In their whole, detachable chromebook portfolio and so weve got it here in the office ive not seen one in person ive not laid hands on one. We havent even started to open this box, so were gon na. Do that right now, Music, okay, so lets before we get in the box. Um again take a second to appreciate, because chromebooks generally come in pretty plain boxing uh lenovos attention to detail with with their boxing, even like the reflective lenovo stickers going on here. Its just kind of cool you get this gradient. That goes all the way around and it just it looks nice. So if somebody were picking this off the shelf at best buy or whatever i dont know, this is a nicer experience than just getting a plane, boring box, but we wont hang on that too long. This version here is the one that i believe is available at best buy right now, so its got eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage theres, a real oddball version of this at costco for uh. I i cant remember the price on it is, but its four gigs of ram but 256 gigs of storage real strange there. I think this is probably the one you want to go for right now, its retailing at 4.99. So this thing needs to be pretty good to be a 500 chromebook, its a detachable theres. Some things from you know what weve read online: that im, not quite sure of with this particular chromebook, but right on the back.

A couple things that are of note here, theyve got the oled from samsung, which is kind of cool youve, got quad speakers its a two in one, obviously all day battery. But this is the snapdragon 7c gen2, so thats interesting too, because while its not a huge bump in performance, it could be enough, maybe perhaps to make it finally feel like a snapdragon device. That doesnt feel like its uh compromised a little bit in the performance department. Alright, so lets get into this thing and see whats in here we looked it up. I think 2.2 pounds is what the entire i think its, what the entire device weighs like keyboard and all im telling you this box is way more than two pounds: im, not sure whats, all in here uh, maybe its just the charging bricks massive or something im, Not quite sure, but lets just see what lenovos got in here for us all right so similar to the duet kind of nice. Nice white packaging feels like thats, keep probably keyboard and back theres. Our tablet portion, which, again this is a 13.3 inch, 16×9 screen. So this is not to me the the best way to do a tablet, but this is a big tablet and i can say in in this: you know: landscape mode wont feel too bad. This will feel a bit ridiculous. I mean it probably looks ridiculous on the camera. I would assume uh, but yeah 16×9 is not the best for portrait mode, but for landscape it should be okay and that oled screen is probably gon na.

Look awesome, uh and im really hoping the speakers are good because, honestly, if its a good, really good screen with really good speakers, then all of a sudden. This becomes an awesome, just content, consumption machine, probably good for games and all that kind of stuff. And so i think it could do some things better than other previous uh chromebook tablets have because ultimately, this thing is really thin and really light like it already feels really good in the hand, this isnt going to be a fatiguing experience. If you pick this up and take all the peripherals off continuing to dig down, weve got lenovo services so um, i im not sure weve not had to actually go through this, maybe well like break one of our devices and see what their services department does. But just the fact that they have this in there. My hope is that if you call into lenovo, maybe theyll be a little bit more adept than some of the other companies, you call in sometimes and ask about chromebooks and they act like they didnt even know they made chromebooks um basic paperwork again, just kind of A nice unboxing experience and i mean not a huge power, brick so yeah the box is kind of heavy. So i guess that just added to the overall weight uh, oh nice, its a two piece charger, um a lot of times with these devices we get just a one piece, its all hooked together, uh.

This is more like what you get with your phone, c2c, cable. So those can come in handy from time to time just to have a round and a c block um looks like it says: 30 on the side, so im guessing its a 30 watt, 30 watt charger lets get this stuff out of the way for right now. Um before we get into the tablet, lets actually open this bad boy up. This is the other thing, with this being a 13.3 inch 16×9 device um, you got room for a for a proper keyboard and thats welcome a lot of detachables, even the hp x211 that just came out keyboard, wasnt, terrible and some reviewers said it was too flimsy, But ultimately, because its a its a taller aspect ratio, even though its a little bit bigger than some of the other tablets that have come out like the original duet. It actually is narrower in landscape mode, and so that means you still have that kind of cramped keyboard effect. This, on the other hand, is going to be kind of in the range of like the pixelbook go, so i mean its a standard 13.3 inch laptop. So we should end up getting plenty of space for plenty of room for all your keys and all that kind of stuff, and so just like other lenovo tablets that weve tested, including the duet, really nice fabric. Look here. I like this color this i dont remember what the they have a marketing name for the color on it, but uh yeah its a really cool colorway here, uh very dark navy lets see pretty good fingerprints too thats thats awesome, um slightly flimsy trackpad, but thats interesting.

Oh yeah, it is okay, itll click way back here too, so i dont know if thats on purpose or if its kind of cheap its hard to tell um, not terrible but its not bouncing around relatively smooth. Its not glass keyboard feels really nice, though, which is kind of what i expect. Lenovo has been making some really nice keyboards, so yeah on a flat surface. This feels really nice, just like every other ive pointed this out with the hp, but its like this. With all of them, if you kind of bend this thing a little bit, youll hear it, you can click that trackpad underneath, but its you know its a its a keyboard cover. This is not some hard shell keyboard. Its a basic keyboard cover its going to be best, probably when used on a surface like this, for our review well well, test out the lap ability of this device, but yeah, i dont expect it to be wildly better than what weve had before and then weve Got the back, which you know this isnt a new trick anymore? You know a lot of a lot of companies. Do this its a magnetic back this. This one is nice and thin. Hopefully it magnetizes itself very strongly because it is, i mean its very, very thin. So this is not some like firm back piece, its just enough that gives you uh that nice actuation uh for a kickstand. So once we get this on, the actual tablet well see kind of how it fares, and then you see this gap up top were not really sure were going to reach out to lenovo on this.

But this the the device has a lenovo usi pen. I think theres, a holder that goes here. I dont know where youre supposed to get that from its not in the box, and we saw some reports that maybe it wouldnt come in the box. We werent sure if that was a an issue or if thats, just how this was made. There is no spot for it. I dont know that its magnetic back there, like the pen holder, might like slide into this piece and then the pin just sits in there. Well, reach out to lenovo for some clarification on how that works and also see if theyll send us one, because i a i dont, know how it was is going to work or how its supposed to work. If thats a just an opening for the magnetic pin or if its a case or you know, do you have to order only that pin will that be the only one that will work? Is it a special lenovo pin like those are questions i dont have answers to at this moment right now, but uh lets uh instead move on to the star of the show here, the actual tablet, okay, right away, i love the color just like the duet, the Original duet, its kind of got this plasticky matte finish up here and then this nice aluminum cool to the touch navy look down here, and i really do like that. Shockingly, usually, things of this color are terribly fingerprint heavy and actually add some lotion on my hands here just a few minutes ago, not really leaving much of a fingerprint, a very tiny bit so kudos to them for figuring that part of this thing out and giving It a finish that you know, and you can see: ive left fingerprints all over the screen here because again ive got.

I just had lotion on my hands and so its doing a pretty good job there, but ultimately getting the plastic off of this thing. We can see around the top weve got a couple: uh volume rocker up here, um, it looks like a power button over there. I hope that stuffs picking up on camera. This is a really dark device. Uh, we got a speaker grill here im having a hard time seeing it yep, so speaker grille on both sides uh there and then, when we flip it around speaker, grill there too. So we have quad speakers that when we were watching the development of this device, that was part of how they were, you know trying to figure out how to how to make these work. So when i flip it into this mode, if im in portrait, this becomes left, this becomes right when i flip it here. Both of these are left. Both of these are right, so its supposed to do that kind of trick. I dont know well probably have to wait to the review process to actually sit and test all that, but we got usb type c down at the bottom on both sides always beneficial again. This is probably going to be more of a media consumption device versus a set it up and work from this thing, every single day type of device, mainly because um you know the keyboard is the way it is and im going to show you that here, in Just a second, but also because its the snapdragon 7c, even the gen 2, with the boost that it provides, i dont think, is going to be something that its going to be an absolute workhorse, but we have dual mics up top webcam up there and pogo pins And alignment stuff on the bottom and thats about it, and you can probably tell from the way im handling this its not heavy and its its nice and light super thin feels very premium.

So as a tablet, this part right here in front of me. This thing feels really great, but because its brand new out of the box, i got ta plug it in for just a second, so itll, wake up and well throw all this stuff on there and kind of see what it feels like as a laptop all right. We got all booted up signed in updated all that kind of stuff and uh. So i have a couple quick things to say about this device already just having used it for five minutes or so keyboard is really good, especially on the table. I did plop it in my lap just to see, and i think, because of the width of the keyboard kind of stretching more across your legs uh, even though it doesnt have kind of the magnetic thing that attaches it to the bottom of the screen. I i think its going to be decently lappable if thats a word. I think its a word were using now with detachable devices, its lappable um, but you know the the back piece being super thin. The way that i was saying earlier, its kind of nice, because when you go to detach this thing and actually fold that up it doesnt feel like youre carrying around a ton of bulk. So you can see it doesnt really add too much to the the width of the entire device and thats a nice kind of thing to have on a tablet like this, because you know youre going to pop it off and on you know the the keyboard and All that kind of stuff – and so you know when youre holding it like this, its nice – that that doesnt really feel like ive added a ton on the back, because most tablets, i have the tendency.

I want to peel that piece off the back too, because you just want to hold the lightest possible thing. I think for extended viewing periods. If youre going to hold this thing in game or something on it, youll probably want to take it off there, but its its kind of nice. You know uh lenovos almost created like this crease thing. Hopefully, you can see it on the camera around the edges and hopefully its going to keep this cloth on the back from fraying uh, like weve, seen on a lot of these types of devices – and you know just it feels good like the whole thing. Just kind of feels well put together, it feels nicer when you take the back panel off, but i think the thinness of that panel is really nice and and even though its thin, the hinge is still nice and sturdy, and it allows you to to go like Way way way flat uh this way, so if, if youre, even using it with the keyboard on – and you want to really lean that thing back uh it does, it does work really well there and then the other thing that struck me is just the the look Of this thing i mean look at it kind of from the side here you know the the thinness of it. I dont know its just striking honestly to look at and obviously the the oled panel uh that is on here is just fantastic.

The colors look really awesome. Uh well go to the site here, oops uh, just so you can kind of see a couple different colors here um, you know it it just its great and i can from way over here on the side im looking at it. It looks awesome as well so uh the oled is, might be what makes this thing something that someone will go after so for 500 or less. You know when it goes on sale, youre, getting a chromebook with a really really sweet panel and im telling you. It goes way up so im going to crank it up one notch just so you can see where our brightness is for filming right now, look at one third and oh lets kind of go up on brightness like this. So when we cranked it all the way up – and here it was – it was way too much like it would be uncomfortable to work on just in general lighting, so plenty of brightness under the hood there, with with the panel theres, no back backlighting on the keys, But they feel really good. Trackpad is not great, pretty plasticky pretty cheap feeling, so i would say get something like that: little little small logitech mouse to go with this, if youre going to use it as a desktop device, all the time it works, dont be wrong. Its its still a okay trackpad, its just its not the best by far but ultimately what i also wanted to show you was yes, the screen looks awesome.

So let me let me play one of our videos. Actually um yeah there we go im just going to play a second of this position, ill turn that down for right now, but hopefully its picking up on the camera, just the clarity and the colors and all that kind of stuff like it just it looks fantastic. It is a great great looking panel here, but then, when we go over to here, it comes with those quad speakers we were talking about. So lets give those a listen, real, quick. I found a track: thats, not crazy busy – but maybe hopefully here here – Music, decent low end response again for a very tiny tablet and huge stereo separation, because the speakers are firing out this way you really can hear the music moving from left to right. So watching shows – or you know, some action flicks on this would probably be pretty sweet. I would imagine so you know those are the big selling points of this device. How does the speaker sound? How does the screen look? Speakers are really good. Im not theyre not like pixelbook go or pixel slate level, though those speakers are like insane like they, it doesnt even seem like they should be coming out of the device. This one uh really good, so they they do sound good id like a little more fullness. But you know: stereo separation is good, but overall i mean i. This is a compelling package and we havent even talked about the snapdragon gen 2 inside here um so far again well have to run benchmarks and all that kind of stuff and and see what kind of numbers we can get out of it.

But when you think about this versus the x2, which is the the hps detachable tablet, and we we think about the difference in the two thats, a gen one device with a quad hd screen. This is gen two, so you get a little bump in performance, but its also just a 1080p panel at 13.3 inches hold on very hard to pick out pixels from here i cant at all, but if i get my face in there a little bit its a Tablet youre going to have it maybe up in your face a little bit. I think 1080p is the right choice for this screen size thats a lot less pixels to push around. So now we have a bumped up processor. We have plenty of ram and youve got way less pixels to push around on the screen, so i i would think performance is going to be better and ultimately so far just messing around with what ive done thus far ive not really noticed any hiccups or slowdowns, And i did with the hp right out of the box and so thats encouraging as well. Obviously we got to review this thing. Obviously we got to spend more time with it. We got to talk about all the ways that it works and doesnt work as a chromebook as a tablet, something in game on something you watch movies on all that kind of stuff, but its off to an encouraging start, and this is a really interesting chromebook that I think you know especially coming into the holiday season, could be a potential gift uh for a lot of people and could just be a great kind of middle of the road, chromebook thats good at kind of doing some entertainment, stuff and good at still getting some Stuff done when you actually need to get some stuff done, but guys thats it for this one.

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