Video i’m gon na do between the lenovo chrome, chromebook duet and the lenovo windows, duet, 3i. Okay, so i’ve gotten a lot of requests on the youtube page, uh and via linkedin to for more information on both of these products. So if you remember this one, i reviewed at the beach said i would do a follow up video on this one. I reviewed a little while ago, so this is. These are two in some ways very similar products, so it’s really fascinating to see what the differences are between this about 250 dollar chromebook duet and this about 500 dollar windows, uh, duet device, so um. First of all, just for fun, i do have this one plugged into our um mobile, monitor the 14 inch. Just you can see it a little bit better. I was thrilled that it works fine on both. I can move it between the two uh you can plug in the monitor here and then, with the cable charge, the device it works, really slick. So i keep it set up like that with dual monitors on this, some really interesting advantages of the windows device. It comes with a pen, of course, there’s a couple different options. You can get of this one it’s either a celeron, a 4000 processor or a pentium 5000, which is what this one is. I can go with 4 gig or 8 gig and 64 128. So this is the highest end, one which is the uh pentium 8 gig 128 gig 18 memory, 128 gigs solid.

They drive uh in it. From what i’ve read online, the the celeron one really struggles uh a lot with some applications beyond the really basic ones, but i’ve been incredibly delighted and surprised how much i really like this device. So it comes with the keyboard, which is detachable, which of course, you expected, like the surface go to which people are probably considering. This one does come with windows pro, which is amazing. The surface pro only comes with windows, 10 s. So, with 10 s, you can only run apps out of the app store. This one comes with a low end version, uh 10s, but a free upgrade to home. This one comes with pro, so you can run all the apps on it really. Interestingly, this one they put a little battery in here and uh option to turn on uh bluetooth, so you can actually uh control the laptop when it’s not connected that’s a really interesting feature. I didn’t know i’d like as much as i did so. If you’re in a really tight space, you can run all the you can put this on your lap. Have this set up on a table and run the device separately. It’S really really good design point that lenovo came up with there, but of course it snaps on really easily and securely another thing i found that i really like i’m going to disconnect this. A second uh is how versatile this back stand is, so it opens up like this for sitting down on the table or on your lap, but it can go all the way up to this angle, which is fantastic.

So if i’m laying down uh playing games um, you know i can have it kind of on my knees. Just at whatever angle. I want controlling it from the back here. So uh really really impressed and surprised how much i like this um kind of 500 windows tablet device. One thing to be on the lookout for i’m really excited about. Lte is coming this also, so you’ll be able to get this connected onto any carrier with lte. Coming soon, if not out already so that’s that device but let’s talk about this chromebook duet too. So it is similar in a lot of ways. Both have a 10.1 inch screen uh both of the same resolution, Music, but of course in chrome. A lot of the apps that you might use on a regular basis are going to be optimized and run even faster on this 250 laptop. So if you’re using youtube surfing the internet, there’s an app for youtube or you can um, you know run it in windows, but they run better on here. So you can’t play on this windows device, uh fortnite or that kind of you know. It’S gon na run great office. Apps run great uh excel powerpoint word no problem. Any casual web surfing is going to work great. This one is a chrome device as a mediatek processor, 4 gig of memory, 64 gig hard, solid state drive but really runs well. Uh again has the snap on back.

The back has the same kind of flexibility as the other one as the windows device, both duet. Both of these pogo pin connectors this one does not have the bluetooth capability, so it’s not going to work disconnected, but of course it just snaps on in a very similar way, so, depending on what you want, if you need a windows device, this is a great Solution at a great price and the keyboard is fantastic, so that’s, the big advantage of if you really got ta type and do some work. This is gon na be much better than the surface go, which is two which is his prime competitor in the windows space. This one for a chromebook amazing functionality works great as a tablet. Back comes off. So, if you remove this, you know this is a really thin and light solution. Power button volume, rocker, um, usbc, charging, dual speakers, uh great solution, uh for any chrome or kind of a casual device with and gets has this cool capability? Another advantage is these both come with the tablet. Uh keyboard included. This one is optional. If you get the one with the pen, mine did come with the pen, not a big user of that, but it is a touch capacitive pen with the windows, one so that’s it i’m wrapping it up. Hopefully that was helpful. Um appreciate everybody taking the time to watch and i’ll catch you next time.