It has all the makings of an ideal on the go laptop for work or school, except it costs under 300 and for that price, it’s, probably only good for taking notes right well kind of, but not really in this video we’re going over key features. Seeing who this product would be good for how it compares to the competition and after you’ve got the product? What kind of user experience can you expect check out the description for updated pricing so stay tuned and okay let’s get into it now? First off, unlike microsoft and apple, who make you spend extra for the privilege of having the laptop experience, the lenovo chromebook duet comes with a detachable keyboard included. That immediately adds big value to its already affordable price. The overall design is pretty good, but there are a few areas that lenovo has sacrificed to keep the price down. One is the actual kickstand. It keeps the tablet part up when in laptop mode it’s a bit flimsy it’s, not really strong or rigid, like what you’d find on a surface go to. It works alright as long as you don’t really bump into it. The tablet itself has a decent aluminum alloy. Shell but it’s pretty much covered by the overall casing. The back has a nice fabric material and while the back of the keyboard is plastic, it never feels cheap. Attaching and detaching the cover and keyboard is a breeze. The cover snaps into place with strong magnets and the keyboard uses the same pogo pin connectors as the ipad smart keyboard.

The chromebook duet is extremely lightweight at just over two pounds: it’s ultra portable for road warriors to take just about anywhere anytime. It also helps that the battery performance is incredible, with mixed use. We easily squeezed out over 12 hours that easily outperforms the ipad surface go 2 and samsung’s. Chromebook 4. you’ve got enough juice for a full day of work or school, and you still have plenty of power for some serious binge watching the 10.1 inch 1920×1200 pixel display is great for productivity and media consumption. We found the image crisp with nice details and really good color reproduction. It would have been nice if the screen was a little brighter, but that shortcoming is nowhere near dealbreaker level. The touchscreen display was responsive, tapping and swiping through pages were snappy quick and accurate. With little to no lag in most cases, if you’re used to typing on regular keyboards, it’ll, probably take you a while to get used to this typing experience. The keys don’t really give much feedback with key presses, and the caps feel a little too packed in, especially if you have larger hands. It’Ll also take time to get used to the fact that the punctuation key caps on the right side of the keyboard are much narrower than the other alphabet keys. The touchpad, on the other hand, works as expected, and it even supports multi finger gestures, unlike traditional laptops or even regular chromebooks that give you multiple connectivity options with duet.

You get one usb c port that’s it so you’ll need to plan accordingly. If you want to charge your duet while you’ve got other peripherals connected, oh and take note here, your headset also uses the same port. When it comes to performance, we were surprised how much the duet is capable of. Even with the base configuration we browsed, multiple tabs, streamed netflix and ran a few office documents with no issue and that’s without multitasking, even being one of the duet selling points, we even managed to do some photo editing, although it wasn’t blazing fast. It still performed well. It’S not meant for power users, but for the day to day tasks and productivity, apps that professionals and students use it performs quite well. We found the dual speakers on the top bezel delivered, surprisingly good sound for its size. It didn’t compare to the audio quality or volume. You would typically expect on full size laptops, but it was clear and detailed enough for regular use as well as video calls Music. The 2 megapixel front facing camera was also quite adequate for zoom calls and the images weren’t over saturated or washed out there’s, also an 8 megapixel rear shooter, which is great for taking reference shots or snapping quick images for presentations. You won’t be shooting any high quality photos, so what’s the verdict. Well, as stated at the beginning of the video, the lenovo chromebook duet, isn’t, perfect. There are plenty of things to nitpick here, but if you’re looking for an extremely affordable 10 inch, two in one laptop for general day to day tasks, regular productivity work and media consumption, you could do way worse.

The lenovo chromebook duet comes with a detachable keyboard. Incredible battery life, solid performance and a great display all for under 300., that is a fantastic choice for students and professionals. Looking for an on the go or work from home laptop, slash tablet, if you’re more of a power user and willing to spend a little more to bump up the performance, the microsoft surface go 2 is a great option under 800. Well, that’s it for this video. We hope you guys liked it if you did please go ahead and give the video a like if you’re new to the channel, we review tech in a simple, straightforward manner for the average person. So if you want tech reviews simplified, be sure to subscribe and check out the description for links to the most updated pricing till next time.