This is more unique um. I am here to do a unboxing of the lenovo nine nine. Now i first want to say that i ordered this on a monday and today is just wednesday, and i was very alarmed, though, when the doorbell rang at 8, 30 p.m. Um, but excited the same. So let’s see what we got here, guys all right. I got a silky covering here let’s, see here my first graffiti. I hope i made a good choice so it’s i i really like the mica option, which is like this glossy silver and let’s, see. If all the reviews i did that talked about, you can lift it with one finger and it won’t come off the floor. I mean it won’t come off the um, it’s lifting but that’s all right, okay, so the reason i got this was because of the speakers. I’M, i’m. I’M – really loving this. What they call revolving speaker so it’s a two in one and no matter how i use it. The speakers are always in a position where you know you got good sound. So this that was my. That was a selling point. This was a no brainer for me to get it um, but let’s turn it on so far, so good i’m already impressed with the back lighting of the keys. This is pretty impressive people yeah. Oh look at look at that color! Look at that color. So this is the 14 inch which i thought was a unique size and being more unique.

You know i like unique things: um, not many people are producing the 14 inch um. I think lenovo is the only one that does that um, but i went for the full hd um and i thought it would again show just as well as the what are they right there, i’m cortana and i’m here to help cortana sign in here attach a Wi fi there and we’ll have your pc ready for all you plan to do nice. It’S hot use, your voice. Oh, my gosh i’m loving the voice and i’m loving how simple it is to get all done so we’ve just got our um internet programmed in and i’m waiting for it to start up. Oh my gosh. This was a good choice, already i’m happy and the program uh for the voice is just my real email address or phone number then follow the instructions. Okay, guys um. We are back we’ve, been able to set my mailbox up i’m loving, the key travel and how plush the keys are to the touch all right now, we’re going to activate the fingerprint sensor. Pc comes with a free one month, trial of microsoft, 365 family. Should we get it ready for you to use it’s free guys? Why not? Okay, here’s, where you add your credit card details, nothing’s free guys? No thank you. Let’S go to youtube guys, so i am so looking forward to coming to america too um. So that was one of the youtubes that i used to test and see if i like this actual model when i was at best buy um, but i would recommend purchasing this directly from lenova.

I actually purchased it, as i mentioned on president’s day and got a 400 um discount let’s see. But, as i mentioned, oh my gosh, the typing is is very comfortable um coming to america. There we go trailer all right. Do you hear that sound? You must eat. My words and i don’t know – and i think Music, but the throne has passed to a male heir akin it appears you have a son who must be found, one of my main reasons for doing it. Hell. No, your majesty i’ll be watching my Music tech videos. Now that is much better Music. I think the display is lovely. Where is it? This is a keeper guys. This is a keeper, so the lenovo 9i, but it’s got the i7 processor it’s got the full hd display. It’S got this 360 sound bar, and it is the two in one.