So all right, so if you guys didn’t know what is my bum burn about? Um basically is um. The brand is a very popular and trustful brand based in china and they provide you with reliable performance, um pack laptop like the one that i will be reviewing today and i have company based in europe, america, east africa, russia and other countries and regions, and they Even have one right here in singapore in my own, very country, so today we will be unboxing the um this one and after that i’ll be doing a review on it and see. If is it worth the price and what other features it packs so let’s begin with the unboxing itself, so it came in this um box that um yeah uh. Apparently i tore it open so yeah, so um let’s just see what they have inside so there’s a box inside well it’s a box inside another box and yep says only for better whoa, all right so inside they have like some mothers. Only for my burn burn. Um scan for premium care, so if your skin is qr code, you can get some premium care for it, which is really really um top four of them. And oh there are some stickers come come with them, so yeah pretty cool sticker. I love it. I’Ll. Just stick it on my phone, so um yeah let’s all hold it inside this exterior box. So this is a shipping box.

Basically, so now we have the actual box. In the back just say my book and um here it just says the specifications and my one is i’ll talk more about it later so let’s see what the what’s this include inside this my book, p748, so um. The first thing you’ll see, is um right. So the first thing you will see is the laptop itself. So let me just pull this thing out all right. So this one of the box here and we have here the laptop and other stuff inside, so these are all the stuff so inside the box empty. So now let’s put this aside and now let’s take a look at what they have inside here. So we’ll go to the laptop later on. Let’S see what’s inside this all right about how about that. We see. What’S got this inside, oh so they include whoa, that’s, very nice of them all right. So every uh, my book that you bought inside come with a mouse, so it’s a really really modern, sleek, nice and white mouse that i find really really. I, like things that are white, so it’s really clean and i love it yep. It feels great and satisfying and the clickiness comparable to a gaming mouse so i’m, pretty like it. I mean it’s um it’s, like it’s, a free bundle, mouse so yeah for every purchase of the my book. You get a mouse, so it’s pretty awesome and you got the mouse mat and this small snap is really colorful and i love it only for better all right.

This is a really really cool mouse match and i just love the color because i love purple. So this is my favorite mouse man, yeah it’s, really nice of them, so you get a mouse and a keyboard come with it. So i cannot complain right. All right, see, let’s see what’s inside this i’m. Probably thinking this might be the power brake itself, some other accessories let’s see what’s inside. Oh, you got a more black. This is the uk one depending on which country you buy it from they have different wall block for your country. My country, singapore uses the uk block and, of course, the power blake, so the power brick is actually um. Surprisingly, the power brick is very um, sleek, it’s, very slick and very steam, so you can carry it around um, putting your bags anywhere um quite easily, because it’s very slim mistake like this very big one. So yeah it is very slim and yeah it’s, a really nice power, brick, so yeah it’s good for traveling around. If you are bringing this along and um let’s. Just put this all aside and yeah inside is not embassy, so yep that’s. All we have in that box and moving on to i know the laptop is i’m very excited for this, so all right so let’s see what’s inside this um ziploc bag. So you got a um russian keyboard layout. Also, if you’re in russia, i think they have a keyboard for russians.

Oh yeah there’s, some russian lettering here, it’s really cool. So if you are russian – and you know you want to change your keyboard to russian style, you have it right here. So you know it’s available for all the gamers around the country, so it’s really cool. You got this russian keyboard. You got a few more stickers, which is pretty cool and all right, some russians um guarantee. Of course they have service centers all around the world and they will have one in russia. So i think this was shipped to me from russia, so they have the russia guarantee card and yeah and more stickers, which is really cool. I love the stickers all right so yeah. This is the um operating manual. Pretty much nothing. You guys will know i’m. Creating my like how to use a laptop. I mean if you guys, are getting this kind of gaming laptop i’m. Pretty sure you know how to appropriate a laptop right. I i’m sure you won’t get this letter for elders, but i mean it can be for anyone. So yeah let’s take a look at the laptop itself, so um yeah, first impressional laptop, is very lightweight all right. It is really really like compared to any other gaming laptop that i have used or review in the past. Those are too heavy for me, so i don’t carry gaming laptops around, but maybe this will be one of my choice: oh wow, okay, all right.

So this is the protective sleeve and we have the laptop itself. So first impression on laptop is covered with this. Let me just peel this thing right off real quick for you guys to know right, so let’s have some asmr time. Shall we damn all right. So the front of the is very, very slick. I love it it’s very clean. This is one of my favorite designs. I don’t, like you, know, games with a lot of weird stuff. In fact, it’s just you know, it’s very elegant. Looking at the back, you have the rtx, the radeon graphics and the ryzen 7, so yeah let’s take a look at the laptop itself, so first impression i’ve never seen this laptop at all. So let’s take a look. The heat felt very sturdy right, it’s, really good. Wow, okay, wow right so first impression this is amazing. I love the clean look of it. It is super nice and um yeah, it’s, very sturdy, surprisingly it’s very sturdy, all right, there’s, not much flex in it, so it’s, really very sturdy. It’S, a very well built laptop overall and um generally. My first impression is it’s, really really amazing, all right. So we have the trackpad right here. Everything is all layouts, yep there’s, some tissue about how the gestures and what is left, click right, click and then the webcam here and the screen is – is almost border screen. So i love it so yeah. This is my first impression of the my book, p748 unboxing and um, and now let’s proceed on to the review itself.

All right so now let’s take a closer look at the design. So the body of the laptop has this aesthetically pleasing smooth and clean surface with a full size zone, rgb backlit keyboard, with 30 color effects for you to choose from and on the keyboard. They have special game keys with custom keycaps on the keys so that, while you’re gaming you’re able to know where. Thus, your finger lies on the keys itself. So it is a really great addition to the keyboard and it’s, also packed with a stunning 17.3 inch. 144Hz. 1080P display with 96 srgb color accuracy that is perfect for your productivity and gaming. The 144hz refresh rate on this monitor brings you closer to victory in competitive gaming, as it offers a smoother motion, clarity and a faster response time compared to the regular 60hz screens on any other red tops. So hence it greatly improves your gaming experience in every games. You play it also comes packed with all kinds of ports and interfaces that suits all your need for different devices like many usb 3.0 and type c ports, together with a headphone, jack and hdmi, plus mini display port connector for you to connect up to 3 monitors Simultaneously, at the top of the screen, you have a 720p webcam for your zoom core or live streaming with good clarity for the other party to see you and now for the hardware. It is powered by the all new top of the line amd ryzen.

7. 4. 800 h processor, with 8 cores and 16 threads, so it can handle anything from gaming to intensive boot, lock that you can throw at it easily it’s a beast of a cpu that outperformed most of the intel 10 generations and i9 processor by quite a margin. So and the graphic processor is powered by the nvidia rtx 2060, with real time ray tracing and air technology that can run any demanding games you play at over 60 fps. It also have an upgradable dual channel slot that supports up to 60 gigabytes of ram at 3, 200 megahertz or up to one terabyte of nvme ssd. Apart from that, it also utilizes dual fans plus 5 heat pipe cooling system, that dissipates heat efficiently and keeps your system cool for your game, so that your frame rate will not be affected by the system. Overheating that’s, not all. It also comes with a y56 wireless network card built in which can achieve a maximum speed of 2.4 gbps and thanks to wi fi 6 technology, you can ensure a lag free experience and low latency in online multiplayer and blazing fast download speed. On top of that, this laptop and its features can be controlled with is built in my bambam game center, where you can control the keyboard. Rgb backlight colors and effects adjust system settings to your likings and 3 different operating modes for you to choose from work gaming and boost to use this system to its maximum potential.

The gaming center also lets you monitor your cpu and gpu temperature and various system operating status. This my book also comes in stock, with a fully activated. Genuine windows stand home premium, so you, you need not worry about anything and gets the full features of windows. You also have a office. 365 trial came pre installed, so you can try out if you would like to. As you can see, this is a base of a gaming laptop and my government designed this gaming laptop with you gamers in mind, so that from its powerful hardware to this amazing display and um software and more than enough connection ports, a gamer who need for different Devices you might connect without the need of like external adapters um, like some other brands, um, so um it’s, one of the gaming laptop that every gamer asks for and meiberman delivers so um and at just only 2.5 kg. You can carry it around in your back easily and game on the go so it’s a very lightweight laptop, giving laptop with this amount of power inside okay. I know you have been thinking this laptop, probably caused a lot from everything i just described, but no, this laptop starts at a price of 1230 usd for the base configuration and it is extremely cheap for what it has to offer and for a similar configuration gaming Laptop like this for more well known brand brand, it will cost you at least 3k and above right.

So why spend so much more for just the brand of a well known company where you can get the exact specs gaming laptop for my man that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but what about the quality and reliability of this um laptop right? So you ask, will it break or spoil easily? You know you might ask, so worry, not all right. So, as my government offers you a one year, warranty for any manufacturing defects and problems, and they offer great customer support, if you have any problems with your laptop, they will help you out and of course, um personally i’ve been using this laptop um for quite some Time already and while playing like demanding games and do some intensive video rendering only for hours all right never have. I have a problem with you know overheating issues or probably the laptop itself. So i can assure you that this is a very sturdy and durable gaming. Laptop for your daily use and gaming, all right all right and um in the description there’s a special discount code that you guys can use. If you guys deciding to purchase this all right, you guys um can use that code and get even further discount so yeah. I don’t remember, use the code check the description if you want to get this laptop for yourself, which i would highly recommend you guys in getting it all right. So if you’re interested in this gaming, laptop i’ll put all the links to their website, the product page no install link where you guys can purchase the laptop for yourself and in the description down below so you guys can go and check it out.

And once again, i thank you guys for being here and, if you like, today’s video, do give it a like and subscribe to my channel for more amazing content like this so um. This is j force gaming.