So lets chat a little bit about the first chromebook tablet. Thats actually become part of my everyday carry todays. Video is brought to you by nordvpn theyre, the vpn of choice for millions of consumers, because theyre awesome at what they do: thats keeping your browsing, safe and secure, whether youre at home or youre out, and about if youd like to learn more about them and their Services head over to forward slash, where you can learn more and get started. I feel like i always have to add this caveat when i talk about any tablet, whether its chrome, os, ios or android, im, just not a tablet, guy between the thin and light chromebooks that i carry around in a 6.4 inch phone. I feel like ive got most things pretty well covered a tablet most times just feels like another thing, ive got to keep with me and its just hard for me to make a use case for it. I do most of my tablet type stuff on a large screen phone and when i need a bigger screen than that, i just hop over to my chromebook with the chromebooks touchscreen, its convertible setup and its included keyboard theres. Just not much that something like an ipad pro could even offer that i cant already get from my phone and chromebook combo. So with that in mind, when chrome os tablets do show up, i try my best to give them a shot, but unless theyre great with something like gaming or theyre ultra light and portable – and i can use it in place of my phone for certain activities.

I just have a hard time finding out what even to do with them. So what generally happens is i leave the keyboard portions attached full time and i just end up using it like a chromebook, but we all know that detachables make for slightly inferior chromebooks, just as much as a convertible chromebook makes for a slightly inferior tablet. So, if im just going to end up using it as a chromebook, why not just go get a chromebook and thats how i came into this review period with the lenovo duet, 5. right off the bat i looked at the screen size, its a 13.3 inch 16×9. Full hd oled screen by the way – and i thought to myself, who in the world would pick up a 16×9 13.3 inch tablet and actually use this thing. I mean as a chromebook that screen size is great its exactly what you get on one of my favorite chromebooks of all time, the pixelbook go, but with this samsung oled panel on board its tiny bezels, its super thin form factor its only seven millimeters thick. Its got a bunch of good stuff going on for a chromebook a tablet. This size was this wide of a screen, its just silly right, and then i unboxed it and then i started to use it and yeah ive got some issues with like the track pad and the weird way lenovo chose to support the pen slot on the back That holds the non included, usi stylus.

The overall experience with this tablet has honestly just won me over and thats really what i want to talk about with this one. So lets get the spec stuff out of the way, so we can actually get into that conversation. Lenovo chromebook duet 5 comes packing, the snapdragon 7c gen 2 processor, 8 gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal emmc storage, and the screen, as i mentioned before, is stunning: its full hd oled. It gets very bright 400 plus nits and its flanked by a quad speaker set up its got two usb type c ports volume, rocker power button. The tablet is super thin again: seven millimeters thin. It feels cool to the touch and premium. In your hand, its only 1.5 pounds its great and on the front is a 5 megapixel camera 8 megapixel camera on the back, their chromebook camera, so dont expect too much and thats, basically it for the specs, but specs rarely tell the whole story and id argue That with this one thats truer more than its ever been first off, i just wasnt very excited about the prospect of another snapdragon 7c chromebook, the acer chromebook spin 513, the hp x211, both just disappointed me in the performance department, running chrome, os really slowly honestly, and They didnt have a whole lot of upside in the android app department. I mean with arm chips. I expect better performance on android apps, even if chrome os doesnt run the best yeah.

This duet 5 is the gen 2 of that same chip, but does a little bit of overclocking make that much of a difference? Uh yeah it does. I suppose its a few factors of play actually happening here, but this tablet just feels so much faster than the hp, x211 and part of thats, the 7c gen 2 sure. But i think the lower resolution of the duet 5 screen helps as well. I mean regardless this chromebook doesnt feel like its slogging through my normal tasks, and that makes a huge difference in daily use, with its larger 13.3 inch screen, and this kind of performance ive actually been taking it home every evening, as my only device, no bag, no Peripherals its just me, and this tablet, as i walk out of the office – and you know what its been pretty great, the back part of the cover that acts as its kind of kickstand is super thin, but its sturdy enough to make the duet 5 feel solid. Both on a table and on my lap and the keyboard is actually decent to type on and since its so wide again its a 13.3 inch screen. It doesnt really feel awkward or floppy in my lap because it has room to spread out now. I do prefer longer articles and longer writing settings on a table or on a desk, but ive typed a lot with this thing on the couch in my lap and its actually been really usable.

So, with the performance being solid, i dont have to worry about crashes or hang ups, when im actually trying to get work done the keyboard working the way it does and the screen looking the way it does. This things been awesome and then theres the battery life thats. Quite frankly, unlike any chromebook ive ever used, it charges up really fast and lasts for a very long time. In one span, i saw about 14 to 15 hours of actual use before i even needed to hook it up to the wall, and when i did, it was full and ready to go in like an hour even in standby mode. It holds battery charge like a champ, i mean during the day. I generally leave it sitting on my desk over on the side, and i grab it like when im heading out of the office to go home, i crack it open at home and i never end up with some randomly dead tablet. Theres always at least a bit of battery left or a lot of battery left, sometimes and ive just become confident in only needing to charge it every once in a while. I just know theres going to be enough juice in the tank to get me by when i need it, and when you mix that sort of battery life, this awesome, punchy, saturated screen, this thin ultra light form factor. You start to put together the pieces and see why its such a great companion device yeah, the quad speakers didnt blow my mind, but theyre very good and theyre positioned alongside this fantastic screen that all brings together this cool device.

That makes it great to watch and consume content on and play games on and browse the web on. I mean this tablet just entices you to pick it up and use it and thats what i thinks been missing for me in the chromebook tablet: space yeah, the trackpad is a little cheap feeling, but this overall is a device that invites touch interaction more than most So it just hasnt even been a huge bother. Would i like to see that part cleaned up a bit sure id like backlit keys too, if im asking for things and hey id like the us eye, pin in the box as well? But what im getting at here is the fact that lenovo seems to have done it again with their latest chromebook detachable they put in all the right stuff and took out all the things they could to make it this absolute treat to use on a daily basis. Its fun to consume content on, and it can help me get work done when i need to its the perfect out and about machine thats great at the house or at the coffee shop, its nice to look at its nice to handle and its nice. Just to not have to worry about the battery its honestly, its really awesome to use and its the first chromebook tablet. I feel really confident in recommending for most people and its good enough at the chromebook tasks that i dont feel like.

Ive got to warn people about it, its great at the android stuff too, and overall, its just great at being a tablet. I mean, unless youre in the market, for something like really tiny, like an ipad mini or something. Obviously, in that scenario, this is not a good fit for you, but for most people i think itll be great. I mean sitting back on the couch and watching youtube thats, one of my favorite things to do with this tablet, but i could also enjoy a longer movie like on netflix or something just as easily. I mean the screen is just immersive and mesmerizing, and it makes content consumption just so good, while i still cant make it my only all in one chrome os device just yet. It wont fully support my qhd ultra wide display at the office, which is a limitation of the snapdragon 7c. At this point, this is the type of chromebook that one day i could honestly see myself using as both my full time work device and take home and consume content device once it arrives with a tad bit more power under the hood. But that being said for what ive actually been using it for is a companion type device. Processing power has not been an issue at all, and i think most of you watching this right now will find that to be the case as well. I just cant overstate how surprised i am by how much i love this tablet.

Is it perfect? No, but its a whole lot of fun to use, and i have absolutely no reservation when i tell you to pick one up if a larger tablet is something youre. Actually, considering this ones pretty great, and in so many ways, i think it could be just the right chromebook for a lot of people looking for a flexible, attractive, reasonably affordable and fun device, but guys thats it for this one. If you enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up head down there, hit that subscribe button and make sure to hit the notification icon thats right next to it.