However, we are experiencing a paradigm shift in android powered tablet computing with a slew of new, more powerful and compact processors, while the ipad pro remains the gold standard of tablet computing. Today we will take a close look at the new teclast t40 5g tablet. We’Ll find out if it has the technical prowess to dethrone leading android tablets from samsung, the teclast t40 launched less than a year ago as a 4g tablet and is returning with a 5g model. What does the new 5g model have to offer, apart from the obvious, faster internet and 5g support, let’s find out about it and look at the features it offers in this video overview of the tablet so hold on to your seats till the end. All popular tablets follow a similar design template so much so that if we take a top view, it is nearly impossible to distinguish between the many tablets available today. The teclast t40 is no exception, but having said that, we do feel that the t40 has a distinct design language that separates it from the herd. The corners of the tablet are more rounded and are surrounded by a thin bezel line, it’s ultra thin at 8.5 millimeters and weighs just 530 grams. So if you are looking for a sleek ultra portable and affordable tablet, then the t40 should be on top of your list. The minimalistic look on the metal back looks incredibly classy and premium on the top corner.

You see the camera module and the shiny, teclast logo is placed at the center. We made this video to help. You find what you are looking for this stuff, the good stuff. Our videos may not be the best yet, but we’re always trying to improve, and we really appreciate your support. Most of the excitement around the launch of the new teclast t40 revolves around its latest 5g compatible processor from unisoc. The tablet is powered by the unisoc tiger. T 7525g chipset, which was launched in early 2021 and the teclast t40, is the first tablet to be powered by this incredibly advanced compact and powerful processor. The t 7520 is the first ever chip that is designed using the latest 6nm euv process. This technology enables the chip to accommodate 18 percent more transistors than the 7nm process. Apart from helping the device shed, some bulk, the incredibly power efficient chipset reduces power consumption by 8 percent. Unisock is indeed leading the way when it comes to the design and manufacture of power efficient and tablet focused socks. In addition to the powerful processor, the device packs a 6 gb ram that is adequate for smooth multitasking and lag free performance. You get a built in flash storage of gb, which is frankly a bit of a disappointment, because we were expecting at least a 256 gb inbuilt storage. The tablet is equipped with a 10.4 inch display with a resolution of 2000 by 1200 pixels. The screen receives a major upgrade from the affordable m40 tablet, which had a very reflective screen and was almost impossible to view under lights.

The improved in cell full pace screen on the t40 vastly improves the display quality. The protective glass touch layer and display layer are closely integrated, which delivers two critical advantages. Apart from the obvious improvement in the display quality. First, the compact display module enables the manufacturers to make the tablet even thinner and second, the screen becomes less brittle and has improved durability, as the layers are closely bound together. The teclast t40 delivers a great multimedia experience, be it movies, music or gaming. The four stereo speakers, which are placed on either side of the edges, offers an incredibly immersive surround sound audio performance. Everything from bass to loudness and clarity is spot on, and you will definitely enjoy playing music on the tablet. The tablet offers a solid 10 hours of battery life thanks to the huge 8000mah battery. The tablet doesn’t come with wireless charging support. Yet so you will have to use the usbc port to charge it. People don’t buy a tablet to click, pictures or shoot videos. The 8 megapixel rear camera and the 5 megapixel front camera do a good job when it comes to video conferencing and video chatting just don’t expect top notch quality and fancy camera features in terms of connectivity. The tech last t40 comes equipped with the latest version of bluetooth and wireless lan. You can connect to the internet either by using the wireless lan or through the built in 5g connectivity. The standard usbc port at the bottom serves as the charging port as well as connects to compatible accessories.

The tablet is also equipped with advanced sensors, like a 6 axis gyroscope, which adds new dimensions to the utility of the tablet. You can connect the device to a bluetooth powered keyboard case to further improve its versatility and utility. You can use the keyboard case for extensive typing, as the keys are smaller in dimension and are tightly bound, so the typing experience will definitely not be great, but it does offer a comparable performance at a much more affordable price and that will remain the biggest usp Of the tech class t40 but it’s good that at least you can do some amount of word processing and edit documents on the compact keyboard. The tablet also has an active trackpad support that can almost provide a laptop like experience on the tablet. Undoubtedly, the powerful processor and long battery life of the teclass t40 makes it an incredibly desirable tablet, but does it fare well enough against the likes of samsung galaxy tab? A7. To be honest, the t40 doesn’t stand a chance to beat the tab a7, but it does offer a comparable performance at a much more affordable price and that will remain the biggest usp of the tech class.