This is last shelter today marks the first month of august, so happy august, to you all and with that we know that the token shop has refreshed for august p1, a quick recap of the season x, heroes that have a bid in the token shop since we Started tracking in april we had valkyrie, nomad crusher organic betrayed and then we moved on to fighters, and this month we are looking at glutton countdown and the inquisitor. So, as you should know, by now, pre essex here is going to cost you 2400, regardless of their season. One up to season four, whereas season x, heroes are gon na cost, you a little bit more at three thousand organically. You can make up to 800 per two week refresh cycle, provided you are hitting three chests of three hourlies a day and that is going to determine how many youre able to recover. If you decide to pick up glutton or just your hero, token management for any other season x heroes, you are looking to develop. Thankfully, weve actually got a pretty good update here in glutton, rather than the lesser known ones or ones that you dont want such as a wanderer. Now you can see glutton i already have max, so i should be able to talk a little bit of how ive found his skills actually play out in some of the formations and if you already have a few copies of glutton, then youre, probably keen on to See whether you should max him out, if you have hero tokens and you can get gluten and you have already three copies so just one left to max, then i would say: pick up glutton in the token shop hes going to be a good defensive hero, whether You want him in your defensive queue or just play a long fighter and mixed formations im just going to give you an extra dimension if youre looking for different abilities to what you have now reason being why i said you should only pick up glutton.

If you have him to max is of course, if you are looking to develop other heroes, which i would still place higher than glutton, he is great but hes, not that, like must pick in the token shop. So if you are looking to develop your kamikaze, your death rider, your heavens redemption, which im still anticipating to come further on in the year and you dont have that much hero tokens then i would suggest not to. But if you can max out glutton now that the hero reconstruction, that does give you additional attributes that you can stack on top of them, then i would say thats when you can pick up glutton in terms of his skills on paper. They look good in reality. Theyre not really as hard hitting as i would have liked. Um, for example, 50 chance to counter attack 150 damage. The damage is much lower than what you would get from, say, panther or even like patriots counter option. Granted glutton is going to just be a much better hero than patriot, for example, um. I do like his 60 skill damage reduction, which is nice, and you primarily want him in the front row that 50 is hit and miss uh its not as consistent as i would like it to be. But if it does trigger its okay uh, because better skills is going to be wide and dimed and that is going to apply a troop recovery block and that will be a hundred percent – has an 80 chance and that is driven from normal attacks.

So your troop attacks and theres also a 70 chance to bestow clear minded, which is an immunity for those primary counters which can allow to the back row, which allows your damage dealer or a healer to execute their skills without getting counted. So that one sounds really. Nice, but the percentages dont trigger, as often as i would like its definitely far lower than the 80 and the 70 percent. So, even though the setup might be nice in reality, it just doesnt provide as much protection or coverage as i would like when it does trigger. It definitely does help so considering its driven by normal attacks. Then you do want to amp up some damage. Frequency of troop attacks, whether youre going in mixed combos or just something to get that troop recovery block. And if you do then thats going to help out a lot since its normal attacks. Then it would normally hit the front row. But if you have other mixed hero formations like with huntress, who can kind of focus that troop attack to wherever she is positioned, then that allows it to extend beyond the front row um. But overall, the skills themselves are great and its nice. If you dont have those high troop recovery blockers like wrath or scorpion um, and if you dont have death rider, who kind of provides that immunity himself? Finally, we have unhinged binge, which is okay again, if hes in the front row with your primarily if hes in the front row, which you primarily want, then hes going to take minus 20 less damage for the first three turns which does help starting from the fourth Turn 40 damage dealt by your macro squad will be converted into healing for your front row, so you do want a more balanced formation.

If you want a healer, then youd need them in the middle, which is great because if you do have dawn shes going to play well in reducing some of the damage that glutton will take in the front row. And then you want a damage dealer to make. The most of that healing potential for glutton to excuse, so, if youre going for mix like death, rider huntress, that would be nice. Well, if youre looking for fight formations and considering siren is more in the hard hitting formations siren is going to be a great addition to work with glutton, so that is latin and in terms of my hero, reconstruction, i am just using the free ones. So dont have any polymers um its been okay. In this kind of way, you can increase the tankiness of gluten, whether thats, through resistance, tactical resistance, still working on the other two um, but you can see you can make him in a very tanky sx hero. So if you have the chance to max him, go for it. If you still require a few copies, i would just pass on, especially if youve got other heroes to develop, see if youre gon na land him in hero ticket drops that you are planning to use. I just think theres more effective ones to work on first, so that is glutton still a great hero and works well in fighter formations and mixed not really running him as much um but hey.

If youre looking for a great defensive q formation, then uh glutton is going to be a good one. Next, one up, we have countdown uh sue, who i also have maxed shes currently in the hero. Reconstruction uh pre sx certainly have a drop down. Considering that theres a lot of very strong season, x, heroes and more and more, but if you are kind of lacking a damage dealer like myself, you i dont, have death rider, just a single copy and still relying on my maxed huntress countdown is still going to Be a very good one. I just wouldnt suggest using your tokens on her considering its just 600 tokens to get season x, id probably just try and luck out in in a different way, mainly through the doomsday shop and picking her up there um. If youve already got all the main pre sx core heroes, reason why i like her is pretty much for her second strike. That is going to make the entire formation unable to recover troops, and it lasts two turns which is huge. So again, if you dont have a troop recovery block, uh person or you need that extra damage dealer for a different apc with vehicles, countdown is still going to be very good. Now she is more combat skill focused. So you do want to use her in formations that are going to amp that up, which means she can play well with dawn. She can play well with scorpion and just overall, more combat skilled formations that you might say, put lust in uh, hummingbird, death, rider and so forth.

I think shes good shes nice. If you dont have death rider and again being in the hero construction, then you can try and do some extra bits not had much luck. When it came to the hero, reconstruction, stuff but hey you can add some additional resistance, additional uh skill damage and so forth. That can make her play a little bit better. So again, only really, if youre going to max id still prefer if you get it from the dd shop. But if you have a plenty of tokens to spare uh countdown is going to be a good alternative, but just bear in mind that she might be more situational down the pecking order. If you do have more of those hard hitting sx damage dealers and then finally, we have the inquisitor here. I also have max so you can see in this token shop theres, nothing for me, which is great, because i need to rebuild my hero tokens but inquisitor hes. Okay, i think if you have a ready formation with valkyrie and patriot, that just does play very well when it comes to forced tiling um. He could be good if you want to amp up his attack, then that will help force tiling a little bit better. But overall hes not going to be one of the shooters that you would be permanently featuring, especially now that we have a scorpion whos, a very robust support, hero or even if you have predator, that kind of are better placed in the mid row.

Then inquisitor and then youll find him quickly out of favor with uh essex shooter heroes. There are some things that i still like about him so again. If you can unlock his potential uh having heroes, inflammable status, that can be triggered from hunk siren um, and then that is going to add the extra suppression. This arming for two turns, which is really nice. He does okay damage. He has a nice. Fifty percent uh damage buff um for shooters to all enemy squads, which is also handy, so he does have a place in formations but hes more on the the average side just more situational again, if you are using shooters, if you havent with executioner, then of course Theyre gon na play well find him work well with hunk uh tp. If you want that healing and siren, so you can mix him up in combos, not gon na, be anything crazy and again only if you can max him, but i would say since hes season two unless you already got all the core prius x: heroes like panther Ivanov and anna and i would still say, youd – use your sx legendary tickets um. You can largely overlook inquisitor, but if you want to maxim, get some hero reconstruction, because youve not had much great luck with season x, heroes and development. Then why not guarantee yourself an inquisitor with the hero reconstruction? I did manage to snag a gold from my free reconstruction, so it was a group resistance, plus 15 percent.

The might would have been more handier, but hey golds are very difficult to come by. Ive got the group tactical resistance, so i would have if i could choose more, my 10 tactical my side, but hey uh reconstructions are going to give you a little bit more of an edge if you can max it, so that is august p1 uh. What your thoughts are you going to be picking up glutton or the other two? So thanks a lot from kba check out onesitetraveler.