Nice angle, easy to put together super super nice don’t forget to like share and subscribe here. It is here. This is the actual stand put together. This is really nice. This will hold up to about 11 11 inch computer, basically right up to about the 17 18 inch computer holds everything let’s get into the unboxing and review three pieces, it’s very, very simple design, but it gives you just enough to give you some comfort. So three pieces and it’s all like aluminum. I think it actually feels like aluminum and it’s really nicely built so here’s one piece here. This is the back bar and that’s easy enough, and these are the two side bars here. So these are ready. So you can see here here’s one here’s, the other one here. So just enough you can see here. It just gives it just enough angle, and you can see here they have the no slip on the front here, which is nice and also on the backs. Doesn’T scratch your furniture, so that’s a nice feature, and also the bar also has the no slip and the rubber pads again does not scratch furniture um, and what i like about this one here, i’ll leave a link down below for you to pick up. Yours is that it comes with two sets of screws in case you lose one and break one, so two sets of screws and two sets of allen engines, so that was a really awesome feature as well so props to them to including extra sets, because you know You know if you break one or something happen, you lose it.

The screws are small, so let’s just put this together. Real quick – and this is just a quick review, so these are really simple to do. You just basically take the back of the leg – the uh, the foot here. Okay, so this is the front with the computer sits on this at the back and you basically just attach it to the back and it’s very simple: you can’t mess it up. You can see here. Let me show you what you want to do when you do it, you want the screws to be in the back of them, so you don’t see them okay. So this goes in the back like this here and then you take your two screws and you just put them in real easy in this small screw. So just take your time and just pop them in like that super simple: it gives you a little allen, wrench and just i always like to tend to do things just you know, snug them first get them started and then tighten it down at one time. That way, they’re evenly pressure in the um in the thread where there’s, no talking or nothing will break, make sure things are flat and even and like i said this is a really nice kit. I’Ll leave a link down below. I was looking at some different ones and the other ones just seemed too big, and i don’t know i just i just really wasn’t happy with them, but this one here seemed to do its job and you can see in the beginning of the video i had It all laid out and it really works well, but i wanted to show you just to give you, but i thought so here’s one piece here, so you can see so you get the idea now right so that’s that i’m going to get the second one on Again same thing: get your two screws: if you have any questions or comments, leave down below i’d be glad to answer them.

Also, please don’t forget to like share and subscribe to my channel. I do appreciate it. It does help me out, so i can do these types of unboxings and reviews and just show you what’s new and what i think works well and the second screw really really super stuff. As you can see, the computer sits on here and there upper feet in the bottom, so you can see here. Let’S just get this out of the way i’m going to show you so there it is right there. So i use this for my macbook pro. This is my 16 inch macbook pro. As you can see here, it actually fits really well it’s, very stable. It works perfect i’ll. Give you a side view, so you can see here. You can see how it sits. I think just gives it just enough of an angle just to get it up. There i’ll give you a side shot of that as well and that’s it and that’s pretty much simple as that. So you can see how the sides show up so just because just enough of a pitch that way, you have your wrist just not being bent, and it works really really well so here’s the angle here that you can see it sits beautifully here’s the back view. So you can see that so the screws from the back. You never see the screws and that’s it. Okay guys. I just want to do an unboxing, quick review on this awesome stanfia, either macbook or any computer.

It holds pretty much any size, there’s no limits at all whatsoever. All right.