This is christopher here with radio gaming, and today i actually just picked up my first chromebook that i have ever purchased and i wanted to go ahead and do an unboxing here, i’m gon na be uh setting up some emulators on this here. We’Re gon na be doing some retro gaming on this uh chromebook as well as i wanted to test out google stadia on here. So i just wanted to go ahead and record this and show you guys a little bit. I love electronics, uh i’ve never had a chromebook before so it’s a brand new experience for me, i’ve been looking for a secondary laptop just to have. I can keep with me uh for my primary laptop. I do use this vaio computer i’ve been a vio and sony vaio fan since 2000. So now, 21 years my primary computer has been a vaio laptop and i absolutely love them. I would not trade them for the world. So if you’re looking for a high end, amazing laptop, i definitely recommend bio i’ll put some links below for some bio computers and i’ll put the one that i actually have. I have a bioz, but i wanted to have a secondary just to keep with me on the go, so i decided to go ahead and get a chromebook now this one here is a lenovo. This is the chromebook duet, so this one is a tablet, as well as a laptop itself, so let’s go ahead and open this up and take a look at it.

I just picked this up today. It is completely sealed still and this one comes with the stand. The keyboard so let’s go ahead and take a look at it. I have had lenovo computers um. I actually purchased lenovo computers for my business that i own and they work well and i had a business laptop from lenovo which i enjoyed. So when i saw this deal, i thought let’s go ahead and try it out, go ahead and open the other side and there it is the 10 inch screen on it. Let me go ahead and take that out. Let’S see what the goodies are in here. All right, this one’s a little heavy, so, okay, that is the back cover, comes with a case for it and there’s the keyboard get this stuff out of the way inside a little manual, and this would be the charger it’s a usbc connection, and i have the Headphone jack included, usb c cable and, on the other side, the wall plug. So let me go ahead and clear. This mess out really quick. Okay, so i got everything out of the way. First off, let me go ahead and let’s open up the keyboard. I said this is a tablet it’s a two in one, so it has the tablet as well as keyboard interface, which i like. Actually this would be my second two and one from lenovo. I actually had an earlier the lynx by lenovo. It was a windows.

8 tablet that had a dock that you could purchase, which was 150 purchase. If you wanted the dock this one here, at least it comes with it, and this this one here is under 300, which is nice, so it’s an inexpensive tablet, here’s the back cover it’s got a nice fabric design and on the bottom, is the kick stand so There we go so it helps stand it up. That’S, nice, so let’s go ahead and take this off there’s the tablet we’re going to go ahead and connect the back to it. This is magnetic, so there you go, it looks just fine does not make it much. Thicker, it does give it a little bit more weight, which i don’t actually mind. I don’t like feather feather light items. I rather have a little weight to it and the keyboard has a connector on the bottom. You probably just saw my face there. I apologize and let’s go ahead and look at that. It actually connects itself perfect and that’ll close up, and now you have a nice little uh protected tablet. So let’s open that kickstand up real quick. Now there is a notch to do it there. It is, and let me go ahead and lower that there’s the keyboard itself, the one thing i did not like about the keyboard, if you notice the keys on this side, are actually nice size, it’s actually comfortable to use, but on this side here, these keys are Actually about half the size, so your brackets, your backslash, your your plus minus your backspace enter, is a little bit smaller.

You have a shift key on both sides. You do not have a caps lock key. It has a search key on this one, so it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to, but overall i don’t think it’s that bad of a deal that i got for it all right. Well, i turned down the tablet and it is now loading up the screen’s, nice and bright. As i said, this is a 10 inch screen on it there, which is nice for carrying around it’s, not too bulky or too big um. What i’ve liked a little bit larger sure eleven and a point eleven and a half 12 inch would have been a lot nicer, but to get in that range you are going to be looking at a higher price point so for under 300. I think i got a really good deal i’m, looking forward to this i’m gon na go ahead and set up my accounts on here and i’m gon na be loading up some emulators on here. Some retro games so expected videos in the next week or so a lot more on this and uh. If you have any comments, questions or anything you want to see on there, let me know and i’ll be doing my best to help you guys out. I just wanted to show off something a little bit different, something i just picked up. I love electronics, so i’m glad i picked up a new one.

I haven’t had a new computer since my my vio z that i picked up a couple years ago, which i absolutely love. I said, i’ll put a link in the description, but take a look at some of the bio computers. They are my favorite. I love them to death and they’re a little pricey, but i’ve never had a problem with my bios. I love them, but this is the lenovo chromebook duet that i’ve been showing off here. I’M gon na go ahead and mess around with a little bit more i’ll. Be doing some more videos coming up, so take a look at that and i hope you enjoy it, but uh thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed the video. If you have any comments, questions concerns leave me a message below other than that. I will see you guys later and i’ll be doing some more videos on this shortly.