Yes, guys we’re going to be re, reviewing lamonde airlines! If you guys, remember, lamonde, airlines they’ve actually been in like so much trouble like so much controversy, and you know that resulted in a lot of people like leaving the group. Actually they didn’t leave the group they actually like got kicked out and stuff, which i actually made three separate videos talking about this situation. So if you guys want to like check out those videos, the links to those videos are gon na be like up on the screen so that you can like check out the videos or i’ll, probably like post a comment or leave the link in the description like Linking to those videos, because those videos like bro like there’s just so much to talk about it, was just a lot of controversy and a lot of trouble and with a lot of trouble comes a lot of learning. So these guys have, you know, reopened the airline and you know they’re back now they have 24 000 members and the owner is actually a new owner. They actually don’t have dan as the owner anymore because of all the controversy. So yes, guys we’re gon na be reviewing this airline once again by the way. I know you guys could keep asking me. Oh, how come you’re not reviewing a lot of airlines guys if you guys want me to review your airline, make sure that you email me through my business email.

We can like set up a time or whatever, and then we can, like you know, schedule it from there. So, yes, we’re gon na, be reviewing lamonde airlines and uh yeah. Currently right now there are 13 people in the game. We’Re not gon na, join these guys right now, because they’re gon na, like open up the game like right at in four minutes, because you know it opens up three right now: it’s 2 56 p.m. Also i forgot to mention before we actually start joining. If you guys really thought that i was quitting youtube, keep in mind that i posted that, like the post that i made was on april fool’s, if you guys don’t, remember april fools, i don’t even know what to say about that. But yes, guys i’m not actually quitting youtube, it’s, obviously an april fool’s joke, but yeah i mean. Obviously i have to mention that, because some people really thought that i was quitting youtube, but um yeah, we’re gon na be joining these guys soon, all right guys so we’re in the game right now and the game is literally so slow or it’s not really slow. But like it’s loading, slow, look, everyone’s like all gray and stuff, but yeah we’re not here to troll guys we’re simply here to visit. You already know what’s up in this game, all right, all right, so we’re here right now, we’re gon na be like you know, checking in and everything here you know what’s up guys, and there goes my suitcase oh that’s, actually pretty cool, all right, guys, we’re going To go into house kitchen, you already know what’s up in hell’s kitchen i’m, going to jump in the fire so that the ladies can call me hot, but yeah there’s, gordon ramsay, yo, he’s, yellow, oh my god, hey guys, i’m.

The new gordon ramsay here, but yeah we’re, just gon na check out all the other places too all right, there’s mcdonald’s over here, found. Oh look what i found i get it and there’s sushi over here. Oh, i want some sushi. I want some sushi welcome to sushi yeah. I like some sushi, please, okay, okay, oh this is some good sushi. Oh, you can actually go over here. Yo, alright guys. So this is the restrooms over here. Obviously i’m a man. So if i need like you know, oh where’s, the urinals, oh this person isn’t a man yo what’s this person doing here but uh yeah there’s, the women’s section as well: i’m, not gon na go in there, but uh yeah there’s like another closet area or not A closet but like a clothing store, oh there’s, a cool mess yeah. I wonder what mess is pretty cool for people and then uh. I don’t know what this is probably like. Some cafe yeah, it is some cafe and you’re. You know over here is the queen’s vacuum. Yes, queen’s vacuum right over here, oh that’s, a big vacuum. I mean that’s what she said then there’s pretzels and then there’s the lounge over here. Unfortunately, we can’t go on the lounge, because obviously i don’t have classes, but you already know that if you don’t have classes, you can always zoom out and see like what the lounge looks like okay, that’s. Basically, how you see everything in the lounge? Okay, that’s? How you do it in 2021? Yes, this plan over here we’re gon na, be flying on the a380.

This is actually i don’t think i’ve actually went on the a380 for lamonde, but i definitely have for fly kuto. I mean the flight was good like in flight quicktoast, but, like recently you know tricks and i haven’t been getting along. I mean he doesn’t like me for some reason i don’t know why i tried talking to him, but, like he removed me on discord, he removed me like on everything he basically like called me out and stuff, but whatever you know like that’s, what people do nowadays, Like you know, that’s what happens when, like you know, money and fame get to your head, like you, don’t care about, like the people surrounding you and i think that’s what happened to tricks. But you know i’m not gon na sit here and make assumptions, but i think that’s really what happened like you know, that’s what happened all right guys. So you want to know how to look in the cockpit without getting in trouble on roblox it’s. So simple: just move your camera so that you can kind of see the cockpit it’s gon na be a little bit hard. But, like you can kind of see it like right over here or yeah uh. But when you get closer, you’re gon na get the idea of like what what it’s gon na look like. If i stand over here, then you can like see it clearly so yeah that’s. Basically, what the cockpit looks like without getting in trouble, so you don’t have to break laws.

You don’t have to break roblox rules for views. Okay, you don’t need to do that. Alright, guys so we’re gon na be boarding right now. Okay, guys so we’re gon na be boarding right now, yeah we’re, going right now, as y’all can see we’re all running guys, we’re gon na go inside over here and uh. Oh, my god, people are pushing to the yeah. You can see we’re not gon na go in the cockpit because they already know that we’re not trying to get in trouble, but you can see there’s like all the seats over actually yeah. We can go over here. There’S, like seats over here i’m, not gon na. Go upstairs because you already know that we can’t go in there, so uh yeah, we’re gon na sit over here. Well what the yo! Oh! This is premium economy all right guys. So this is what it looks like over here. Unfortunately, i didn’t get a window seat but that’s okay, but uh yeah. We can kind of zoom out kind of because we can’t zoom out all the way like from the top, but we can zoom out from the side, so yeah we’re gon na be like going soon. Like i don’t know. If we’re gon na be like push backing. Bro, we need to push back without the push backing truck okay, because bro we’re in 2021 technology is supposed to be new. It can’t be like old all right guys, so we’re push backing right now and uh.

I don’t know if we’re, okay, i don’t, know if we’re gon na go over yeah. I think we are gon na go over here, because, right here you know i can’t even yo what the f, okay, okay yeah we are gon na – have to go over here or maybe we’re gon na go over here. I’M not entirely sure where we’re gon na go but we’re gon na go somewhere. Please for your safety remain seated with your seatbelt, fastened yo. We don’t have seat belts, but yeah we’re gon na go over here, as you guys can see we’re turning right now. Obviously, if i turn like this, you guys won’t be able to see it. So obviously i have to like leave it like this guys. Yeah we’re gon na be like going over here and then we’re gon na be taking off anytime soon, all right guys. So you guys can see that we’re on the runway right now, we’re about to take off anytime, soon and i’m, not gon na count up or count down or anything like that, because obviously i get my timings inaccurate. So yes, we’re gon na be like you know, taking off anytime soon and uh yeah there we go. Oh my god that was, you know pretty laggy yeah guys you guys can see. Okay, they’re gon na lift the gears. Now you guys can see the animations on the plane or yeah. You guys can see the animations and uh yeah they’ve successfully took off all right guys, so you already know that we’re gon na be ordering some stuff.

I don’t know if we’re allowed to like order everything on them i’m gon na ask if we can order everything on the menu to review and if we can’t order everything then we’re just gon na like pick whatever and then yeah all right guys. So it seems like that we’re gon na be getting everything you guys can see they’re taking their time, because you already know that you know they can’t. Give me exactly everything because, like you know, i might get like some guns or whatever or anything like that’s. Ammon related yeah, we’re gon na be reviewing uh yeah we’re gon na be reviewing so yeah yeah they’re gon na be giving like way more stuff. Okay, then there’s uh yeah chocolate doughnut over here and uh yeah we’re gon na wait for more stuff to come in all right guys, so i think that’s it so yeah there’s, pink doughnut and they’re gon na pick up these fruits yeah we’re gon na, like put Everything away and no guys we’re, not trolling. Okay, if i was trolling, i would be dropping the tools right now. Okay – and i honestly don’t understand like why people say that i’m, like trolling and stuff when i’m simply here to visit. But you know i just don’t understand so like if anyone that knows please. Let me know like why people think that, like i’m trolling and stuff, because i don’t think simply here to visit – means that i’m trolling or whatever, but you know people are just idiots all right guys so we’re gon na be going right.

Now, oh my god. That was actually really really long. Like i can’t like i don’t i wasn’t keeping track of how long it took but wow. It took like really like a long time and i’m, not gon na lie. There wasn’t, like you, know everyone just left and stuff, and then you have someone speaking hashtags alright guys, so you guys can see that we’re gon na be landing soon. I’M, not gon na, like count up their countdown yuri. No, oh, my god, okay, i’m! Not going to count up or count down here, you know and uh yeah. We have successfully landed guys – oh my god, yo that’s crazy yo, what the whoa! What was that? Oh, my god, apparently, if you’re injured yourself, then i guess that’s good. I mean i don’t know why it would be good if you injure yourself but uh. You should not injure yourself: okay, so yeah we’re in la los angeles, that’s, actually a pretty popular city for tick, tockers and no i’m, not moving to la because you know i don’t think i would survive a whole day there and plus the prices and taxes and Everything is like really expensive, so yeah we’re here right now and i’m, not gon na lie. That was actually a pretty slow flight, but you know at least we got the job done so that’s good, all right guys. So we can go right now, as you guys can see, and uh yeah we’re gon na be okay, yeah, okay, okay, we’re over here you already know what’s up, yes, guys run on the grass wait.

Can you actually go through? Oh, you can actually yeah. What do i think of this flight? What do i think of this airline? Obviously it’s a good airline. You know, i think they improved actually, but the controversies and everything bro it’s, not something that people are gon na forget about. You know it’s wrong to be involved in drama and stuff and you know i’m not gon na be involved in it. You know i’m, not gon na try to be involved in it. Yeah it’s, actually pretty cool there’s, no cars and everything guys but yeah it’s. Actually, a good airline, you know when i come here all the time, probably not because you know i just don’t have the time, but you know today i have time so you know that’s. Why i’m, here the walk of fame over here and apparently coronavirus is a celebrity guys. Yeah, you guys can see there’s like all these people over here, oh kim jong un, is over here yeah, you guys are, you know, yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video r.i.p juice world. If you guys did, then please be sure to leave a like on this video share this video to your friends and subscribe to my channel if you’re new also become a channel member, it helps support your boy. Dang boy, if you guys do pick the dang tier, when you guys are becoming a channel member, then i’ll find you on roblox.