com today Ill have another episode of unboxing and review video and Ill be presenting the Lenovo c340 Chromebook, which I have right here. So this Chromebook actually took me a month to receive it. It was coming from China, and you know I guess somehow or somewhere in the middle EPs and Lenovo, they lost the package and I had to keep you know calling Lenovo and EPS to receive it. And finally, after one month I received it just yesterday: uh let let me go over some of the specs before I start opening the Chromebook. So this is Chromebook uh, c340, 11 inch and the processor is Intel Celeron, n4000 um, 1.10 gigahertz, and then it can be a 2.6 gigahertz with turbo boost two cores and the screen is 11.6. Hd touch screen 1366 by 768 IPS glossy. However, this is not a 1080 uh screen, but I dont think that should be a problem, because you know this is a smaller screen, so the screen should be good enough. The ram is 4 gig and then the hard drive is 32 gig emmc and the graphics card we have here is Intel UHD cs600 and then the cam is 720p, which is not 1080p, but it should be still good enough and then the Wi Fi is in Intel 9560, 802.11 AC and the Bluetooth is 4.2, its not Bluetooth 5, but it should be. You know good enough because I dont use Bluetooth that much so Ill just set this aside here, and this is the Box uh, I havent opened the box yet, and everything is still you know intact, and you can see that you know the Box looks like this.

So what Ill do Ill start opening up from here and Im, not sure theres going to be another box inside this box, because in the past I had computers. We chat another box inside this box, but this one should be just one box, so you know, take a look at it and alsif its uh thats it for this box. Okay, so looks like this is going to slide out and I dont see any other box looks like the Chromebook is directly set this box so lets you know slide it out and theres a power adapter in the Box and so basically thats all we have, if You can see that the box is empty, so Ill, just you know, get rid of the box and heres the power, cable and power adapter. Although this is USBC and you can charge it directly, so you dont have to actually use these. So, just you know set this aside here for now and then or just uh remove this packing cover Applause. So here we have a small setup guide, although you know its very easy to set up a Chromebook, so basically theyre just you know asking to power. The Chromebook first and then start splitting up the Chromebook, and then we we have a safety and warranty guide so Ill. Just set this aside here so lets uh start opening up the Chromebook, so it looks like the packaging is very minimal. They havent spent too much on packaging, and you know this Chromebook is not expensive at all.

This is a budget Chromebook Applause, okay, so here is what we have, and actually the size is a very good size, its not too big, not too small. So this is very good for traveling and the weight of the Chromebook is 2.65 pound or 1.2 kg so which is almost a very negligible weight and lets look at the uh slots. What we have here so we have mic input and or we have mic output Jack, and then we have a mic, uh MicroSD slot, and then we have USB looks like USB 3. and then we have a micro USB right here and then on the other side Of the Chromebook we have the power button and we have the volume rocker and then here we have USB 3 and then USBC and then here is the lock slot or you know, to lock up the Chromebook. So it looks like you know: they are giving lots of uh slots, which is not bad at all, and the top cover is aluminum, but its the other part of the Chromebook is plastic. So lets open this up. Okay, so we have another small brochure or information card, and it just tells you to you know to register your product and lets remove this here. Okay, so this is what it looks like the keyboards. Actually they look like comfortable enough and the mouse pad is not bad at all and it can convert to a different modes.

So, for example, you can make it a laptop just like this, and then you can put it into tent mod. So if you do like this, you can – and you know the hinges and everything looks you know fairly durable, theres, no complaints there so Ill. Just you know, power up the Chromebook and then Ill set it up, and then you know Ill go through the rest of the video hello everyone. So I just connected the Chromebook using a regular power bank, which I have right here. I didnt use the cable or adapter the gate, and you know it just uh asking to go through the initial setup. So looks like everything is done here. So lets look at the main screen, which we have right here and Ill open up a fresh browser. So lets just open up a web page. So let me just you know, see how the touch screen feels like its fairly responsive. You know, I cannot uh see anything to complain about. So let me just go to my YouTube channel here: Music, so Im looking at one of my videos and full screen – and you know it just – looks fine uh. I dont see really anything to complain about due to the fact that this is not full HD screen because of you know the smaller size. The screen, just you know, looks okay, its not really a big deal, and so this is the full screen YouTube video – and you know this looks just okay.

I dont really see this is too much of distortion or anything. So the screen is, you know, the screen is just fine okay. So just let me close this one here so now. Let me just you know, convert it to tablet mode and see how it feels like uh. This should be good enough when you were, like you know, watching a movie on a plane or on a train or when youre traveling uh, except that I really dont uh use tablet mode when Im at home. So this is just for. You know from time to time when you need that. So if you look here, you can see that theres a heavy, bezel or theres, like you, know big basil right here, so this might be a Troublesome for some. But for me you know this is not really a big deal, but the basil could have been reduced to give you more screen space. So it looks like you know, thats something what they have here. They have a kind of thick basil right here which is reducing your screen space and then here we have the Google Play Store and you can basically, you know, install any app from here, because uh now Chromebook can have like you know. Full access to Google Play Store in the past, Chromebooks didnt have that and then here is we have the settings and everything. So I just want to mention that when I was looking at it on the website or on learnable status, watching some, you know videos about this Chromebook.

It looked a little bit better than when Im looking at it. Uh looking at it in person, so Im gon na have to say that you know it. Doesnt look bad, but it doesnt look premium version Chromebook as well. It has some sort of like you know, uh economic version, filling our budget. It looks kind of budget Chromebook, you know it. Doesnt have that premium, combo, Chromebook feeling and everything, and even when Im touching the screen or the keyboard, the keyboards are fine. You know theres no problem, but it doesnt feel, like you know, Im holding or working on a premium keyboard, but in terms of like you know, a budget Chromebook. I I think this is just fine because uh you know uh you get what you pay for, and this should work uh fine for day to day work or for travel. You dont really have to spend a lot of. You know money on Chromebook, so lets look on the back of the Chromebook again so here to speakers and there should be a stereo, but you know Im not sure, but I have a feeling that you know theyre stereo and then again they were like. You know very generous with all the ports and everything okay, so here is something Ive just found out its uh. When you close the Chromebook its a little bit hard to open, see, I dont like you know, I cannot just open it very easily, so it takes a little bit effort to open.

So that can be a designing flaw, its not too much uh effort. But it looks like you know it just doesnt its not just easy to open right away and mouse responsiveness is just fine. The screen is okay, its just a basil is thick basil, but you know it doesnt interfere that much, but definitely its taking some screen space. So, overall, Im happy with the product um due to the fact that this is a budget Chromebook and what youre getting is okay, but definitely youre, not gon na feel, like you know, youre handling a premium Chromebook, which is just fine with me, because you know I Have other computers and laptops, so this is just my secondary or optional uh laptop, so it doesnt have to be a fancy one so thats all for today. Thank you for watching this video on my channel. There are more Chromebook videos and Chromebook tips and tricks, and you can watch them by going to the you know, playlist, which Ill provide a link in the description box below. So thank you for watching again forget about subscribing this channel forget about like this video and there will be more videos coming up so Ill. See you shortly.