I know you didn’t get a clean shot at it. Someone could give use the queen shot. This is from len lenovo, i think, is called and right here. It has um a a port for your charger or your laptop and two usb ports and a hdmi on a micro, sd part and there’s, not that many ports, okay, never mind, and it has a headphone jack. And let me show you how it was like inside. Okay, oh this is the laptop and, if you’re playing video games, this won’t be good because um right here and you have to move – and these are used to be big. But these has to be big buttons, but they’re, very small, like if gamers are used to big buttons. It won’t be good anyway, and here it has a camera, a hd camera 720p, one with flashlight and the flashlight is not very good really and the quality, for it is not good it’s, very bad. If you would buy this or 329 no don’t buy it. Well. It’S good it’s, good, okay, it’s good, and it has 64 gigs of storage and four gigs of ram and right and i own, and now i only have like 28 gigs of ram of storage, now um there’s and for a while now i’ve been looking for these Fans and i realized that the fans were at the bottom – see the fans on right here and right here and i’ve been using it for the whole day yesterday.

So so guys should you buy it. 50 foot. 50. Yes, um. 50! No, really! Well, maybe 60! For you to buy it because um those have good, it has a good light battery life when you put on battery saver, so, yes, you should probably buy it only if you never had a laptop and if you’re planning, to get 14 inch of this. I prefer you to buy the 11 inch, because your eyes will probably get hurt. Ok, good and i haven’t been really and i hold on. I also got something else i bought this today with my money and by the way, all of these, and by the way, all these laptop essex accessories. I actually bought them and i bought this 12 inch bag like it was the only one they had there. Okay – and i was actually trying to do it different way, but i realized i can’t transfer videos to your own pc from the phone or at that. Well, who cares like at least this video is getting done? Oh look at my cheeks, so weird Music, because i’m always happy. You should be always grateful what they won’t like you and get you anything well. Well, it’s good, like i have to mess pretty good. You know wait a minute. I never did the uh review. For my gaming, pc let’s, do it Music? Well, this is her hold on. This is the uh gaming? Oh, my god, no i’m good – and you see this is the uh gaming pc.

It might look good, but it only has four gigs of ram. Still. Okay and it’s got 500 gig bytes on it. Well, it’s, not really that good, but i like it and it has windows 10 pro 64 bit so it’s, pretty good and uh has fans, and there is a problem about that. There’S. Actually, one missing fan here and right here it shows usb ports and all the usbs or was that bad let’s see um it’s. Actually it says usb.3 here, but there isn’t any um like thing where you plug into but there’s a hole, but there’s no porn. Did you guys see something huh, maybe i’m, just thinking anyway, on good graphics card, good, good temperature that’s, pretty much it really! My next video i’ll do the ps5 with you, okay. I know you guys might be thinking how come you don’t. Do it now well? Well, that’s only for old, ladies, if i watch for my channel sorry about that cool um like but it’s, just a waste of loss, storage on my computer when i’m recording so it’ll be longer and that’s pretty much it. Thank you guys for watching and please subscribe and press the bell after you subscribe and press the like button and comment down below hashtag review uh. If you use me too, and all of you who wants me to repeat, do the ps5 review the next day. Let me give me, give me 34 likes on my channel.