can compare it to some of the other devices like an ipad that youd have to get an extra keyboard for because its not included the surface pro or the new samsung s8 tablet.

Those do have better hardware and better processor, but for most people. I think this will do just about everything you would need and you dont need the extra uh you dont need to spend the extra money for the processor that you probably wont use much unless you are a very heavy gamer or doing some real, extensive um programs On the tablet or the laptop, but this works for just about everything that ive done and from i think for most peoples use this workout very well, its also a chromebook keep in mind which is better than android tablets. I think because they do have updates that. Come in every used to be every six weeks now, its every four weeks and the updates actually are not just background fixes. They actually have new features that they bring in all the time and theres a lot of new things that they listen to people and and update. So thats. A really nice feature with the with the chromebooks and for the duet youre, going to get updates until 2028, which is a very good thing, that a lot of the android tablets have increased some of their lifespan a little bit. But some of them only get one or two updates and thats it so that at least youre guaranteed to have 2028 updates on this. So the pros of this again the great battery life – it is very light, even with the keyboard and the uh back together here, its only two pounds – and i could just show you that goes in there, its very portable, its a little loose.

You know theres a little fine tuning that they could have done on some of this, but by and large, its very good and the keyboard does function as a cover and a protection on there. The back kickstand here is also very nice, but that could be a little smaller and a little lighter. It also does stick out a little bit than the tablet, and it is a little sharp. So if you want to keep a cover on there, which i like to do just to keep from getting any scratches its a little uncomfortable to hold for long periods but not not very a big issue, some of the other cons on the device is there is No fingerprint scanner, there was no facial unlock, which would have been nice, so it does have the one usbc port. So you can use that for this and put your headphones in there or you could use it for charging. But you wouldnt be able to charge and listen to music. At the same time, you also wouldnt be able to charge it and use it as a second screen which some people might be interested in doing so theres a couple little uh things you have to keep in mind when youre doing this again, theres, no fingerprint scanner And no facial unlock, but you can with the new chromebook features, you can just unlock your phone thats linked to the tablet and then the tablet will unlock for you so easy work around with that with the keyboard.

Again, there is some smaller buttons up here that take a little getting used to and hitting it just right, but it does come with trackpad, which is real nice. There is no number pad on the keyboard which you wouldnt expect on this size tablet and keyboard. Combo theres no backlight again not really expected, but it would have been nice, so the chromebook you can get it now for uh 299.. If you look and catch it on sale or get a refurbished model, it is a very it is cheaper and compared to, like, i said, an s8 a tablet where you have to buy an extra keyboard and buy extra things. It does get very expensive. So for the value that you get on this, i think it is a very good tablet. It is also i didnt mention it does support a pen and it does have palm rejection on here and it does use the standard usi. So the the tablet does support usi protocols for um, so any pen that supports that will be supported on this tablet. It does work very good here. The screen, writing and note taking on this is not comparable with an s pen or by any means. So you could also take uh notes on here real easy again. It doesnt compare to an s pen or an apple pencil, but still very nice. If you want to jot down some quick notes – and google also does have a program that will recognize your handwriting and turn it into text if youd like so it is a very good device, again includes everything except the the pen here.

Otherwise, it is a very good device and i think its still worth it im going to be updating uh some more videos and showing you the new versions of the duet that have come out theres a couple of versions of this, and we will compare them directly. Compare them and you can see which one works best for you. The new duet has a bigger screen and uh some other extra features that might be nice and when you see it compared against each other, you could be able to make a good decision on which will work best for you. So please subscribe and hopefully well get that video to you very soon.