We’Ve got a few of them on qvc, however, in the market for a brand new notebook, hmm let’s see in the pocket for a brand new tablet, maybe hmm i’m, not sure i’m, not sure. If i want to go all tablet all the time, because i want to do some work, i got to do some. You know my kid or myself has to do some work, how about built in keyboard? How about built in stand? How about here and now a brand new lenovo tablet that’s here for you, that is a touch screen that comes with how about this one comes with wireless mouse that comes with these are fantastic. I love these earbuds, so a set of two earbuds with a little earbud thingy, so it fits perfectly in your ear. I mean we offer earbuds on qvc for like 50 now some high end earbuds you’ve got these guys. You’Ve got wireless and you’ve got the mouse. So you can use mouse keyboard touch, you can keep it flat. If you want to, you, can use it with the stand. If you want to, you can use it as a tablet. If you want to this is one of the most award winning items from the recent and then obviously did it a little bit different. The recent ces show and we’ve got it now at a better price, a better offer and a better value. It is our chromebook back in stock. I mean brand new to the queue we’ve had chrome’s books before, but this is fantastic.

So take a look at that you’ve purchased separately here, if purchased separately over 660 dollars, not here today, 660 dollars, that’s with all the accessories and all the extra stuff coming with it now there’s 1600 that can be had so, if you’re in the market for a Brand new notebook and what you want to do mostly, is you want to do zoom meetings? Can you do it here? Yeah cameras, front and rear facing you want to do teams meeting zoom meetings, skype you’ll want to do some productivity. You want to download office applications. You can do that and more with what is going to be your opportunity here and now and michael padula is our guest michael’s going to take us through the paces of this michael welcome in from new york? How are you how’s new york today, a little little dreary up there, a little rainy what’s going on i’m looking out the window, it is a little bit dreary and a little bit rainy spring is supposed to be on its way in so i’m still keeping my Eye out for it, but all is well otherwise it’s great to see you rick very bad, great, to see you, okay, bud, let’s go let’s. Do this so first of all, it’s called the lenovo chromebook. We know lenovo by the way, lenovo america very competitive brand. High end computer brand worldwide, like one of the couple leaders on the planet earth when it comes to computers.

So having said that, this is 10 inch. When i first look at it looks like a tablet, looks like a tablet, so let’s just clarify in the confusing world of computers now they’re all morphing together, take a look at this video and explain what’s a chromebook sure, rick you’re exactly right. So the lenovo now has powered with chromebook to create the duet chromebook. So what you have is a powerful tablet that has a back scr back stand that can prop up your tablet so that you can view, and you can stream and you can binge – and you also now have a full size, powerful, easy to use keyboard with a Track pad full size trackpad, so within the duet, within this chromebook duet, you have a powerful portable optimized tablet, wow that can come with or without that keyboard. Listen. Yours is coming with the keyboard, but what i mean is you: don’t have to have the keyboard attached. If you want to take it with you and you want to stream, if you want to bring it into the restaurant and let the the sun grandson, your kids uh play a game that’s when you can use it as a tablet. If you want to prop it up on the desk and watch qvc, if you want to prop it up on the desk and watch a netflix show or a youtube video that’s when you’re gon na prop it up, because it is a powerful, full size tablet, then We want to go into productivity mode.

Like you said, we’re just going to attach the keyboard that comes with it. Then we get to answer the emails. Then we get to work on google docs, so it’s, literally one device with three modes we’ve got binge mode, which means we’re using this with the uh, with a little tablet, stand on the back kickstand back up set it down like that. We can just watch and watch and watch we’ve got streaming mode, which means you can hold it as a tablet. Again, tablet comes on its own detaches from the keyboard, so this is what the essential chromebook lenovo chromebook duet, is it’s, a tablet that has a back stand that can prop up. So you can watch that comes with an attachable magnetic full sized keyboard, snaps right into place, two little posts pop it back on here and into productivity mode. You go with that full size, keyboard and trackpad. When it comes to that triple, you know the triple wowz. If you will, i mean those three things that you just mentioned, though michael those are the things we’re doing i mean for myself and my wife i hate. Sometimes we got this beautiful television it’s a gorgeous television, she’s, upstairs right and i’m down in the living room and i’m watching something on netflix on my tablet: i’m watching some on netflix on my phone or on something like this she’s upstairs watching. You know some youtube. Video and and – and we can do that now and now, with these earbuds now the earbuds coming along with it by the way no extra charge.

I can now use this in any mode i want. You could also use this, obviously with today’s special value pop. It up and put it on that stand if you want to use the stand in your bed, but now you’ve got a little built in stand right here, all of it here, so i want to use it flat. I can use it flat if i want to. I want to make it my angle that i want fantastic, but now as i as i binge great stuff now let’s get into productivity because i know i can do this, i know i can i can i can cruise the web. If i want to, i know, it’s a chromebook. I know that that my internet and wi fi will be a big help within this. But what about productivity can i can i download office on this? For example, michael, you sure can rick and it is compatible with microsoft office suite. So, yes, it is in productivity mode. You got your keyboard there launched in front of you, listen it’s, not fun. To answer an email on your phone. I don’t care who says it it’s, not what you have now is portability with your tablet, but again with that full size keyboard, you enter productivity mode, so you’re able to work if you need to take it on the go. This is the the best second uh device you’re gon na. Have you can’t take your desktop with, and this compared to a laptop is smaller wow weighs.

You know this weighs two pounds: everything that you’re seeing right here: that’s two pounds with nothing attached to it: it’s only one pound you’ve got this beautiful front facing screen that’s 10 inch display, but a 1080p plus high definition display so you’re, getting amazing, beautiful visuals on This we’ve got stereo sound, dolby audio two speakers that come out of the top yeah rick how thin this this tablet is: seven millimeters, seven millimeter, hey michael what’s, the battery life on this. What what’s the battery life on the battery life is fantastic all day. Ten plus hours hours, so, if you’re, if you’re shopping right now, this is new to the queue comes with the mouse wireless mouse. It comes with extras and with all with the earbuds coming along with it wireless mouse and with the entire bundle that brings us to over 600. What are the essentials that i’m getting along with it? If i want to use them, if i want to take advantage of the michael sure, rick you’re, getting uh you’re getting hot spot premium, that’s uh gon na give you uh protection when you’re using wi fi you’re. Getting pandora you’re getting britannica for lots of online learning great you’re getting pi zap pro, which is a picture editing, make collages, make beautiful images to post on social media you’re getting live x plus, which is uh, live uh. Uh events live um concerts. You get access to live, concert blah, which is going to help condense.

Your um, your inbox on your computer and lastly, you’ve got ckbk, which is um cookbooks, so you’ve got access to online cooking and i just want to make sure that i point out the earbuds they’re brand new from from lenovo rick. These are no joke. I do a lot of earbuds. I see a lot of earbuds. I get to demo a lot of earbuds. These are so smartly designed and lenovo’s. So smart, they do smarter technology for all. These are smarter technology. They come to where you pop them. In your ear give them a simple little twist and they lock into place the number one complaint people have with earbuds. Is they fall out of my ears or i can’t find the right size? I have the weirdest ears you’ve ever seen in your life or not seen, but had in your life, these fit perfectly and they work so well with the with the duet. Can i tell you: i’ve got the white earbuds that we all have seen that we’ve all paid like 150 bucks for or the highest and one’s like 450 dollars and then, if they fall out, i get a tape. I do rick’s record. I got ta tape them in like these are are secure. They sound fantastic, that’s part of the offer here, the yo, the house. What else is part of the offer in the last couple of minutes? What was it called again? Queenie? It was called um.

Oh yeah travel, remember travel. You know, traveling going on a plane, michael remember that back in the old days, yeah it’s coming back. Can you imagine now now you’re on a plane, you get to go somewhere yeah and you want to watch the movie and there’s a delay in the play, no problem at all i’m back on the plane like this is fantastic. I could i can now, when it comes to the storage on this 64 gigs that’s, not a little bit of storage, so you can put movies on this. That and so much more in the last minute. Take us through the the big three of how i’m going to use this lenovo chromebook sure. Well, rick again, everybody needs a second device, whether we’re zooming on our phones, whether the grandkids or the kids are virtually learning we’re all needing a second device. This is bigger and a more beautiful display than your phone. I could literally be using this to skype with you right now. If i needed to rick – and i would be able to see you and you would be able to see me – this is also one device with three modes: you’ve got binging and streaming mode. You’Ve also got productivity mode you’re. Getting a lot. Chromebook makes different type of devices, and i got to tell you this award winning lenovo chromebook duet, really really really impressive, very good uh michael padilla. Thank you so much for joining us.

We appreciate it here’s the price here’s, the story and if you want to make that price, even better, well take advantage of the easy payment plan five times for 66.99. But if you want to put it on a cue card that is nine month financing nine month. Financing i got ta tell you there’s a couple stars in the show. A couple big big stars in the show.