, The Legion Duel is Lenovo’s new bet on the national market, but it is Motorola that sells the device In Brazil. It has everything you expect from a truly gamer smartphone and even comes with some curious extras.. Are you interested in learning about the novelty So stay until the end and check out the complete analysis of tudocellular.com.? What is most striking about Legion is its design.. It comes in two color options, with an LED on the back and a painting reminiscent of the brand’s gamers notebooks.. Interestingly, the whole project was designed with the cell phone being used in landscape mode.. There is a pop up camera, but it is not on the top one. On the side., The Legion is a robust, large and heavy device., As is mandatory in any cellphone called gamer. The LED on the back can be customized for any color, with the right lighting. Effect., Next to the pop up camera, there are two touch sensitive and pressure regulating buttons which serve as triggers for compatible games, something in the style of Asus’ ROG Phone Air Triggers.. It has two USB ports each connected to a battery.. You can use two chargers at the same time to reduce the charging time.. There are two rear cameras that are in an unconventional position being placed more in the center of the device to avoid being blocked. When you hold the phone with both hands. On the front, we have thinner edges than on the ASUS rival and without giving up a pair of speakers that clash with the black glass part.

Yes, the Legion’s body is metal with the same thickness as the ROG and surpassing traditional models in the market.. This is the type of device that only makes sense for a gamer. Taking selfies will be different with the device since the front camera on the side was designed for gamers who stream games and who like to appear in videos.. It has four noise canceling microphones and allows you to remove the background from the stage to make your lives more professional.. And, of course, as we are talking about, a gamer phone screen is one of its biggest highlights. Here. We have a large Amoled panel of 144 Hz and response time of just 1 millisecond.. This is the dream of any gamer to be the most agile and beat rivals in competitive games with a cell phone that has a 240 Hz touch response. By default. The screen comes in at 90 Hz, but when it ends at 144 Hz, when a game is run, The brightness level is only average. While the contrast is perfect to guarantee detailed colors in any game. Here, we see that Lenovo did not do so much in the choice of the panel.. Another weak point of the screen is the integrated biometric reader. It is very close to the bottom edge and is not the fastest and most accurate, not to mention that it is not always activated. You need to turn the screen on first. After touching the sensor for your fingerprint be read.

, You can activate the Always On display to work around the problem, but you will have more battery drain.. The front speakers show that they are there taking up edge space for good reason. You sound better than conventional flagships.. The sound power surpasses rivals of Apple and Samsung. The equalization is well balanced, with full bodied and well defined bass that give clarity to the sound effects of movies and games.. It still doesnt quite hit the ROG Phone 3, which has the best sound quality of all weve tested, but the Lenovo rival will please any gamer.. It is just a pity not to have a P2 headphone jack.. Were you excited about the Lenovo multimedia experience? So it will be even more when you know that this is the fastest Android that has passed through TudoCelular. After so long. Someone finally stole the throne of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Yeah, but Apple is still the queen and we have four iPhones ahead of the Lenovo gamer phone in our multitasking speed test And in benchmarks. It is also behind the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but ties with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which costs more and does not have the differentials for gamer.. Interestingly, we see Legion outperform ROG Phone 3, both in our test and focused on multitasking, as well as synthetic tools, even though both have similar hardware.. The Legion is a true gaming machine.. We were able to run PUBG at maximum quality at a smooth, 60 fps and still have the extra realistic vibration to give more immersion to the shootings.

. Asphalt. 9 was also stuck at 60 fps at full quality, while Cover Fire delivered 120 fps and Mortal Kombat explored all 144 FPS that the screen can deliver. Like any gamer phone. There is a game oriented suite that here is called the Legion Realm.. It is possible to configure the triggers change the sound equalization and block notifications so as not to be disturbed while playing.. It is in this suite that all the games installed on the cell phone are gathered and you can make individual adjustments for each title, including the Hz rate and even the lighting effects.. There is also Rampage mode that forces the GPU and CPU to the maximum to improve gaming performance and even an option to boost your connection. and achieve a lower network latency to have a better response in online games.. If the performance is impressive, we cannot say the same for the battery.. It lasts all day in automatic mode at 90 Hz. But if you want to use the Legion all the time at 144 Hz, you will need to recharge it more than once a day.. Its 5000 mAh battery takes almost an hour and a half to reach 100, but that time drops to just over half an hour when using two chargers.. Even if you only use one, you can still take advantage of the fast recharge that recovers 40 in 15 minutes and goes from 60 in half an hour. Legion was so designed to be used horizontally.

That even its interface was optimized for that. Native apps were made from the ground up, so that LegionOS, based on the Z UI, ensures a good experience in the best tablet style of using Android. It’s. Weird to use your cell phone like that, and it may take some getting used. To. Gestures are supported to activate the camera by rotating the device or turning on the screen. Whenever you pick up the Legion from the table., There is also the Lenovo Lab with options to enable support for peripherals and use the keyboard and mouse to play.. The downside is still attached to Android 10 and Motorola only guarantees a system update and quarterly security patches, while Samsung has been offering three years of updates. And speaking of Motorola. When you call origin for the first time, it is possible to choose a cleaner interface next to the Moto line or something more full of frills with a gamer footprint.. Camera has never been the strong point of gamer phones and even ROG Phone, which stands out in practically. Everything does not have photos and videos as a strong point.. This is the case with the Legion. It features a 64 MP camera and a secondary camera with an ultra wide lens. There’s, nothing advanced with long range, zoom lenses or a camcorder that records at very high resolution.. That said, keep in mind that the Lixo camera does just the basics. As much as it is a top of the line product with a hefty price tag.

It cannot compete with traditional cell phones in its price range.. What we notice is that the Lenovo cell phone delivers the quality worthy of a Chinese intermediary.. It is possible to have good pictures, but you have to be patient to use the light to your advantage.. The pictures could be sharper since we have a high resolution. Camera here.. It also lacks a little contrast. Although the Legion loves to saturate some colors, especially the green of the grass., Is it worth using the maximum resolution of 64 MP No. The photos come out darker and with less detail.? The same can be said of the ultra wide., With the widest lens. It is possible to capture much more of the scenery, but in exchange for less clear photos. At least the color tone is the same as that of the main camera, and we do not see photos devoured by darkness at night.. Night mode is more subtle than what we see on Motorola phones.. He only takes a little prolonged exposure to make the shadows lighter and thats it. Don’t expect much better photos.. The Legion does not have a dedicated camera for background blur and uses only software adjustments to blur the scenery and does it poorly. Often it will end up blurring you giving the opposite effect. That is expected.. There is also no dedicated camera for macros. You will have to use the main one since the ultra wide does not have autofocus.. The focal length is reasonable.

It is not possible to get as close to what you want to photograph, but you can make do with the main camera. And if you need a telephoto camera using the 64 MP with a double zoom results in decent images.. Now, if you try to go beyond that, there will be the very precarious quality that is well below the Galaxy S and Note lines. The front camera even records good selfies, if you disable the embellishment that is active by default., The cell phone was configured with the Asian market in mind that loves artificial photos with smooth skin and without any defects. Brazilians have already criticized Samsung for following this path, which is clear that we prioritize very detailed selfies. At night. The quality drops a lot and the noise is visible, so try to stay close to the light. And finally comes the camcorder, while today’s top of the range cell phones shoot at 8K or even 4K at 60 fps. The Legion is limited to 4K at 30 fps.. The quality of the footage is decent by day and bad at night. The focus is slow and the stabilization system does not reduce shaking as much. Audio capture is also below the segment and resembles some cheap Chinese cell phones., Which gamer phone is more game, Legion or Rog 3: The Asus has better screen sound battery and cameras, especially for recording videos. Lenovo’s, wins in performance and has cool gaming extras.. Overall, the ROG is a more complete phone.

. The Legion doesn’t quite outperform the iPhone 12 Pro Max at speed and even narrowly loses battery, but recharges much faster, especially when using two chargers. In camera. It is far below the rival of Apple and we can say the same of the flagships of Samsung.. The Legion Phone Duel is Lenovo’s, first attempt to enter the gamer smartphone market here in Brazil and precisely because it is the first time the company ended up making some mistakes. As with Asus in the first generation of the ROG and Xiaomi, with the first version of The Black Shark., The Legion, is a great phone to play and delivers the best performance we’ve seen among all the Android phones we tested, it could only have a brighter screen and slightly better cameras.. The front camera on the side may sound strange to many and will only make sense to those who live games.. If it follows the same example as Motorola mobile phones, then its price should drop quickly as it did with the Edge line.. It is clearly not worth paying R 7000 and we can say that the ideal would be half of that.. Now, if you are not so demanding a game, there are cheaper options to play with high FPS and have a more conventional phone for the day to day. And that’s it. The full text analysis can be accessed at the link below, as well as the best offers for Legion, and all other devices mentioned in this video.

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