The unboxing, video and I've done a plenty of gaming on it. So now, it's time to test out gaming performance and overall performance in more benchmarks, thermals fan noise battery life – you name it it's, gon na all, be here in this review now. The build overall of this laptop is very good. No issues and complaints, one that we've got a rubber trim that goes around the screen outside here, so that's to stop it from scuffing up and the palm rest area around here, pressing down on the palm rest, there's, no flex. That is very solid. The keyboard pressing down really hard tiny little bit of flex the keys themselves. They have a good feel to them, but they're not super high quality. I just wish they had more of a direct feel to them they're a little bit more responsive and I don't like the fact that they've added this left hand, column of keys, so we've got two macro Keys, screen, brightness controls and then pressing. The very top button launches Lenovo Vantage and so many times I go to hit escape, and I press that key or I go to hit control and I end up turning down the brightness on that backlit keyboard and, of course, being a gaming laptop that it does Have full RGB customization with the keyboard but what's interesting to note that out of the box you don't have the software pre installed for it. You'Ve got to go over to Corsairs website and download it.

So you can fully control the keyboard, we're able then to customize. As well, these side, vents and even the logo on the top one of the positives of the Y 740 here is the amount of ports it's got so, on the left hand, side we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with mic support, very good quality out of It Thunderbolt 3. So this is four lanes PCIe and it does support up to 4k tested and working on the back, our lock slot charging port, a USB 3.1 port, gigabits, lan and another USB 3.1 port, hdmi 2.0, a and a mini DisplayPort and finally, on the right hand, side. A reset button, and one last USB 3.1 type, a port. The lgion logo right here is very discreet. The fact that we've just gone with a black printing of it, it doesn't, stand out it's, not in your face, but yes, the webcam location, not brilliant it's, look and your neck can kind of up your nose just below it as the jewelry mics and here's a Sample from the webcam, so not great the quality, as you can see from this it's a little bit grainy and I do have my powerful studio lights on when I tested this in lower light, it looks even worse as you can imagine, so I really feel that They should improve the quality of the camera and the top chin. Why couldn't they squeeze it in there now, when you're, normally like looking at someone else, you'd be looking like that, so to them, it's like you're, not even looking at the camera.

You can hear that there is a little bit of feedback from those keys and it will be very easy to actually see your fingers because of that poor location, Audio is not too bad. We'Ve got slide firing speakers. Sadly, there is no additional subwoofer within this, which I think they should really add to give it a little bit more punchy err sound. It does sound pretty good. I mean they're, not the best speakers I've heard, but they are definitely not the worst. The volume is there, there is some bass there, some meds and we do have Dolby Atmos tuning but here's a sample of just how they sound and what to expect Music before we get onto the gaming benchmarks that I know you all want to see. After all, this is a gaming laptop. I have to point out a few other things to do with performance, but first the screen, which does have quite a good two color gamut, considering it's a gaming laptop and a hundred and forty four Hertz screens, are very high. Refresh rate with g sync is great to have so we have ntsc there of 66 percent srgb of 96 percent, which is very good and Adobe RGB of 71 percent. Now these figures come out so much better than I would have thought for a gaming laptop. You normally get somewhere in the 60s, so is it enough for color grading? It depends on what you're doing, of course, your work and, if you're gon na be video editing things like that, you want to get the colors right, calibrate the screen, of course.

Now the calibration out of the box is actually not too bad with this one. So I feel for what this is. A gaming laptop they've actually gone with a very decent screen. It does have a maximum output of 400 Lux almost it's about '5, but I noticed a little bug that when you plug in external monitors through the HDMI or the DisplayPort, that it will actually have the brightness for some reason when they're plugged in you know, I Don'T know whether this is by design it's, a battery saving feature or just a bug that hopefully they're going to fix so the performance of the internal storage. It is a samsung PM, 98, one very, very fast, and then we have a one terabyte spindle hard drive, which has reads and writes of about 120, so that's for all your large mp3 files, your videos and things. And if you wanted to access or run a game with faster loading times, of course, let's install it onto this drive here. If you want the best performance there, taking a look now at a geek bench for so I did show this score in my unboxing. So I'll just go over briefly, very good score on par with other gaming laptops that are running the same exact chipset if I strike Xtreme 1.1 decent score and passmark very good here so over 6000. For the past, my trading as the first time I have seen this on a gaming laptop, really good score, and if we move over then to a gaming bench which is superposition, so this is pushing just the GPU and it gets so well just under 4000 points.

There, which is not too bad – but I expected actually over 4000 here so I'm – not really too sure why this is a little bit lower, but so when we take a look at other benchmarks, so I did run Cinebench r15 very good school here. So this is the CPU score. Normally you see without any under vaulting, so I have not under vaulted at all no overclocking here. This is completely stock. They have set a 60 watt power limit full power limit one, and this is the reason why we're getting these good scores here. That would the cooling, because, on the other, laptops I've tested out it's an away about a thousand C B, so we're looking at about 20 faster here's, a really good score and another decent score here for Cinebench released 20 at almost just one point away from 2700 C B now, when we take a look at the thermals, as I pointed out in my unboxing, that it will peak up to 95 degrees, now it's only for about 10 seconds 5 seconds max, then once the fans have ramped up and it does start to work. Quite well, it will then maintain a very good temperature and we're getting full performance out of this. So this is the best thing about it. So they've said a power limit level 1 of 60 watts and it will maintain all of the six cores at 3.9 gigahertz, which is what we want.

So it's not dropping down the clocks, we're, not losing performance here and as you'd expect for the spec of this laptop that it does handle editing 4k video with Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 here without any problems. So, for one minute of footage, you're looking at approximately about one minute and 15 seconds, so about 15 percent, more of the actual video time it takes to render it with the 4k YouTube preset using hardware acceleration, of course, now the wireless it's a killer that they Have on here killer chip is the 1550. I it does work out. Well, I don't have any problems with the ping times with the range. No drop connections and my peak speeds here in the studio are topping out about 38 megabytes per second downloads, with steamed nets. Through my 300 megabit fiberline, I have here so out of the box. You get very few blower applications that don't over themselves have put on there. They do have an anti virus installed, which is McAfee, so I just got rid of that that's really, basically etch. You have this right here: it's just called Lenovo Vantage so it's this software. There control center allows you to see, for example, the resources of the GPU, the CPU, the RAM and you've got optimizes in here, and this is where you'll find the hybrid mode as well. So turning this on disables G sync and allows us to then swap over to the integrated Intel GPU, doubling.

Basically the battery life said I'll bring it up from about the two hours maximum you get on the dedicated GPU up to around about four hours. Three and a half hours of mixed web use with the brightness set at about 40 as for upgrade abilities. So it is easy to get into the internals it's, just the single cover off the rest or remove all the screws pry it up and you've got access to the RAM, so there's no RAM on the other side of the motherboard, which is great. You can upgrade the wireless cards, the SSD and, of course, that one terabyte spindle harddrive. You can replace that if you wanted to put something like an SSD near, in fact when the system is idle, that is the noise that you hear is the hard drive and not the fan. Music. Music go go down, Music, Music, Music. So what about the fan? Noise gaming – well, it does skip relatively loud about 55 decibels, but here's a sample of it and what to expect when gaming under full load. So one area where it really does excel here is the temperatures of the laptop itself when gaming, so I've been gaming. Now, for about an hour and a half and the keyboards about 30 degrees, the palm rest is 27, so it still feels very cool to the touch it doesn't heat up. Like some gaming laptops can they can get very hot to the touch, but Lenovo here does a really good job, alright, so there's a lot of things I like about this laptop, I think it's, a fantastic gaming laptop after all, if you want that RTX 27 performance, As you've seen, it's quite a monster, very good at games, even the most demanding games set on very high settings, it's still gon na have playable frame rates.

Okay, you're not going to push the hundred and forty four frames per second. If you were going to be using, say vsync and you wanted to try and keep that, but in older titles that I haven't tested and lighter engine titles, for example, League of Legends counter strike fortnight all those games depending on your settings. Of course, then, you have no real problem running 1080p at 144 Hertz, so the screen turned out to be a lot better than I thought. I also like the fact that it goes right back, which is good, a lot of manufacturers don't. Let you do that and the build overall it's a very solid laptop. Yes, it is a little bit heavy but of course, gaming laptop of all the extra cooling in there. You expect that so the core i7, the 8750 h lenovo, unlike other manufacturers, lets you really push the maximum performance. So what I love about this? It will hold the 3.9 gigahertz across all six cores. Other gaming laptops that I have looked at, like the Strix that I had from a Zeus ended up throttling down to 25 watts and then limited to the cause across all six to about only 2.6. I think it was gigahertz or 2.8 severely affecting their performance, so lenovo doesn't do that here and even used a higher 60 watt power mat level one and, as a result. Yes, the fans. The profiles take a little bit of time to actually spin up to 100.

So will peak and 96 degrees trigger tiny little bit of thermal throttling it's only for a few seconds that it will be in the 90s it's still not brilliant to see, but once the fans are going, it will then settle down to mid 80s, as you probably Saw when you looked at the temperatures gaming, it does get a little bit hot and it will pick up there, but overall, I think it's a good trade off. So yes, it will peak, but their performance we're getting is really quite good. There now fan noise at idle is very good. In fact, it's the spindle hard drive that's located about here. You can hear it around the palm rest that's, making all the noise and you don't even know if the fans are on, I put my ear down to it and you can hear okay they're on but they're, just a very low rpm, very low hum, and I Can'T even really pick up any reading from my disavow me too, so that is really good and it's, not one of those annoying gaming laptops that when you're in crime, suddenly the fan goes roaring up to 100 and then drops away and it's gone again. Not it just sits there, so the fan profiles they push it to the limit before they trigger the next step. Up from the fan with the fan RPMs there now, of course no laptop is perfect and the webcam is one of those areas that they've just overlooked completely.

They just haven't bothered they'll, just think gamers don't need webcams, so I really wish they'd put it up here at the top bezel. So the locations looking kind of up your nose and the quality is all pixelated, it's blocky and even with the powerful studio lights on. I have now it didn't look particularly good microphone. Quality, however, is at least good that you get from it now. The keyboard is not a bad keyboard. You got your full RGB Lighting's. If you like that, in fact, I like the fact that this note has no stupid dragon logo flames, game of red accent all over it. No, this does not actually scream gaming to me unless, of course, you've got the RGB lights on with the full customization, but it was odd to see that they did not include the software for that. So you have to go over to course, his website and download it, which is it's, not a problem, but you just assumed it would be there. The touchpad, it's, okay, much game is, of course, no one's going to be gaming using a touchpad. You use a mouse for that, but their mouse buttons are hard we're ones. At least they are separated away from the touchpad they're okay, but I feel that they just go in a little bit too deep. Now the keyboard back to that I don't like it all. Just like the me gaming laptop that has this the column that they put the left hand side YMS with the traditional layout.

So if you're, switching between your desktop PC for gaming and then you go to this laptop you're, going to notice that and you're going to keep accidentally touching those keys until you read apt and get used to this keyboard again so it's kind of annoying. In a way that they've done it there, so the weight of it travel weight to all up with the large power supply is pushing almost three point. Five kilo so it's on the heavy side but that's to be expected with the calling and it upgrade ability is very good. So you don't have to flip the motherboard around to get access to the RAM, unlike some other brands, and you can of course replace SSDs Wireless cards. Now. Battery life is a gray area, bad area with gaming laptops all of them terrible battery life. So it's no different here. So if you're on the dedicated GPU you're looking at gaming or were only about an hour even under an hour of gaming and you're, not getting the same performance as plugged in of course, so you wouldn't game anyway. If you want to swap over to then the hybrid system so that disables g sync, it uses the integrated GPU you're gon na get anywhere from about about four hours of mixed juice, on about 40 percent brightness, lower the brightness and even lightly use like video, playback And things like that, just video playback, maybe maybe five hours – it really depends on that and if you're just using mix use with the dedicated GPU two hours max, probably not even that it does choose through that battery as you'd expect so an or own package.

I think they've done. I think this is a really good gaming laptop here that r tx twenty seventy, of course, is a step up. It'S really powerful we've got the ray tracing support with games that do support it. If you're into that – and you want that. Thank you so much for watching this review. If you want a little more detail and a better look at the internals and things like that, and please do check my unboxing of this one and I hope to catch you back and then channel. Thank you.