So this is the Lenovo Chromebook Duo and, as we all are working from home, I tried to cover the best tablet that you can get under 15K, and that is this Samsung Tab A7, and now this Lenovo Chromebook to it, and though I had no big expectations From this product, well, Im kind of surprised after using it for a couple of days, so lets have a quick look and the unboxing of this Lenovo Chromebook to it by the way guys. This is not a laptop alternative and you can think of it as a more helpful alternative to a laptop, as this can do all the light tasks only anyways the MRP on the box is around 36 000, which we can safely ignore, and this is priced at Around 25 to 26, 000 and somewhat lesser during the sale days, and if you are wondering if that is high well, allow me to change your mind. We have some specs mentioned on the box, and this is the four plus 128 gigabyte version. So good amount of storage for a hybrid as Chrome OS is majorly cloud based. Okay, now unboxing it quickly and wow. The packaging looks neat and looks like we have a lot of stuff to cover sweet. First of all, we have the tablet lets keep it aside. For now and after that, we have these two smaller boxes, so the smaller one has a 10 watt adapter, which is kind of slow, but this one does support up to 15 watts of fast charging with a usbp recharger and in my time with it, it took Around 2 hours with a 15 watt charger, which is not the fastest you see, but it has a 7000 mAh battery, so thats fine.

I guess, after that we have a USB type, a to c cable and a type c to 3.5 mm converter. As this one does lack Mr Jack, which was not required, but thanks to Apple for this next, in the bigger box, we have some neat accessories, which is quite surprising and not an apple like move, so we get a magnetic kickstand and a magnetic keyboard. How cool is that, so you pay nothing for these extras as no brand covers this kind of stuff in a box, and this one does make a lot of difference. Now you get a great looking keyboard that feels solidly built and similar for that kickstand, and the use of magnets in here just makes it even sweeter, as it connects with a satisfying snap and easily. I mean you can connect it even without looking as the magnets are quite strong in here coming back to the tablet now – and this is my favorite part – okay, so here we have it and it is really really lightweight plus the build quality feels awesome. It looks like it was made by Google and not Lenovo, to be honest, as the back in here is metal and plastic dual tone, and it feels really nice as it is matte and finish overall solid marks in the build quality – and I am definitely impressed by This, let me quickly set it up and in the meanwhile here are some quick specs.

So this tab has a 10.1 inch full HD LCD display, with these slim bezels and on the top we have a 2 megapixel camera that is oks for video calls. Only on the right side, we have the usual buttons, so no fingerprint scanner in here, and only one USB type c port, which is somewhat bad, and we also have an LED notification light on the right side. On the back. We have an 8 megapixel camera and this laptop has a 7000 mAh battery and runs on mediatek Helio p60t processor clocked at 2 gigahertz. This hybrid runs on Chrome OS, which makes it a good platform and quite a useful one, as it can even run applications directly because of the inbuilt Google Play store, which is awesome. Now we are in the tablet, and the UI here is well neat and clean. Just the way I like, and the touch response is also well quite nice and smooth and in the tablet mode, it feels really comfortable to be used as a Chrome. Os runs like a charm on this one to be honest, and this device is not the fastest. That you will experience, but it is meant for a light tasks like streaming videos, classes and even to take notes as it supports USA stylus, which is cool, but you can even try to throw some heavy tasks like I did and it just handled them perfectly. Though. The UI had a cups here and there if many Tabs are running in the background, and that was kind of expected.

I also love the fact that you can sync your device and get notifications from your phone on this tablet directly, plus it unlocks automatically as soon as I unlock my phone, which feels so handy that I just cannot put it in words and a big thumbs up For that also before I forget, this, Chromebook will get eight years of security updates. Yes, you heard it right and you can imagine how well this will age over time, as that kind of support is really seen even on iPads speaking about iPads. Well, you can get a much more powerful, Android iPad at 30, 000, rupees or so, but that doesnt come with a keyboard has only 32 gigabytes of storage and you will have to settle with a 128 gigabyte one which will cost you 5000 more, at least, but That will give you much more Firepower if you want a tab for gaming rest at the price. This is offered. Well, I really like it. The keyboard here is quite small and feels slightly cramped, and I had to struggle for a couple of days. To be honest, but after that I got habitual of the key travel and the overall typing just got better, though I would prefer a full sized keyboard and mouse if given a choice but for a freebie well. This is much more than what I expected. Oh yeah and it even lacks backlight, but the keyboard here is easy to be used.

Overall, the dust response is fine and since it is a 60hz display, it feels kind of old school now, but for what its worth? The display is really nice and color accurate for movies and stuff. It will do just fine and it gets plenty bright for indoor scenarios, so the display is fine for a hybrid at this price and you get LCDs only in other tabs too, like the tab. S6. From Samsung, the cameras on this thing are occasionally, as the back camera is 8 megapixel and is kind of slow is the case for the front facing camera, as it is only a 2 megapixel sensor, and I dont know why such low resolution sensors are used. But for a zoom attendance this will do just fine. The battery life in simple terms has been really great so far as this one lasts easily for seven to eight hours on a single charge, and that is a full work day, which is awesome. So to conclude the first impressions and a couple of days that I had with it well, I would say that this is an awesome piece of tech for those who want a tablet and a laptop like experience, without spending a penny on the accessories just like on The iPad – and this is one of the best options to go for as it is not only great function wise, but it is quite portable and works.