, My C340 has a dual core processor, 4gb of RAM and 64gb of local storage, so definitely significantly lower specs to what youd see compared to most Windows laptops – and this is one of the reasons the prices are much lower.. Fortunately, ChromeOS doesnt need much power to run. Its a lightweight Linux based operating system from Google, so you log in with a Google account and get access to plenty of web based applications in the cloud. However, you can also install Android apps through the Google Play store. Too., In any case, the hardware seems to be enough, as the overall experience was quite good.. I didnt have any issues during normal use. Swapping between multiple applications was fine and video playback was smooth.. Lower hardware has the advantage of being able to fit into a smaller machine, and the C340 is definitely quite portable.. Its 1.2kg or 1.5kg total with the 45 watt power, brick and Type C. Cable for charging. Battery life was also quite good, given the size of the battery and thats, probably in part due to the lightweight operating system.. Ive got the sand pink version here, but you can also get it in platinum grey.. I found the build quality of the C340 quite good, despite the plastic exterior, it felt quite solid, with minor flex to the keyboard, as well as the screen., Although theres a little wobble when touching the screen, its no more when compared to say a more expensive Microsoft.

Surface Book 3., The 11.6 IPS touch screen, has a 1366 by 768 resolution and at this size I thought it looked. Ok, I could only start noticing the pixels. If I got in closer than where Id normally sit. The bezels around the sides are quite thick though, but this has an advantage. When using it in tablet mode its easy to hold, without accidentally triggering clicks around the edges, something Ive found with thinner, bezel devices.. I found it a bit painful to hold in tablet mode as the corners near the hinges dig into your hands, but if you only hold it from the sides or, alternatively, flip the whole thing, the other way its fine. As a glossy screen fingerprints will show up. But thats just the nature of a touch screen. I thought it looked. Ok, but the 250 nits of brightness was a little dim.. The screen was surprisingly responsive when drawing Ive had more delay in some far more expensive Windows. Machines. Theres a 720p camera above the screen in the middle. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the C340.. I found the keyboard. Ok, to type with, I thought the size and layout were fine, given the smaller 11 size.. Its nothing special though, and doesnt have any backlighting.. The touchpad actually took me by surprise. Ive had far more expensive Windows, laptops that were worse.. It clicks down anywhere and works. Well. On the left from the back weve got a USB 3.

1 Gen1 Type C: port 3.1 Gen1 Type, A port MicroSD card slot and 3.5mm audio combo jack. On the right from the front theres the power button, volume up and down control for when in tablet mode. Another 3.1 Gen1 Type, A and C port and lock slot., The C340 uses Type C charging and you can charge from either the left or right side and both of these ports also offer display output.. The top lid has Chrome and Lenovo badges, and the bottom just has the speakers towards the front.. They sound, ok, nothing special, but I didnt think they were as terrible as others were, making out. Even in tablet mode theyre blocked behind the screen, but still usable. The rubber feet on the bottom panel, werent very grippy. So it was pretty easy to slide around on a desk with minimal amount of force.. You can get inside easily by removing 9 TR6 screws, but theres not really any real reason to memory is soldered to the board and only the WiFi 5 card appears to be user replaceable.. Honestly, at the end of the day, I could easily use this device. As my daily driver, while travelling you know, once thats allowed again., I use Google Docs to script. My videos, Google Drive to store files Gmail for email and obviously YouTube to manage this channel. So, for short trips, where I still want to get some work done, but dont want to take a larger and heavier more capable laptop with me.

This is seriously looking like a good option with a much smaller price tag.. It really comes down to your workload and use case, though, if you need some applications like say: Adobe Premiere for video editing, well, youre, probably going to want to stick to a fully fledged Windows or MacOS machine with higher tier specs. To do that sort of heavy lifting, but for what I personally do when travelling a Chromebook like the C340 would easily have me covered.. This is why Chromebooks are so popular in schools: theyre, offering core functionality at a much lower price point. With the rise of cloud computing and gaming services like Googles, stadia, youre, able to get more and more done with lower tier hardware as time goes on.. Ultimately, the reason I personally didnt go with a Chromebook was that I was happy to pay more money for an even smaller and lighter machine with the option of Windows should I need to run other programs, but thats, just me. Id argue most of what people do. These days takes place through the browser or apps that are available in the store, so a Chromebook will do well for less money.. Anyway.