5 13 inch laptop, full HD touch screen display, lets, see so yeah theres a specs on it. Um four gigs I3 64 gigs of RAM Chrome OS two in one of the link in description below like And subscribe. If you can lets see mm hmm excuse me nope. It is heres more info, its pretty nice. This is actually quite Speedy. Okay, display is 1920 by 88 1080 and you cant lets see. This is better than the slow Chromebooks. Oh my gosh, I hate slow, Chromebooks theyre, so annoying so yeah heres, some reviews so yeah so lets see. Lets take a look at the laptop itself, so heres the keyboard forward, backward reset or refresh and then also lets see there is keyboard lighting. If you do want it higher lower you push Alt to increase, itll, show you right there and then, if you want it off or is it off so and then there is also screen lighting. You could have it all the way off all the way high its okay brightness, its decent, so there it is on the mute volume, lock and then yeah, so yeah lets see so yeah lets see what else to look at okay lets. Look at. There are speakers on both sides, so yeah touchpad, close it up. Chromebook lets see uh USB USBC headphone jack SD card, nothing on that side, nothing on that side, power, button, volume, USB and then lock and then in the back two vents.

This does get hot sort of good thing: theres a fan, heres a model number in specs and stuff input, voltage, manufacture date lets see thats about it, ventilation in the back and two one long strip of sliding stopper, so lets see lets see what else we need To look up okay, so lets see yeah lets pull up some specs specs, okay, so running this well lets see how loud it gets from the CPU benchmark benchmarking. It lets see how it runs Ill. Tell you whats running its pretty decent laptop. If you need to get it for the future, um you get it used, I dont know depends on what you need it for our list better for browsing compared to all that its a really cheap one, the really cheap ones, are way too slow. It really depends on your time if you consider your time precious, you dont want to be like weeding for something to get done its like. Oh, my gosh. This is so annoying on a really really cheap, like under 100 ones, right now, during 2022.. So yeah lets see well take a look at the website looking through this, if you could hear it running in the background the fan is on. I wonder if you could even hear it. Foreign Music takes a while to run this done. Music Gundam heavy arms got it from Japan, guys so cool its like yeah build it yourself, get a little Miniatures theyre, like so nine percent, face detection.

Why? Why does everyone face detection? These are so cool. Sorry about that lets see Ray tracing really running Ray tracing benchmarking. Benchmarking results, 900, single core, 17, almost 8 18., so yeah theres benchmarks, theres a specs for those. If you want to take a look at those okay, so single core comparison – 900, its like um, Samsung, Galaxy 21., the phone okay, multi core – is slow compared to 21., the Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy. The closest one to compare it to thats, not xiaomi, is its lower than the s20, so yeah, so yeah theres a benchmark on that lets. Take a look at the COG there. It is theres a temp sort of after the fan was running now. Its off barely hear it battery discharged and other stuff lets see and then websites lets look go to a website. Theres the loading its actually quite fast and the touchscreen is pretty nice regarding lets see the keyboard go and then look at that. Its already loaded done. This is browsing the websites pretty nicely look at that: okay, read zoom in and then lets zoom in that thats pretty nice, then right click lets see if I could voila okay get at that. You can see how nice it is. Regarding that and then theres a websites lets go to YouTube: okay, theres the website YouTube and then the YouTube YouTube. The app lets see theres YouTube, uh see how it runs just go to my video, its good that one Roblox see how it runs.

Theres. An ad look at that theres, the sides its showing the speed of this all depends how fast your internet is got a real quality. One 1080 lets see how it goes loading and then it froze there. Its updated loading. Look at that zoom out yeah there. It is regarding the app pretty nice nips Speedy compared to the other one. Oh, my gosh yeah, okay, theres the app and then well go to the website. Heres a website. Okay lets see heres a website, comparison, smallized large scale, so yeah theres that one so lets see so yeah theres that one lets see regarding the keyboard. If you want the light off or on lets, turn this down and then you can hold Alt and shut off the keyboard light and then Ill show you. If you want to see it right, there watch theres it off theres it on the highest brightness. So you could work in the dark, so yeah theres that one lets see and then, if you want, we are on the website. So you do. If you have alt you go forward backward and then you could go up and down slowly see Alt back all forward. Then keyboard and then lets see, lets try it in tablet mode tablet mode, so yeah lets see while in tablet mode you always have your apps, so lets see or two in one so Chrome and then duck Duck Duck. Go lets go back to duck.

Okay lets! Go its another app so yeah there. It is lets take a look at this asphalt. While on this, the speaker is on the other side. It is on the sides of the keyboard. You can play a few games like this most of the touch ones. Full screen. Look at that a little pickup, but not too much that you care youre still doing other stuff. Your time is precious go. Do stuff, like Im already kidding its like get stuff done. We dont have time to wait so yeah, so there it is and then lets get out and then what was the other one YouTube, the other. The app itself lets see play my video because I dont want to foreign there. It is all right. Well, take a look at the apps and about updating and it just froze and just finish updating to 1080.. It does work on 1080 and you can browse okay, so yeah lets. Take a look at the apps. Here. Are the apps that you download lets? Take a little top charts top three Roblox that runs dont, know about that. Manga should run this one doesnt run, Diablo doesnt run junk trying to get that running, and I can get it to run. I want to play it on here and see how it works and then yeah lets see. Those are the free for now top grossing Roblox, no and its a trash Arrow red Sidetrack command top paid that those are fun.

You should play that game if you can lets see Five Nights at Freddy Doom theres a doom on this see what it looks like the original weird touch screens like Grand Theft, Auto 3, the room gba emulator – they should run on this, so yeah lets see anything Else, yep thats about it, um like And subscribe thanks for watching.