Premium laptop lets check it out in this detailed review and help you decide if its something you should consider. For the specs. My config has a 10th gen Intel: i7 1065G7 quad core Ice Lake processor. Just Intel Iris graphics, here 16gb of faster LPDDR4X memory in dual channel theres, a 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD and a 14 1080p 60Hz touchscreen. For network connectivity, its got WiFi 6 and Bluetooth. 5, however, its too thin for ethernet, so youll need to use a dongle. If you need that., The C940 specs can be customized. When ordering you can find examples and updated prices linked in the description.. The laptop is made out of aluminium and its available in two colours. Ive got the iron grey version here and it looks clean and professional. For a thinner machine. The build quality feels quite solid. There are no sharp corners or edges anywhere. Lenovo lists the weight as starting at 1.35kg, and mine was just a little more than this., With the small 65w power, brick and cables for charging included. The total weight rises to 1.7kg. The dimensions are on the slimmer side. For a 14 laptop coming in under 1.6cm thick., This allows it to have just 7mm thin screen bezels on the sides. Generally 2. In 1. Touchscreen devices like this have thinner bezels to help you avoid accidentally pressing the screen, but I found the bottom chin large enough to fulfil this role.. I found it to work fine as a touch screen and it apparently supports 10 finger gestures, so make sure you dont have any more Theres a pen included its around the back on the right corner and charges, while inserted into the machine.

. Due to its position. I had great difficulty trying to pull it out with the laptop in front of me on a desk.. It was much easier to pull it out once you flip it over into tablet mode which, to be fair, is probably when youre most likely to want to use the pen, though I think it still would have been useful to have easy access in laptop mode too.. I expected a nice satisfying magnetic click or something when putting the pen back in, but that wasnt the case, though it does stay in place once you slide it back in place.. The touch screen otherwise worked well for me, no issues to report. Its got a glossy finish and Lenovo says the 1080p version uses a 400 nit panel, while the 4K model is brighter at 500 nits. Using the Spyder 5. I found my 1080p model a bit under the 400 nit mark, but this can vary between panels. The contrast ratio was above average compared to most Ive tested too., As for colour, gamut were looking at 95 of sRGB, 66 of NTSC, 71 of AdobeRGB and 71 of DCI P3. So alright results plenty if youre just using it for office work or ok. For some content creation., The 4k 500 nit panel is HDR and supports 90 of DCI P3, so definitely worth considering. If you need better colours., There was no backlight bleed in my unit an excellent result. However, this will vary between laptop and panel.

Screen. Flex was very minor when intentionally trying to move it due to the metal lid. However, it highlighted that the laptop was easier to slide around than expected. The feet, underneath didnt really feel rubbery or sticky its hard to describe, but I guess it seems closer to a plastic, so there may be some slippage when pushed. The Yoga 360 degree hinge also Contains the speaker, so it basically faces you when in laptop mode, but still also faces out in tablet mode.. The speakers sounded excellent, far above average and some of the best Ive ever tested in a laptop. They were clear. There was some bass and they were loud enough at maximum volume.. The latencymon results looked alright too. The laptop can be opened up with one finger until the screen gets to 90 degrees, or so then it starts to tip back demonstrating that in laptop mode theres more weight towards the back. However, it did sit fine on my lap.. Despite the thinner bezels, the camera is found above the display in the center theres, no IR for Windows, Hello, but its got a physically sliding privacy shutter.. The camera looks pretty decent for 720p and sounds pretty. Average. Typing makes a kind of weird sound on the keyboard.. The keyboard has white backlighting, which illuminates all keys and secondary key functions., Theres no numpad in the 14 model, however, the larger 15 version does have that.. I liked typing on the keyboard. The keys felt a little clicky to press heres.

How typing sounds to give you an idea of what to expect.? There are 2 levels of key brightness, which can be adjusted by holding the function key and pressing. The spacebar. Keyboard flex was on the lower side, considering how thin it is likely owing to that metal. Body. The precision touchpad clicks down anywhere. When pressed, I found it to work quite well without any problems and was happy that its basically taking up as much space as it can. Theres a fingerprint scanner to the right of the touchpad just below the keyboard. I found it to work fast and with good accuracy. Fingerprints and dirt. Didnt show up very easily on my darker matte finish, but as a smooth surface, its easy to clean with a cloth. Like all glossy touch screens fingerprint build up, will occur over time unless you just stick to using the pen. On the left from the back theres. A USB 3.1 Gen2 Type, A port two Type C Thunderbolt 3 ports with DisplayPort support and either can be used to charge the device followed by a 3.5mm audio combo jack.. The right just has the power button towards the back. I pressed it a couple of times while picking it up before I got used to it, which puts it to sleep by default, but you can always change what the button does in Windows. If this is an issue for you., The back has air exhaust holes, while the front sticks out a little for you to get your finger in and open.

The lid. Underneath is pretty clean, with just some air intake vents towards the back. To get inside. You need to take out 4 TR5 screws. Then there are 3, more phillips head screws hidden underneath the back rubber foot. I found it a little tricky to open.. Once inside weve got the battery taking up a large portion of space down the bottom and the single M.2 slot for storage towards the right just above it., The WiFi chip is soldered to the board, and so is the memory so make sure you buy it with Enough memory for what you need., We can also see the space thats dedicated to the pen.. In addition to the speaker bar below the screen, there are a couple of speakers towards the front on the bottom.. Despite the battery only being 60Wh, the C940 definitely knows how to use it. Ive tested it with the screen brightness at 50 background apps, disabled and keyboard lighting off and in my YouTube playback test. It lasted for under 11 hours, putting it right at the top, though, due to the lack of discrete graphics. The regular gaming test was not possible. The Lenovo Vantage software lets you manage the system, you can change settings or update software and bios through. Here, though, with the C940, I didnt see any option to change performance. Modes., Ive tested thermals in a 21 degree Celsius ambient room temperature at idle. It was quite cool at 29 degrees Celsius.

, With the Aida64 CPU stress, test running. It did initially spike above 80 degrees celsius, but before long it settled down in the mid 60s, with a slight improvement once undervolted with Throttlestop.. Although clock speed peaked at 3.5GHz on all 4 cores, around 2.7GHz was where things settled in at, and this is due to the lower wattage applied to the processor. This is a 15 watt chip after all. Its worth noting it was running up to 20 watts or so closer to the start of the testing.. When we look at 5 runs of Cinebench, we can see how the result slows down over time as these throttle limits get hit.. As for the external temperatures, where youll actually be putting your hands at idle, it was in the low 20s, a very cool result., Even with the CPU stress test, running its only around 40 degrees, just a little warm to the touch owing to the metal chassis, which Will conduct heat lets have a listen to fan noise next.. It was completely silent at idle and then even with the CPU stress test, going as a worst case. It wasnt much louder at all.. Next lets find out how the C940 holds up in games were not expecting much due to a lack of discrete graphics, so Ill just test. The Intel Iris graphics at 720p, with some basic titles to get an idea of whats possible. Dota 2 runs on basically anything. So almost 60 FPS was possible even at ultra settings with much higher frame rates at low, where even the 1 low is higher than the screens 60Hz refresh rate.

CSGO was tested with the Ulletical FPS benchmark and again around 60 FPS maxed out, though well over 100 Fps was possible at minimum settings. Overwatch was tested in the practice range at high settings and above it felt pretty stuttery and laggy it wasnt too bad at low, though not great, but usable. Ive used Adobe Premiere to export one of my laptop review videos at 4K. As the C940 doesnt have discrete Nvidia or Radeon graphics, its one of the slower results out of the laptops tested. However, it is beating the Acer Swift 5 with the same processor, which was in last place. Ive used Crystal Disk Mark to test the storage and the 512GB NVMe M.2 drive was performing well but expect different results with different storage. Options. For updated pricing check the links in the description, as prices will change over time. At the time of recording in the US. The C940 is under 1100 USD though it is on sale. Here in Australia. The starting price through the Lenovo website is 2700 AUD. Its higher, even after the currency conversion as the base spec, seems to be higher than the US config, which starts with an i5, but customizations can be made when ordering.. With all of that in mind, lets conclude by summarising the good and bad aspects of the Lenovo C940 2 in 1 laptop.. Overall, I thought the metal build. Quality was good, there was minimal, screen and chassis flex when intentionally pushing down, and I personally liked the clean design.

. The keyboard has a nice and clicky feeling the touchpad works well and is a good size, despite it being a smaller 14 model, and the speakers sounded excellent.. The battery life was amazing, giving me one of the best results out of all laptops, Ive tested in the YouTube playback test.. The C940 has Type C charging too, along with Thunderbolt support, and the power brick is on the smaller size, making the whole package fairly portable.. The 1080p touchscreen had basically no bleed decent brightness and colour gamut, but consider getting the 4K model if you need better colours and brightness for tasks like content creation., Even when under heavy load. The C940 ran on the cooler side and didnt get loud at all compared to most others, Ive tested. Very light. Gaming is possible with the Intel Iris graphics at 720p, but dont expect much.. The lack of discrete GPU will also slow down other tasks like video editing, but for other general tasks that dont need GPU acceleration. I found it to perform well beating out the Acer Swift 5 with same processor in my Premiere export test.. As for things, I didnt like it could be a bit slippery when on a desk, if you push it lightly, due to the lack of sticky rubber feet., The pen was challenging to remove with the laptop in laptop mode, though this was much easier once you fold It into tablet mode. The price doesnt seem too bad for a thinner and lighter machine, but thats.

Definitely what youre paying for here, as you can, of course, get more powerful specs in a larger machine for less money. It just depends what your priorities are.. I could recommend the C940 for someone that needs portability with a long battery life and isnt. Looking for a gaming or hardcore video, editing, laptop, something for say, office use or travel once thats allowed again would be perfect use cases for it.. Let me know what you thought about the Lenovo C940 2 in 1 laptop down in the comments and, if youre new to the channel, get subscribed for future laptop reviews and tech.