The model strikes a balance between features and cost, offering enterprise customers and inexpensive notebook capable of getting their workers or students online and connected to business services and cost only 129 at the time of this review. So please stick around till the end of this video to enjoy the review. First let’s talk about the specs. Our unit came with seventh generation AMD a 6 9 2 2 C dual core processor, 4gb ddr4, Ram 64 GB hard drive 802 LM an AC Wi Fi plus Bluetooth, 4.2 720p webcam 14 inch. Full HD IPS display AMD integrated graphics, 57 watt hour battery and weighs only 3.3 pounds. The new Lenovo 14 W notebook body features aluminum design said to be durable enough for classroom use. It is lightweight for size. It is nice. Looking nicely built, notebook first impression from a visual standpoint are extremely impressive when compared to other notebooks in this price category, the body feels solid and there’s no creaking, and the base is fairly rigid around the corners according to Lenovo, it meets military specification testing and has Reinforced ports and hinges: it is drop resistance up to 29 inches. It has also spill resistance keyboard with mechanically anchored keys. The laptop weighs only 3.3 pounds, so it can easily fit in a bag or backpack and carry around school or college campus lenovo 14. W enterprise notebook is a corporate latest range of ports. On one side we have one USB C port for charging the laptop 1 USB 3 port SD card reader, headphone and microphone jack combo.

On the other side, we have HDMI port and one USB 3 port. The notebook has 720 front camera with two microphones. The cameras picture quality is enough for video calls via Skype or other applications. The camera does not perform phase recognition over all in over 14. W notebook has a design that is simple and clean and smooth textures hide fingerprints very well. The lenovo 14 w notebook display has thin bezels and our unit came with 14 inch, full HD IPS display with nd clear technology. The result is a larger, more vibrant screen. Viewing angles are okay, but not great. It is a little disappointing considering it is IPS Full HD display and there’s also touchscreen option for faster interaction. The displaced backlight is also mid level, averaging 215 it’s. This is higher than the average of most of the budget notebooks. In this price category, the display also has good color reproduction and accurate white balance. Full HD display showed an exceptional amount of detail when I watched different trailers or 4k contents. The Lenovo 14w visuals are handled by AMD, Radeon r5, integrated graphics, watching YouTube or Netflix. 4K content looks good, and this display works very well in low light conditions. As far as a brightness concern it comes in around 250, nits means laptop screen cannot be used outside the Lenovo 14. W keyboard is good for longer typing experience. This is a fast quiet and reliable keyboard. The pressure point is only slightly noticeable and provides a good amount of feedback.

On the other hand, the key size and arrangements are very good and keyboard and mechanical anchored keys are spill resistant. As far as the touch pad concerned, it is a big touchpad. It is also precision. Touchpad means it is very responsive and precise in the performance section of a Lenovo 14 w is equipped with seventh generation AMD a6, 9, 2 C dual core processor. The processor has 2 cores with base clock, speed of 1.8 gigahertz and a maximum clock speed of 2.7 gigahertz. The processor is rated for 6 watts and can be used as fanless. The integrated radeon GPU has 3 compute cores, which should translate 292 shaders in cpu z, benchmark notebook, scores 252 points in multi, threading and 97 points in single thread in the storage solution. Lenovo 14w offers good to read and write weights that are average in its class. Our unit score 144 megabits per second read and 49 megabits per second write in SSD benchmark thanks to its integrated 64 GB SSD hard drive. The Lenovo 14w comes with a 2 2.11 AC wireless card, which supports 4 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz dual band with maximum speed of 867 megabits per second, the lenovo 14 w notebook speakers are ok. They get loud enough to fill a small sized room, but the sound the output is hollow and lifeless bass is completely absent. In the battery life department, lenovo 14 w notebook comes with 57 watt hour battery. The 57 watt hour battery can provide between 9 to 11 hours of runtime, while this is a bit above average for a notebook in its class.

It is enough for workday away from an outlet when it comes to upgrade ability. Lenovo allows you to upgrade only the wireless card. You can access the notebook motherboard by removing the screws from the back cover. You need to be careful while removing the back cover with proper tool, but the process is very simple: in the CPU cooling department, we have a big copper heatsink, covering the CPU and buffer card in order to replace Wi Fi card. You have to remove copper heatsink, since there is no fan and CPU is cooled passively. Notebook is dead, silent, but temperatures never cross 80 degree Celsius during our test, which means cooling is sufficient enough to keep the laptop temperatures under control during CPU intensive workloads. You can replace a wireless card and we were able to successfully install Intel’s new 8 or 2.11 ax ax 200 Wi Fi 6 card without any issue. Despite Intel claims, the card will only work with Intel CPUs, the lenovo 14 w notebook is a good overall performance machine. I had high expectations from Lenovo 14 w notebook going into this review and I’m pleasantly surprised by the performance of the system. The AMD processor, in particular offers good CPU and GPU performance for general usage, but don’t buy this machine with the intention of multitasking. It is a perfect, extremely low cost machine for students to complete their Microsoft Office tasks or browsing the web as well as watching some videos.

The lenovo 14w notebook is an educational focus system designed for students and teachers. The no 14 w notebook is an excellent Buy. 429, I will recommend this notebook for anyone who’s in the market for sub 200 price point notebook for students or general purpose machine. Let me know what you guys think of lenovo 14 w notebook in the comments below.