So here we have a nice keyboard, that’s it. If you guys notice, the power button is just located right in the corner. I, like the whole feature on itself. You know they haven’t changed the design same large um touch pad, as you can see, but the biggest thing that has changed right here is: they do have a touch touch screen and they include, of course, like always the camera and there’s a little cover for the Camera – those are you know, don’t want to be seen. You could just cover it up great microphone, 720 maximum resolution, that’s about it test. One two three: this is the video camera one, two, three close it close the shutter out open it it’s, not bad right in front of it. One two three test test test. One two three test looks pretty neat pretty good. This is the camera all right. Let’S, take a look at the side of the computer. First, we start with the micro sd card, a usb 3.2 and then two thunderbolts, two thunderboards type c. On the other side, we have a lock pick victim. We have hdmi another usb 3.2, a jack 3.5, and then this is a sim card reader for your phone. All right, let’s take a look at the inside we’re, going to remove all eight screws in order to remove it, make sure you have something sharp like a guitar pick or a credit card to remove the side.

The battery 63 wh m.2 mv and e cpu gp, built in together memory solder in speakers. One fan everything’s covered up in here memory, soldering everything’s, built in, except for the m.2, and the little cover here just sticker air vents in the back. You can see through nic card here for the bluetooth and wi fi that’s about it. Nothing, fancy, Music, just thermal tape, then all right, let’s take a look at the specs on the machine. If you guys can see it. This is a workstation, not a gaming station. Poor in the graphic department on this one, it’s good for students excel spreadsheets. Some work groups that are using this, for especially if you’re using the zoom calls meetings online um. If the performance is not the greatest it’s, just there enough enough to get you to do your work, internet students and that’s pretty much what you can do, but graphic wise, it’s, really lacking graphics, um the memory itself, it’s, not the greatest memory that’s installed in here, But you know for what you’re gon na use it for work and any kind of related online, zoom classes and stuff, like that, you can.