Why is it called the jewel? Well, it has actually two sensors on the back layer: 13 megapixel sensors, one of them handles color and the other monochrome so very similar to the iowa p9 setup. So let's have a look at the phone in detail and see if it's worth your hard earned cash or not so, on the left hand side we have the dual nano SIM card slot. Unfortunately, there is no micro SD card support there, which is a real shame on the back, the a loudspeaker and a type C port that supports fast charging. Although the included charger is only a standard charger, the right side, power on and volume up and down controls, infrared transmitter and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, fingerprint reader, the dual 13 megapixel camera dual tone LED flash and secondary mic. So the screen on it is a 5.5 inch 1080p panel that has a maximum brightness of 545 lumens of brightness, which isn't bad. But how is that fair in sunlight, so here in direct sunlight you'll, see that it is quite reflective, but I can still just make out what is on screen and use the data. For example, the rare fingerprint reader works well and I've ended any problems with locking unlocking the device it tends to work literally ten out of ten times so I'm very happy with the performance of it. Now, considering the price of this that build quality, doesn't seem bad at all, feels quite nice, and it is a little thick it's, not the thinnest, because it does have that extra large 4100 milliamp hour battery within it.

So the launcher we have, as the ecozone launched and it's called II AM EUI. 5.8. Is the version of this one that I have on here and that is based it's a skin based on android, 6.0.1 and you'll, see that if you swipe down from the top, you don't get the typical toggles there. That is because what Allah Eco have done is they have moved that to the recent apps button that's, where you'll find everything, including the brightness adjustments, and then you can kill applications, clear the memory and swap between there when you do a bit of multitasking the performance Of the wrong is fine, and now there is no apps drawer, so widgets and apps are all in one there. Some people find that a little bit messy there is a very similar system to what show may use with their me UI. Now I ran through my usual benchmarks, I'd, like to run all these Mobile's and I'll quickly. Show you the results. So this is a geek bench for score: single core multi core score and Icestorm. Unlimited slingshot es 3.1 ice storm was maxed out and the end two to six point two point: one score: you can see their 3d UX CPU and RAM. Now. This is where this mobile phone really shines, and that is the battery performance is very good. This is on par with the show me redmi note: 3, pro with the four thousand one hundred million power battery.

It lasts a long time. Pc mark benchmark was set to two hundred Nets of brightness, so the screen was calibrated correctly and you can see there that the screen was the biggest consumer and then pc mark so screen on time. Continuous screen on time with pc mark running was ten hours and 28 minutes just a extremely good score. That is very good, so phenomenal battery life here from the core one Joule. So tony has one loud speaker on the bottom and i find the quality of it to be slightly disappointing. It'S not really that loud, but i can still at least hear ring tones when someone calls me so let's have a listen to it. So a quick look here at the stock camera application. So we have the SLR mode which allows us to take photos with the nicer background below now, that is using the dual sensors and it uses software as well to blur out the background images creating a bit of depth iya to it. And we have the night mode, which probably need a tripod for this one, because you have to hold it very still. Now, video mode, you can shoot up to 4k 24 frames per second video. I did notice some auto focus issues which you'll see later on in the sample. I'Ll show you 4k video sample. Now it does have continued auto focus, but you'll notice that sometimes the focus is going in and out struggling with lock and there are artifacts in the sky quite bad.

There something I've seen on the Li Max 2 and has a front facing video sample. It can shoot in 1080p maximum resolution with the front 8 megapixel camera and your standard photo mode, which is all automatic. We have beauty and pro mode, so pro mode allows you to adjust the shutter rate. Iso exposure – everything you think of there, including manual focus. So here are some camera samples now is it any better than a single 13 megapixel sensor? Well, I'll, let you be the judge of that. Personally, I find that it does take a detailed photo, but I don't find it to be really that much better than a single 13 megapixel sensor photo would be. I like 4k video sample what about gaming performance. Well, it plays all the titles I've thrown at it, with very good frame rates. Very smooth hard ever seen play ball every game out there, even on the extreme or ultra settings, you'll find that it can handle it, because this only has a 1080p display, which is perfect for the audrina 510. Now, if you'd like to see a more gaming, then check out my gaming review. So can I recommend the cool one a dual here? Well, yes, it can for the battery life alone, because it has a very good battery life and the build of it. Isn'T too bad now does have plastic top and bottom and the 4k video does have some autofocus issues, but the fingerprint reader works well.

Core quality is good. The 3.5 millimeter audio output also is good and the wireless and 4g speeds so getting a decent phone. But you do have to remember that you don't have microsd card expansion for those that want to put lots of music on their phones and this probably isn't the one to get.