I have what the 500 subscribers this can’t be. True. 500 subscribers. Oh, my goodness. I need to do something that is special. Oh, what do i do with some ideas i haven’t posted for like a month. What do i do? What about my chromebox? No too cringy? How about an update from my room? Nah, look the same besides! I already just showed to everyone right now. What can i do for the 500 subscriber special wait a minute, the new laptop i just got. I completely forgot about this. Oh my goodness, let’s show it to everyone around the world, hey guys harry sobel here with my brand new laptop. Yes, of course, i just got my new laptop, but i didn’t even buy it. My sister gave it to me. She just got her new laptop on her 18th birthday, which is a few weeks ago on june 29th, and for those who wondering what is the type of computer. Well, it is a lenovo thinkpad let’s, give you the tour of what my computer looks like wow. Look at the screen – and this is the t430 let’s go ahead and sign up come on. Oh, my goodness. Oh there we go. I got ta type. My pin hold up. Okay, there you go um. Most of you are wondering what the heck. This is. Windows. 11. Yes, i actually did install windows 11, the beta version, and it does one great and yeah still the same and boop.

That is windows. 11. I also want to show you the app location i got so if we go to windows, let’s go to microsoft, store the all new microsoft store that i just updated yesterday. It says preview and best entertainment ads whoa. Now, if we go to uh library and we go to library – oh my goodness, why is it still loading and what what it’s supposed to say? What oh, okay, then and yes, i just got minecraft from windows 10, as you can see, whoa minecraft let’s play whoa. Okay, then uh let’s enable this let’s accident. Oh my god. This is going to take a while. Oh no, no, never, mind it’s it’s, keeping loading it’s, keeping loading there. We go and yes, look at my minecraft skin, hello, hello. I also have a java edition of minecraft, but this doesn’t work on that laptop. So i have to place it on my mac and i forgot to mention. I delete bootcamp of my system because i don’t need to use it anymore because i got my windows laptop. That is true because apple m1 mac doesn’t support bootcamp, which is so stupid, and i forgot to mention it does work on my laptop with just the same thing and yes, i’m in the server for um i’m at the hive with uh. So many people with me and i don’t know why everyone is steve, probably because of the glitch so uh yeah whatever.

Oh, i can’t read it. I just saw the ab thingy, oh okay, whatever so yeah. This is my skin. If you all don’t know, i actually did develop my skin during the live stream about last year’s and yeah. Those are color bar skins, so i hope you all like it. What about we go to among us among us and, yes, it does. It does work on my laptop just give it a second give it a second. Hopefully it worked yep. It does work on my laptop tada and my account wait. Lucky toes oh good thought crap. I forgot. I forgot – oh, my goodness uh uh, i’m i’m, not lucky toast, hold up harry. Come fur come far there we go i’m, not lucky toes now. What about vmware workstation, hmm vmware, workstation, well it’s kind of like a virtual machine. I want to try on and i’m probably might be using this for my next downgrade laptop, because then they announced windows 11 and i’m. Adding windows 11 to the downgrade episode, so make sure to stay tuned about that. You know what let’s install an operating system just for you guys because of my 500 subscribers here. Is it oh? Yes, all the windows os is in the flash drive from windows 1.0 to windows 10 in in is, in my flash drive all the windows os it’s in this photo, including windows, 10, the iso file, and we got windows 7, the iso file, and then we got The windows mic 8 singing the product key and windows 95.

All this lol and look all this is in my flash drive from 1.0 to 10. it’s literally everything we’ll do that tomorrow. Since it is late right now it is 12 27. I have to go to sleep right now, good night, okay, so it’s next day, and i have bad news – my usb officially broke, but the good news is, i actually managed to move all the os’s into my computer and yeah there. It is windows os and all the windows. Um os is still there, so um yeah, so let’s go ahead and install a new os, so um. The last we’re going to install is windows. 7. Okay, we’re in the virtual machine now we’re going to create a new virtual machine, we’re going to click next we’re going to install the operating system later and we are going to install windows 7. there. You go windows, 7, i’ll name, windows, 7 and split, and there you go all right now: we’ll create a virtual machine. There we go now we’re going to power on the virtual machine and we’re gon na go ahead and click uh, vm and then we’re gon na go to removal device and cd, dvd and um connect use iso file, we’re gon na browse all right and to keep It a sec. Ah there we go and then we’re gon na go to documents. Uh windows, os and we’re gon na go to windows 7 and there is the windows: seven, all right, open and okay, now it’s in the dish, so um we’re gon na go ahead and click power and then restart guests, and then it will boot up to the Um virtual machine and it will take a while technically and oh, it says starting window, so yeah it’s gon na go ahead and start windows for us all right.

There goes the the very old windows logo, as you cannot see, but it is the old windows logo kind of well. This is the all windows logo. Okay, now that we are in the windows, 7 setup we’re, going to click next and we’re going to install now setup is starting. Okay, uh come on there’s a windows ultimate service pack. I just click on it. Click next i’m, going to install a new copy and click next and that’s it. Now we need to uh oh already finished copying windows files and i need to wait, while all does so. Okay, now windows need to restart to continue so i’m going to go ahead and restart. Now. All right, then it’s going to restart and my mouse is not working. Oh there we go all right, starting windows, windows, os and boom. I still can’t see. I still. We still can’t see the um windows logo, but it’s all right, all right now, it’s gon na boot up the windows and we’ll be good to go. Maybe i’ll install windows 8.1 in the future, but with myself not recording, because i don’t want to waste my time. Oh there we go all right: setup is starting service, completing installation wow it restarted. So let’s see this thing and boom. You can now see the old windows, logo, that’s, nice and that logo is new and the other logo, which is windows 11, is new. Setup is preparing your computer for first time.

This is actually my favorite um screen windows, 7 ultimate type, a user computer i’m going to type a username uh. I might keep windows 7 all right and it was made in 2009 all right and we’re going to click. Next and i got ta type, a password – oh my goodness! No oh wait! I can skip haha screw you all right! Uh, you just recommended said means i’ll, ask you later. No, i don’t live in uh, um, pacific time. I live in uh eastern time. There we go all right and it will be home network. Ah, connecting to this i had to connect to the network. Oh my goodness, all right connecting to my network, one more step, come on hurry up all right. It says: welcome preparing my desktop. All right says preparing my desktop: come on it’s gon na be nice. Oh there we go wow windows, 1. windows 7. Is here wow all right. I just uh changed the screen revolution and it works perfectly wow. This is so cool. Should i install windows? 8.1? Maybe we’ll leave it to myself anyway, guys that is it for this video. Thank you so so much for 500 subscribers.