First, you guys need to go to the tray station and get a quest that pays good plots once you accept the quest go ahead and start working on your quest here. I have got a quest to kill group of shamans, so i will just time lips apart, where i complete my quest. Even if you push me it’s only gon na make me stronger it’s only gon na feed, my hunger saying Music, nothing’s gon na stop this feeling. Music, Music Applause say: Music Applause, Music and i don’t pretend to know how you feel either you won’t or you will but i’ll, give you to try, even if you’re. So here i got lucky and found the merchant who sells the tablets. Just as i finished my quest, but you guys will have to look for them. The amount of tablets they sell are random and these merchants show up for a limited time so make sure you check the time i don’t have lots on me, so i will go to the tradestation and withdraw some plots in this new update. The price of the tablets are reduced from 5000 plots to 1000 plots so now it’s much easier to get them Applause, Music. Applause. How could you ever love me? You don’t even see me i’m hanging around wasting time, hoping that you’ll drop by Music and i don’t pretend to know what you want. I don’t even know what to start but i’m willing to try.

Even if you push me under it’s, only gon na make me stronger Music nothing’s gon na stop this feeling Music. As you guys can see, this merchant has three animals and seven element tablets, and they are also selling plots with it, but i would just go for the tablets and that’s uh that’s, pretty much how you get tablets easily after the new update. Thank you guys for tuning in to this video.