I decided to pick up the Li echo Li max here now. I know these names a bit of a mouthful, but this thing here cost me 263 us on special. I just couldn't resist it has a Snapdragon 820 in air, so that flagship, specs 4 gigabytes of RAM. This has a 32 gigabytes of storage on there now there's other models that have more but they're a little bit more expensive. Their downsides as it comes with the rose, color and it's also got no 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack and no expandable storage and a three thousand one hundred million hour battery. Besides that, the rest of the specs are really good. Now it's got a 2k screen and has a 21 megapixel camera so very good. I got this one here from geek buying calm. Now the price has gone up a little bit. It was just one of those flash sale type things, but it's it's gone up about 15 us, I think, that's, quite a crazy price, considering the kind of specs it's got there, so this came via if it's expressed. So I didn't have to pay any taxes on it and it took about 12 days via China, but it's gone through Europe. I think so. There we go they've included a you adapter for me and that's, the lis eco, which formerly known as Li TV, but they changed their name, but their bill has been quite good compared to other manufacturers. Like show me, I found them to be really good.

Considering the price as well so it's got a 5.7 inch screen this one mobile manual now right here is the cable, so that's USB to type C and there's a adapter there. So this is one of the annoyances of this mobile phone that you're going to have to use the adapter so it's lightening audio. Sorry, not lightning. I'M thinking of Apple it's type C. Audio Apple want to remove that done there, no iPhone 7, so here's, the quick. This that's quick judge, 3 and if I can get the camera to focus on that, it is rated so that's 12 volts to apps, so that should charge it quite quickly. Now that battery size, I don't seem to be too much of a con as long as I can get a full day out of it so I'm really worried about so and then we have an extraction. Sorry, no instructions but I'm. Another leaflet here which you'll probably have this some tool – if I can get it out there, we go so this here we'll have our sim tray tool there. It is some trade tool there and just further warranty cards, yeah yeah, yeah, so it's the Model X, 8. 2 X. 20. Sorry is the X 20 this one, I think the 2 is the one. That'S got 6 gigabytes of RAM stuff 4 gigabytes wasn't enough you so that the packaging is quite nice, don't mind that at all so let's have a look at the mobile.

Get into the shot so got a pre applied, it's screen protector already on it, and just remove that case they put on so they've got a TPU clear case on there, so the build of it is quite good now. I know this colors not going to be for everyone, and I just thought: well you know for that price I can put up with having a champagne, eros color, so screen protector on it. You see on the right side, there volume up and down power buttons. Now they feel like they're made of metal, but the build quality, it's very solid, very good let's get a screen protector off, and hopefully this empowered there so front 8 megapixel camera to the ear code. Now there's a custom run for this one that it looks interesting. Apparently, that helps boost the battery life because it's a quite bloat free, not that Lyoko normally put bloatware on so there's their custom UI or their skin EUI, it's called, and on the bottom. There is a loudspeaker, microphones and there's the type c port, and these lines here they're attend antenna lines there as a secondary mic there. You can just see it it's an IR blaster see in place of this. I would rather had a 3.5 mm a headphone jack but anyway, so that screen looks quite nice. Very sharp I'll just try and get the screen to lock onto that better. There we go they've got placed or has been installed on there and it's have a look at this sitting, so it's running Android, a zero point.

Sorry, six point zero point, two one and you can see there the model so the Li x8 20. Our navigation keys here at the bottom, so we've got back home and recent apps that it's quite hard to see where that is backlit there and have a look to and see what we get for. Free storage on first boot I've been hearing a lot of good things about this mobile, especially the price of it. Alright so finally found it so we've got 23 point to 1 gigabytes free, so that's not really a lot of space. Now you can't expand that. So if you want more storage, you have to go for the next model up there and also look and see how much bloke, where they actually put on here. So we've got a remote control gallery: music phone manager, wallpaper sim toolkit SwiftKey keyboard and that that looks to be it so nothing else on there. So have a quick look at the camera, so here's the camera. Now I don't have any little Android figures or anything cool to shoot at just put the power adapter there, but it's not just have a good look. So, four by three sensor: image, size, 21, megapixels and apparently, when we go into video mode, there should be an option there for 4k video that's the gallery, because we don't have no that's the filters at the top there and you have to click over this way. To get into video, so videos, settings, quality, HD and then right up to 4k.

You can see here that the camera module does protrude a little bit. It sticks out about two millimeters let's have a look at that SIM tray, so it's dual SIM. There are two nano Sims now free reign. We have two point: four gigabytes of the four gigabytes free on this first boot here. I'Ll just show you that the builders excellent effort to finish where the glass meets the metal, the unibody rear housing is perfect. That just lines up perfect along there with the earpieces as well and the front camera very good, build to it now. I know we do have these larger bezels here that you can see that's obvious it's about a three millimeters of black bezel, but you do see that on other models, the screen looks really sharp and bright, so that's full brightness and it looks to have, I would Say well, they do claim 415 it's a brightness. I would have to measure that later on and the phone does come with a fingerprint reader at the rear there. Now that might not be the ideal location for some people that like to have it on the front because they put their phones face up, but at least we do have a fingerprint security here is another look at that build quality, so the fit, and the finish Of this is excellent, considering the price I mean, I paid 263 us – and this is just top notch – build the quick size comparison there's, the Lemax x 820.

Here is the show me read me: probe that's 5.5 inches, this is 5.7 and then we have the galaxy s6, 5.1 and 5.5. This is the apollo light. They'Re all into this shot now believe it or not. These two phones have a very similar price, so this is the redmi pro. Then you can see the difference. So the front half is plastic, the rear is metal and it has Torx screws to screw that in, whereas the Lemax here doesn't have that plastic there. That glass just meets with the rear metal, and you can see the build quality is far superior on the Lemax and to quickly compare that now with the s6 edge. You can see that okay, the samsung build, is very good at i mean it's, an older flagship that it's a nice build, and this is almost the same. Really. The quality is very good. I have a quick, listen to the loudspeakers. Should I say speaker does it show Mesa latest phone and they're really Pro and it has an interesting camera setup? You can see an owl it's got a hybrid digital camera setup for depth of field shots, and this particular model that I have is powered by it. Doesn'T sound bad at all to me and, lastly, just a quick look at the screen there. So 2k display looks good to me, nice and sharp good colors and the brightness. So far from what I can see looks good, but of course I will have to test that out in my full review what it's like in sunlight, so that was the unboxing there.

First impressions look really good. The build quality is top notch excellent. So we have flagship specs here without the flagship price tag: okay, there's. Definitely some cons to this mobile there's, no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. We can't expand on the storage, unfortunately it's, just dual nano Sims, not nano SIM and support for micro SD card. That is a bit of a bummer not having that and the battery life through thousand one hundred million hours. I will have to check that out with a 2k screen. If this can still make a full day, I will be happy with it. So I'll be back shortly with the full review on this one and hopefully I'll catch.