This one is uh d83, so it has many features like the first analog. Then there is uh the 4g, then it’s a 2gb and uh 16gb storage. The 2gb is ram, so this tab can help you to do a lot like for the kids at home. As you know, nowadays most countries are stuck up in the lockdown, so this is a very good tablet for the kids it’s also on amazon. I will also provide the link in the description, so these are some of the features and uh specifications of this 4g. Sim tablet, so, first of all, it uses a sim card and uh, as you can see uh. This is uh it’s resolution, one zero, two four uh to six hundred then uh. It is running on no android 6.1 that’s the operating system. Then it has a dual core cpu and then it’s a 2gb ram, 16 gb rom. Then it also has a slim design, dual sim and a standby battery. Then it also has a wife wifi. 802. Then it also has a bluetooth, a camera, both the front and back one so i’ll be showing you everything in this box and i’ll see what it comes inclusive with this uh gadget or this tablet. So with him with me here. This is the box. I’Ve already opened, it comes with a usb uh usb and the charger all inclusive, and this one is uh. This one is not a c type it’s a micro usb, and it also comes with these uh headsets uh, poor quality headsets according to its price.

Then they also give you a holder. It comes with a holder, this one you can attach it to the tablet behind, so that you can hold it when you’re using the tablet. So this one works like this as a handle, then also they give you the 3d glasses it comes with the glasses. These ones can be worn, as sunglasses can give them. They are good for the kids. Children, then also we shall see what comes inside. There is also an extra plastic screen protector or screen gra screen guard and uh. That also comes with a touch pen, this one for the screen this one for the screen, then inside here what else uh inside there is a tablet itself. Then there is also a flip cover. It comes with this flip cover, so this one is the flip cover to give it extra protection to avoid some scratches and other thing. So i’ll go ahead to power on this tablet, so that you can see how it looks. This is the behind side: it’s it’s, a colored tablet. You can see these colors, they are very nice for the children and it also comes in very, very many different colors, as you can see on this back on this back cover. These are some of the colors. They have it in blue, pink, red, yellow orange and green, so you can get it in the bucket, so it’s, a very cheap and reliable tablet. So i’ll power it on so that we can see inside its display and also we get to see about that so that we can get to see about the display.

So it will comes us with a great song. I don’t know if this one is michael jackson. I don’t know her Applause, so wan na see and check on the display and see how it displays Music. So here we go i’ve not inserted any sim card. As you can see, it is showing emergency. So this is how it displays – and this is how it looks like so when i tap here on the main menu we can see and see some of some of these functions. These are some of the functions we can see. We have our browser, calculator, calendar, camera and the others. There is also youtube it can access youtube when you have connected it to the internet and other things. You can also add them. You can also add whatsapp and other things which you want. You can also add games for the children so so far these are some of the things, but, as you can see, it has play store. Sorry, Music. It has play store whereby you can. You can create a google account. Then you can create an account. Then you can download, i can download some applications for the children and any other thing and also it’s a low budget tablet. So anyone can buy and use it. You can enjoy it. So i’ll show you about the settings to confirm what we’ve been talking about and the others so i’ll tap on storage. I have to see the storage first so, as you can see, it’s 14.

10 gb that’s uh around 15 gb, then that’s its storage. So you can also add in a memory card that’s the sd, if you want to add under if you want to add on the storage. So this is all about this tablet, so it’s a cheap tablet which you can use and enjoy. It can do a good work for the kids at home, so they can enjoy it for learning and using it in other things. So another thing i’ll, just let you i’ll just let you for now you can try to enjoy this stuff. Then, if you want to put in the sim card, i didn’t show you where to put in the sim card, so this button is for screenshot. Whenever you touch on it, it will just make it an automatic screenshot. So if you want to insert a sim card, this is where you open: you’ll open the back cover Music. So you just flip it like this Music. So, as you can see this one so that’s where you you flip, then you’ll open, you’ll, open it and you can insert your sim card. So as you can see that one is a micro usb, then one this one is the earphone jack. These are the cameras. It also has a flashlight, and this one is the volume button, and this one is the power of button, so it’s not a heavy it’s, not as heavy, so you can even use one arm to lift it.

So this is it for now. I’Ll just recommend you. This tablet kindly buy it and use it, give it as a gift to your children. They will appreciate it it’s a nice stop, as you can see here, its model is t83. Then, if you, google, you get the results, you can get it on amazon and all local stores, wherever you are.