This is quite it looks quite nice. I mean very nicely packed, so it shows a bit of yoga signs and then yeah nicely covered, so i just open it up. Hmm. This is just a leather cover guide on this side. I think we got a sleeve here Music, so this is the laptop with the tail. Now look in a minute, let’s! Look. What have you gone inside pack, safety, warranty guide, that’s, probably it just sign. Okay, let’s just have a look at the laptop. How does it look like um wow looks very nice. Leathery lighter, feel i mean it’s it’s, normally that’s a soft kind of ladder. It is like hard surface, a durable kind of leather and says yoga 9 series there at the back. You can see um it’s, like an aluminium body here speakers here, and i believe this is for the exhaust we’ve also got speaker at the back here. All right, yeah nice feel so look at the sides. So we’ve got headphone jack. We got usb normal usb haven’t got anything here. We got a pen here which we can just take it out like this, then, on this side, you’ve got power. Button and that’s set well don’t, have any sd card slot, but it’s good to see this let’s go 3.5 mm only check and we got in here so it’s. Just just a charger got this Applause. All right, let’s, just open up a bit of tilting.

I think there is a bit of a hard point in the hinge here, better just fully no premium. So there is this intel evo logo and yoga9i logo. Dolby vision, audio and we’ve got uh ultrasonic fingerprint reader, your fingerprint over here, which i mean quite quite nice and sleek design. Then the keyboard seems quite smooth nice as well. Dolby atmos speakers, it’s very thin from the side as well Music. You can see it can go back like a tent, like this let’s turn it on from here. First time set up taking its time hi there i’m cortana and i’m here to help a little sign in here. A touch of wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for all you plan to do. Okay, enough, intro, let’s, dig in your region is set to the united states. Is that right? This is what lenovo yoga 9i shadow black looks. Like i mean, looks quite a premium laptop, so these are all the items that you’re going to be finding in the box.