I will talk about this, the other guy, george washington. Oh, you know him what a surprise, what a surprise, but i will not talk about him. I’Ll talk about this little device. Yes, i have a usb microscope here guys and we will talk about that. Let’S get started Music. Recently i received a lot of questions about usb microscopes and finally, i got one here. This is an love digital, usb microscope, it’s a really cool, looking one guys. It has a 4.3 inch screen, it is wireless and has a lot of cool features guys. We will talk about that um. This is about 55 60 usd on amazon.com. By the way, this video is not sponsored and love, sent me this product for an exchange of my honest review. Without further ado, i will start with unboxing guys, then i will show you how you set it up and then test it and love. Digital microscope comes in this eco friendly box, it’s, not branded let’s open it here is the microscope looking good. It is the camera and there are eight led lights here around it. This is the focused wheel, so it helps you focusing on the parts of the objects you look at. Here is the screen and it has some buttons on it. Ok, button left and right buttons, a menu here and power on off. There is also an indicator light here. On the side. There is a light wheel, you can adjust the level of led lights and the reset pinhole at the top.

We have a micro, sd card slot and a micro usb cable port. Finally, at the back, we have a battery cover here, there’s, a rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 2 000 milliampere. This is a good quality. Aluminum stand mount it’s adjustable, so you can use it to zoom in and out and a sturdy solid metal base plate here with four rubber feet. I think this is aluminum too. There are some other things here guys. This is a small screwdriver to connect these two hex cap screws. This is a connector metal piece and we have this plastic thing here. I think it is used to firm microscope to the stand. This is a micro usb charging, plus data cable. We also have a manual and a cd i’m not going to use the cd by the way. Okay, first of all, i will show you how the microscope looks like this is the screen you will see when you turn it on, and it is wireless. It just works like that let’s set it up now take the base place. The screws like that and put the connector on the other end use a screwdriver to tighten then take the stand place it here and rotate. Finally, unscrew these little black things place. The white plastic thing here guys i forget to do that and place the microscope just like that. Finally tighten those black things again, the microscope is ready by the way. There is a menu here, guys and some other settings.

You can change the language or some other things from here now, i’m connecting it to my windows, 10 laptop. I didn’t download any software just connecting it. By using this usb cable, i don’t think it is compatible with mac guys. You can check the website to be sure, and as soon as i connect it guys, the screen goes blue and it says pc, camera and, of course, my laptop recognized it. It works as a webcam camera or a visualizer. So i am using windows, camera app to see and record things. First, i will try the easiest thing in my fingerprint and it looks amazing right. Next we have a dandelion here. I see the head than the lion and it looks really good and we also have a flower head than the lion. Look at these spirals guys, amazing. We also have a dead mosquito. I found it outside. It looks terrifying right. Look at these details. I really like it. We have another thing here and i want you to guess what this is. What do you think this is guys write a comment below and let’s see what your guesses are. Next one is a coin from peru, 10 centimos looks really good, here’s an electric circuit board, and this is how it looks like you can also use this microscope guys to fix electronics or soldering. So i think i think, it’s useful for that purposes too. And finally, i have a leave here with a lot of alive caterpillars on it, and this is how they look like fascinating.

This is live and it will start moving. You can see their eyes legs body parts. Amazing guys. Look at this. I think this device is great for teachers or students who want to collect and investigate things in nature. You will realize how beautiful the details are in the nature. Look how beautiful they look like. Okay and love digital usb microscope. First of all, i’m really impressed with the quality guys. It is really good. It is not good enough for some teachers. I know this is not a scientific microscope guys. You cannot see microorganisms or or cells with this device, but it is good for early science courses plus geology, electronics. You know if you teach those subjects. This definitely is uh a device you want to have in your courses. I believe it will change the way you teach your courses guys. I also record some videos about expensive, uh microscopes and then share it with you, but this is a good beginner level digital usb microscope. I know the image quality is not the best, but i think it’s okay, like if you think about the price range here and also there is a lens lead here guys i forget to remove it. So all these videos i recorded, are with the with the with the lid here, so you can, you can remove it from here on the lid and then it will give you a little bit better image quality. But please note that again, this is not a scientific microscope.

It is not an optical microscope guys. This is a usb digital microscope. It is designed to see things you can see with your own eyes but better in details. Okay, as you can see guys, there are a lot of pros. I, like the built in quality. The metal base is great. I, like the leds around the camera. It has a screen micro sd slot, so you can even um adjust the the light level here. So this is, this is great. What about the things i don’t like i don’t, like the interface it’s kind of old and also the connection is not usbc. It is micro, usb so it’s under cons for me there’s one more thing. I want to tell you guys: the maximum magnification is not 1000x it’s, not even 100x. If we talk about this screen, the maximum magnification, you will see here is 30x and you can test it with a ruler. Four millimeters object looks like 12 centimeters on the screen. Here guys so it’s a 30x magnification but don’t think about numbers a lot. The experience is incredible, just enjoy it if you like, the video don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my youtube channel for more content like that. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and let me know i will answer your questions as early as possible.