Well, this now is the successor, and this one here has a Snapdragon 801, which clocks up to two point: three five gigahertz. So this is the Ali pro 3 from Lee eco, another mobile that I picked up from Aliexpress seller, goldway and those guys do quite a good job of packing packaging things up and getting the Mobile's shipped out really quick to me and they put this very protective Bubble wrap around it, so this should be no damage, although we have a box with the lead eco logo on the front, doesn't, look too bad specs on the back there, so a premium package so far, so that we have the mobile I'm just going to have A look at the accessories first get data out of the way. So it looks. We have a quick charger here: that's rated to 12 volts 2 amps, a Type C, cable and white, and an adaptor which is type C, 2 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, because they don't include one on the actual mobile itself, which is really disappointing. So this time around, I know it does have a case already on it. Just like the lis max, I reviewed an instruction leaflet, warranty card. You can see here and a sim tool. Now the seller has put in the box right there and adapter there for me. So us EU, for the plug so get the box out of the way and we'll have a look at the mobile.

Just get the cover out out of that protective case that include and the rear off there. The color is like that: gold yeah it doesn't. Look that gold, which is good so the screen on it – has 2.5 D class it's 1080p, this time around, so they decided to actually lower the resolution from 1440p from the Li max. So just get this powered up, so the build of it feels very premium. We have antenna lines along here. You see the bottom dual loudspeakers this time around, apparently the type C port, of course, and it does feel really nice in hand. Those itches feel a lot better having the 2.5 teaglass, something that the the Li max did not have. We have an 8 megapixel front facing camera and being light sensor. The air PC, of course, on the rear, the fingerprint reader 16 megapixel camera this time around so they've downgraded it from 21 megapixels down to 16, now that's, probably actually isn't a downgrade, because this pixel size on the sensor should be larger. Dual tone LED flash antenna lines, and here we have a dual nano SIM tray. So no micro, SD card support to be very careful if you get the 32 gigabyte version, which I have right here – has 4 gigabytes of RAM. But if that isn't enough space for some people, then you're probably going to have to get the the larger storage sizes, 64 gigabyte – and I think 128 gigabytes as well so looks like the seller – has installed a multi language ROM on here.

A little bit of a delay I didn't get us as fast as I wanted so I'd be interesting to see if this actually has Play Store on there or not. This is the end setup, the area at a fingerprint. So I will do this just to see how long it takes so. Your first got ta put in a password actually gon na put a pen in first super secure one, no one's going to be able to guess that one, no okay so place your finger on the back. I have to do this probably about ten times. Okay, that's done and it didn't actually read just then there we go no failed. Okay, it can straight away unlock, but it worked about three out of five times. Just then so that's not a good sign, because there me the max2 to actually have some problems in the beginning. But later a firmware update did fix that and you can see look at these ugly board bezels. The border around sorry around here is just are so big, exactly the same as the Lemax two again, a huge border, unfortunately that's these styling that they have, which for some people will be a deal breaker. So this Rob does have Play Store installed, have a look and see what Android version. It is so it's android 6.0.1, and I wonder where they will have actual firmware updates with this rom just interesting, because normally when the cell is put on another on that has Play Store, because the original Ronn is Chinese only without Play Store.

So you get typical. The Eco operating systems so you've got your toggles is on the same thing as we have your recent apps, so it's all together, all in one there. So you can kill the app swap and do your multitasking right there, but you also have access to the toggles. So have a look at the screen a little so interesting. The brightness up there doesn't seem a bad 1080p display view angles, look just fine, it is IPS. So I have a quick look at the camera application and video mode first, so video recording quality does go up to 4k. I will test that out in just a second and photo resolution is 16 megapixels with an aspect ratio of 4 by 3. I would ideally like to see 16 by 9 the same as the screen that's just me personally, because I have a lot of devices still with 16 by 9 resolution at aspect ratio. Exposure contrast has quite a few controls on there slow mo. I imagine that is only 720p slow mo times for panorama mode for your panoramic photos, panoramic photos and there's. A few other features a front facing camera, the flash control all the standard and it doesn't actually look to have too much bloat on there. Okay system tools – maybe there is a feeling that you eat UC browser. I could consider that as bloat gallery phone manager, all this standard stuff remote control, because at the top we do at least have an IR blaster.

Next to that secondary microphone, I almost forgot, so we have the power on button and the volume of course now I found it with the the Li max to that it rattled, and that is not the case now. It'S not rattling around those are metal buttons. It feels really good to build very solid there's, no flex on this, no creaks I'm, applying a lot of pressure here. Actually, no, that is rock solid, so build quality seems a very premium, so comes in at a hundred and seventy seven grams. So it's, not the lightest device it's, probably due to the fact that it is an all alloy build to it, and it has that larger battery and also just check the thickness of it. So the thickest point is right here where the camera bump is. It sticks out protrudes by about two millimeters here, which makes it come in at eight point: eight millimeters and where it doesn't have the camera sticking out there. The camera bump is about 7.27, so it's, not the thinnest device, nor the latest tone is going to connect up to my wireless network here and I notice that the keyboard seems like it's got like the Google keyboard install, which is good, which makes me wonder whether This is the Li echo Indian ROM, for this device, and if that is the case, then it should get over the air updates so I'm, just going to connect up now go into YouTube and have a listen to the jewel down with firing.

Speakers now a quick speaker test here against the Samsung Galaxy s7: Music Applause, Music, Applause. Okay, so it seems like the the s7 is a little bit louder, but this speaker quality on the leap, rosary, doesn't, sound too bad I've noticed that the speakers, actually it fires out from the bottom. I think right here and then out of the earpiece, so the top earpiece doubles as the second front facing speaker, which is something I wasn't aware. I thought it was out of actually just both of the grills on the bottom there, but it turns out microphone and speaker second speaker and earp is there, which is a pleasant surprise, a little size comparison here. So we have 5.5 inch screen 5.1 and a 5.7 inch screen, that is my samsung galaxy s6 edge, and then we have the monster of them all, which is the shell me me max, which has six point four four inch screen. As you can see, there is humongous the hard way navigation keys. They are backlit as soon as you touch them. They will light up. Hopefully you can see those there in the video recent apps home button with the li eco logo there and the back button. So, just a quick look at the RAM available. If I just clear everything here looks like I'm going to have around 2.3 gigabytes of the four gigabytes available, which is actually less than I thought we would have on a full gigabyte device.

So one of the key features of the elite pro 3 is its battery capacity. It has a very large 4070 milliamp hour battery, which is and really good to see in a flagship, so I'm very curious to see what kind of battery life we're going to get out of that, and I will definitely be covering that in my full review. A very quick video sample this is shot in 4k, just to get a quick impression of what the video quality is going to be. Like one thing, I noticed with Lyoko phones as they tend to get a lot of artifacts when it comes to blue skies or constant colors. So the white wall over here when, if that has artifacts it's, really hard to pick up looking at the display. So quick, look at the focus having trouble it looks like it might have tap to focus. Yes, it does, but little to it, I'll have to look into these settings to see if it does have continued autofocus. I just have a lot now at the front facing camera as well as a few camera. Samples also has an 8 megapixel camera and it can shoot only in 720p. For some reason: there's no 1080p option available for the front facing camera. It seems to be over exposing a little bit from what I can tell so. The quality, I would say, needs tweaking Music, you. So, judging from those early camera samples, it looks like the auto white balance, isn't doing a very good job and the videos there, as well as the exposure.

I think they have a lot of tweaking to do so. That was the unboxing and the first impressions are quite good. The build quality definitely feels premium to me, it's very solid, it's well put together. It does not feel at all cheap and I will be benchmarking this and I we check out the performance of the snapdragon. Eight to one, as well as the four gigabytes of ram that it has on there the internal storage and, most importantly, to battery life, because I am expecting quite a good result from such a large battery in this device here. Thank you so much for watching this. Unboxing here and if you are interested in seeing more on this particular model, keep an eye on the playlist there and if you haven't already, why not think about subscribing? And hopefully I will see you back in the oven coming videos on the LI echo Li Pro.