I got from amazon, okay, let’s, open it up, got this packaging and i’m, not color i’m, not sure what color this is. I think it’s blue, but here in the back there’s a 2.4 gig 2.4 gigahertz option bluetooth, one and two, so you can switch and here’s the dongle for that all right does it have battery? Currently, oh, it does cool and yes, it is backlit has usb type c and cool. Does this button do so? This is just a middle button but there’s. Oh, this is a i’m guessing a multi test button. I should probably just see what else is inside. So we’ve got a cable usb, a to type c and then this user manual so let’s see what that middle button is. Oh dpi button, okay and backlit effect. Switching so you can switch the backlit with the middle button. Oh you can. I see okay cool. I would just prefer to be off so that it doesn’t use any additional battery 1014. I just slowly go through. This can pause if you want to read turn on the power press, the you switch to bluetooth okay, so i can click this button to press and hold for bluetooth, alright, so that’s how i pair cool windows, Music, uh, huh, android stuff led frequently asked questions that’s. All all right, i actually do want to try carrying this let’s, see. Okay, so bluetooth and let’s see turn this. So down is on switch to bluetooth connect to supported, like the one we just found.

Is this the one that you found bluetooth connect? If this is your vise okay, so does it work now? Oh wow, that was quick, okay cool, so they have the that new uh swift, pairing functionality. I did not know that, but yeah seems to work just fine. There is the mouse moving and i think that’s.