The next best thing is to just use a portable but capable laptop on top of that pairing it with another device like a tablet, might just be able to increase your productivity too. Today we have the acer swift, 3x. Yet another addition to the swift lineup designed to be lightweight and thinner than your typical laptop and with acer’s hashtag acer oneplus, one promo. You might not want to miss the chance to get a free, acer, 182 tablet worth 5990 pesos when you buy the swift, 3x or any other participating, acer, swift or spin laptops. If you’re interested stick around to know more starting with the swift 3x, it comes in an all metal chassis and has an anodized aluminum design that looks rather sleek. The safari gold color that acer sent over has a very unique appeal that looks both fun and professional, but there is also a steam blue variant if that’s more your cup of tea, both colors will feature electric blue accents right by the hinge not only giving it A bit of a pop but adds some harmonious contrast to it as well, there’s, also a good amount of i o ports, which is great if you often need to plug things in simultaneously. Now i usually like to use one for external storage and the other. For my mouse, but with an extra thunderbolt, 4 and hdmi port, you can easily hook this up to another display or even use a usb hub.

If that’s, not enough, it’s, also pretty light, as expected, coming in at just 1.37 kilograms or about 3 pounds and with a height of 18 millimeters or 0.71 inches, this shouldn’t take up a lot of space when you throw it in your bag. The acer swift, 3x is packed with intel’s latest 11th generation processor and boasts intel iris, xe, max graphics, perfect for day to day use and even a little bit of gaming, which is really great to see for a device of this size. It also features a 14 inch, full hd, narrow bezel display with a maximum brightness of 300 nits and has 72 percent ntsc, which is more or less the equivalent of 99 s rgb. Initially, i was skeptical about trying to migrate some of my projects to see. If i could properly edit videos without experiencing any bottlenecking, but ever since the launch of these new processors and discrete gpus they’ve been great at taking on things, i normally do like video editing and some photoshop without breaking a sweat and just for kicks it’s. Also, what i use to edit the video you’re watching right now after work, i usually like to play a few competitive games of apex, legends and sometimes cap it off with some gentian impact and honestly i’m, quite surprised to see it running well on this machine. We weren’t able to try other titles, but with a quick search, we did find some pretty smooth gameplay of other graphically intensive titles like witcher, 3 and even gta 5 running all on this discrete gpu.

With that being said, this should be able to handle more or less anything you throw at it. Now, if you’re planning to spend your day on the move, then you might benefit from a larger battery as well and at 58.7 watt hours, it’s capable of lasting up to 17.5 hours before running out of juice in cases of emergency, it can even be fast charged To provide 4 hours of use for just 30 minutes of charging time, that’s some pretty great stuff right there and if that’s, not enough, thanks to the acer oneplus one promo, we have a tablet as well to pair with that you might just be able to get For free the acer one, eight t2 is a simple seven inch tablet powered by a quad core cpu has 2 gigabytes of ram 32 gigabytes of internal storage, expandable up to 128 gig a 4 000 milliamp hour capacity battery and runs on android 10 go edition. It also has support for a micro, sim card, uses a micro usb to charge and has one camera each for the front and back – and you might say how can a tablet be much of use if you already have a full blown pc right next to it? But you know what this could be great for a number of reasons for one you can have your favorite show play in the background without losing any screen space on your main display or using your actual phone as a substitute.

Another great feature you can use this for is for organization. With a plethora of organization apps now available, you can easily fix your monthly or weekly calendars on the go or even maximize all in one productivity apps like notion, discord or slack perfect for those that hate switching tabs between their computer. Personally, i prefer using one large screen instead, but i found this tablet to be particularly useful when i’m in need of an external monitor. Since the display is much larger than a smartphone. It makes it easier to see everything that’s going on as i’m recording. But if you really have no use for a tablet, maybe you can just make it an early birthday gift for your mom sounds like a great deal to me. Nonetheless, with laptops and computing machines getting smaller and more powerful, it opens up a lot of opportunities for people like me to be able to work on the go just as efficiently as i would at home and by having not just this acer swift 3x. But this tablet as well that’s, almost worth 6 000 pesos. I can definitely say two – is better than one: the acer oneplus one bundle promo is available until june 15 and is only applicable when you purchase these following models. So if you’re interested in hitting two birds with one stone, then this looks like a pretty good deal. But what do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section down below and if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to leave a like subscribe to our channel for more content, hit the bell icon, so you don’t miss out on any future uploads and be sure to visit yougotok.

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