Is this the lenovo chromebook duet 3, which is the follow up to the insanely popular lenovo? Chromebook duet, its kind of the same form factor, but it just improves on so many little things across the board, so lets just take a look at it Music. So first up lets talk about price and specs, because the price of the original chromebook duet was what made it kind of awesome. It was like 299 dollars and it had a great screen on it, but there were a lot of other issues with that device that you know could be overlooked because of the low price. Well, this new one is going to start at 3.99, so thats a hundred dollars more itll, probably go on sale all the time too, but its going to come with either four or eight gigs of ram. It comes with the snapdragon 7c gen 2, which is a nice upgrade its the same thing we see in the lenovo chromebook duet 5, which is the bigger version basically of this device and its going to come with either 64 128 or 256 gigs of internal storage. Now its unclear at this point, what the price points will be, as we add, more ram and add more storage, but you know well hear more about those details as we get closer to the launch of this one which is coming up pretty quickly. Just in may here of 2022. now that we got those kind of specs and basic internal stuff out of the way lets actually look at this device, because lenovo did a bunch of stuff.

I mean weve only had this in the office here for a handful of hours at this point, but i can only tell you lenovos done a bunch of stuff to actually improve on what they got right in the original lenovo chromebook duet. And what was that? So? We had a 16 by 10 screen. You still get that here you had a 400 nit screen, it was ips and that great viewing angle. So you get all those things here again, but its an 11 inch screen this time around instead of a 10.1 inch screen. So that extra real estate is going to come into play in a couple of different ways, but then theyve replaced all the outer pieces. So the back panel thats here the keyboard piece uh the feel of the tablet in general, just theres a bunch of little things. So were going to kind of walk around the device and talk about each one of those things individually and kind of see how this thing just feels way more cohesive than its predecessor. So since i have it right here in front of me, well talk about the back panel first and as soon as you pick, this thing up its really clear that this is the exact same mechanism, the same materials all that stuff that we got in the lenovo. Chromebook do at five, and you know we gave a bunch of those away and weve been fans of that device, since it launched and for good reason, theres a lot of good design elements there, and this is one of them.

If youve got the original, lenovo chromebook duet, you know that that back plate is real. Thick actually has like a solid piece and then the kickstand over top of that it just adds a bunch of bulk to the device. This doesnt, i mean you, can see this thing is like ultra ultra thin. It feels just like a i dont know like a few sheets of paper thick and thats about it, but its sturdy enough to hold the device up and the magnet is super. Strong uh drops right into place and once its there, its not wiggling and moving all over the place, and so uh a plus on the back part again. The the the kickstand is really good too well get this thing fully opened up here in just a second. So the other outer piece thats different uh, not wildly so in its look, is the keyboard section here, and so this part is actually nice and thick kind of like it was on the original lenovo chromebook duet. But that means its its decently sturdy as well, which i like the trackpad on here – is really nice and really clicky. You can kind of hear, but its not jumping around all over the place. It doesnt feel sticky or cheap its small. Obviously this is a small device, but the using it. Just this morning i wrote an article on this on just this device, and the trackpad is great. It works really really well, and then you actually get better key travel than you got on the original lenovo chromebook duet, which never was that bad.

It was just kind of cramped and remember when i said the bigger screen is going to come into play. Well, it comes into play here because the larger screen gives you more room for more key or more space between your keys, and it makes just for a comfortable typing experience. So, with the added travel on the keys, they have a nice quiet, click to them and and great feedback typing on this thing was fantastic. My only issue was this is uh im, not sure which exact layout this one is uh, some european, because its got like the euro sign on it and stuff like that. So you know its probably the eu keyboard layout and so theres. Some issues here, like the backspaces over here and i kept hitting it because its where our shift normally is but other than that like typing on this thing, was really fast, uh really precise and i could not say that of the old lenovo chromebook duet. This thing was actually really great to type on now there are a couple more additions that they added in just the keyboard portion of this thing. It is still a flexible cloth connection here and you know thats good for certain things and bad for others. Lets talk about the things its good for for one when you go to connect it uh that the flexibility of that makes it really easy for that magnet to find its slot and just kind of lock in place.

But whats really. Nice is because theres so much fabric there dropping it around behind a it knows already that its in tablet mode. So it went into tab. The tablet interface here you can see. So it knows when i flip the keyboard back its in tablet mode and theres. A strong enough magnet that right now im having to really kind of work to open this thing back up, so it really grabs in place and doesnt. You know wiggle around when youre holding it and thats important if youre not going to take the keyboard off. If youre going to hold this thing as a tablet really quickly to maybe jot some notes or something it is usi compatible as well its nice to be able to drop the keyboard back here, have it sit, flush and stay in place, and it does the same Trick whenever we flip it around this way, it magnetizes itself closed, and so many tablets get this wrong. You they, you close it up, and this thing is, is moving all around and it just doesnt feel like its well put together. That is not the case here. When you close this thing up its firm, its tight and it just feels like all the pieces were really thought out here, and i love the overall look and feel of this thing whenever its closed up like this, so weve talked about all the outer portions. Again, i just i love that magnet right there and all these things really firmly attach themselves to the tablet, but when we take them off – and let me turn the screen off here – so we can talk about this – you want the tablet to feel great in the Hand this thing is super light.

I would guess we havent put it on a scale, but i bet you its its at around a pound of maybe a tad bit more but very easy to hold in one hand no issue to hold in in portrait mode uh, and so this. This is what you expect when you have a tablet as much as i love the duet, five, its kind of large and its a little unwieldy when youre trying to hold it in one hand, this thing, if youre walking around a meeting kind of giving a presentation Talking keep taking notes, reading stuff, all that kind of stuff it just works really well, and then the aluminum back here in this kind of two tone color, it just looks great. It feels great. It feels high quality well put together and again for 400 bucks youre getting a lot of stuff in the box, thats all going together very very well. Now, along the back here we have an 8 megapixel rear facing camera and then on the front you get a 5 megapixel camera, so its an upgrade in the camera department. I wouldnt expect too much honestly. These are still chrome, os cameras, but when youre talking about getting into you, know school meetings or business meetings or stuff like that, having those extra megapixels up front is very nice. If you need to scan documents or something like that, having those extra megapixels on the back is also going to be a nice addition and then weve got to talk about this screen.

So let me reattach all this stuff, so we can kind of set it up and you can just hear those magnets. I mean theyre just firm and they work and they go together really nicely. Let me close this down, so we dont blow the shot out, and so, as i spin this around theres a couple cool things going on here with the screen again youre getting a 16 by 10. So the aspect ratio is a little bit taller than 16×9, but its a full 11 inch display and that addition is enough to make it feel way more comfortable in desktop mode again, like i said, i worked from this for about an hour and a half today And didnt feel nearly as constricted as i do a lot of times on smaller tablets like this like. I could actually see myself getting some stuff done here, but the other cool touch, and hopefully youll – be able to pick this up on camera if not well have to cut in some b roll. So you can see it theyve, actually curved the the display on the edges, so theres a little border radius right on the edges, and i know that doesnt make any difference to anybody. Probably, but its a nice touch that i noticed almost immediately because most of our cell phones now and a lot of other tablets have rounded corners on them its theres, something about it just gives it a finished feel rather than it just kind of being the blunt Corners and i dont know i i didnt havent, seen a chromebook do that yet and its just a really nice touch to this overall nice, rounded device in general, it just kind of makes it feel very finished and cohesive, and then, when i close it up it Just feels nice theres just something about this, like lenovo spent time to put these pieces together and they chose the right processor at this point right now, i think uh there are some ones coming.

I think that will outperform the the snapdragon 7c gen 2, but as weve seen with the lenovo chromebook duet 5, its a solid processor that allows you to get some work done and works with android apps really well and just handles multitasking generally. Well, if you have a really nice screen here, youve got options for plenty of ram and plenty of storage. Youve now got a usb type c on both sides, which is very nice, especially if youre hooking up to a desktop setup. You know you have some flexibility. There you got stereo speakers that are on both sides that flank each end, which is kind of a nice touch. Honestly, we had kind of on the top stereo separation speakers, but this gets them even wider. Here they dont sound amazing from what we can tell so far, but you know lenovos not done tuning this thing, so these speakers could sound better whenever it ships but overall, when we look at a device like this thats in this kind of price range thats in This size, this is an impressive offering from lenovo its impressive that they took what they did in the lenovo duet, the original one that everybody loved so much its amazing that they did what they, what they did with that first one and they took it and instead Of like trying to reinvent the wheel, they just made all the pieces better. They made it more cohesive feeling they added a little bit more screen real estate.

They made a better keyboard and a better trackpad, and you know, made a better overall aesthetic and put magnets in where they were missing and its its. If i had a wish list for all the things, i would want to add to the original duet. This one checks, almost all of them and so im really excited to see this one hit production for us to get a production level unit. This is still a pre production model here and and take it for a test run and see how it can do in real world scenarios, and you know at work and at home and for content consumption and on the road and all that stuff. This is a really really good, looking tablet from them, but guys thats it for this one.