The price is amazing. The laptop is very good as well when it comes to the build quality and all should you buy this laptop. If you are a student watching this video or if you’re, a parent watching this video i’m planning to buy a laptop for your child because they want to attend school or college, how good is it without wasting any time? Let’S get started and let’s get started with the exact point that you’re waiting for. Does google classroom work? Yes, it works, obviously, that’s why this is a laptop and it works super fine. The zoom work, yes, absolutely zoom and google classroom are going to be the two most requested things and both of them work super fine out of the box, no need to worry about that, but when it comes to camera, this is how the camera looks when it Comes to good lighting condition, i mean at this particular price point. I am not really going to complain, and this is how the microphone sounds as well from the laptop. If you use an earphone, then the microphone quality will change. Obviously, the microphone quality will depend on what type of material or what sorry, what type of earphone you use, or what type of headphone you use. But if you are planning to use the laptop only then it sounds just fine, i would say the camera quality uh. This is a 720p webcam, so pretty good for the price point i would say i mean if you’re watching this video on your smartphone, then you may feel like the video quality is not that great it’s, not that crisp, but trust me.

I have seen laptops costing 50 60 000 rupees having same camera quality. So when it comes to this camera, it is definitely going to get a thumbs up plus. When you have camera turned on. There is a white light. Besides the camera, which gets turned on as well notifying you that the camera is being used right now, next question is going to be: can you open word document excel sheets and everything then? Yes, absolutely you can uh everything will open in chrome browser directly uh. If you are interested in that, but if you want to open uh files using some other application, let’s say microsoft’s office application, then you can install that from play store. Literally, you can install all the google play store. Applications on this laptop and i installed microsoft office and you can open any file inside microsoft, office office application as well, so no issues over there. Now google chrome is going to be the most used thing on this laptop. The name itself says chromebook, so chrome will be used a lot, because if you open any google doc file, which you have downloaded from the internet, it will open up in the chrome browser itself and you can edit and do anything. Everything is free, of course, literally because google doc is free of cost. Offline version is inbuilt into the chrome browser. Now next up let’s talk about the software experience. This is not a windows laptop all the windows shortcuts that you are used to all the keys function, keys that you are used to are not really present here directly.

Just look at this keyboard and tell me: how will you turn on caps lock? Do you know that, how will you take a screenshot? Do you know that i obviously i even i did not know that. So there is a youtube playlist which will show you all the basic things which can do on the google chromebook and how to do that. Like how to turn on caps, lock is something which i feel is a little bit of stretch and asus cannot really do anything in this case, it’s like chromebooks, like all chromebooks, are built like this to turn on caps. Lock, you have to press alt button and the search button, so things like that are going to take a little bit of time getting used to how to take screenshot and all as i mentioned, but you can do more majority 95 of the things that you can Do in windows laptop can be done here, other than playing games i’m talking about day to day life tasks such as copy paste or taking a screenshot or things like that. Next up, we are going to talk about the search button which is present, and this search button is very powerful. It will search everywhere, literally chrome browser play store. If you have files on your laptop, then it will go through them as well and will give you a list of selections. The search button i felt was very useful. I just used to search click on the search button and search for any setting that i want to change next up.

How is the software experience? The software is good. It is stable, no issues over there, but how is the software experience? This may sound a little bit weird, but i feel like this is just an android phone with a keyboard and a bigger display, because uh literally everything can be installed from play, store and literally everything that you can do on your smartphone can be done here. But some things which can be done on windows laptops such as installing dot exe file or playing some random games. Then that cannot be done here. You can play games on chromebook. There are ways to do that, but once again the gaming aspect of the laptop is not going to be great on the chromebook as compared to any windows laptop. I know a 25 000 rupees windows laptop cannot game very well, but at least on the lowest setting. You may get 30 fps, whereas this will not be able to run games like let’s, say counter strike on the laptop. Now. How is the overall software experience? Is it fast enough and all that stuff? Obviously, the software is stable, no issues over there. It does have a little bit of learning cuff but it’s, not a huge learning curve. In my opinion. Now, when it comes to the speediness at the price, take off let’s say: 25 000 rupees. I do not expect the laptop to perform crazy fast and considering the price point. Yes, it does perform good.

Do you see lags? Will you see lags when you buy this laptop? Then? Yes, if you open uh, let’s, say youtube on chrome and search for something and then scroll fast on the youtube homepage. Then it will lag. It will take a little bit of extra time to load videos or thumbnails. That is going to happen because the laptop is once again comes with only 4gb of ram and just a celeron processor, which is not very powerful. But then you get a keyboard and keep keyboard is very important when it comes to a laptop and the keyboard. Has it makes noise, but this is not a mechanical keyboard. This is a normal keyboard. It has very good tactile feedback as well. I would say for the price tag once again: if you are a student watching this video parent watching this video and planning to buy this for the student uh their children. Basically, then, the laptop is really good with its keyboard, no issues whatsoever it’s, just a little bit of learning curve that you will have to get used to, because there are no f1, f2 f3 f4 keys. Here you will have to use go through that youtube playlist, which i linked earlier or the in the description box below now when it comes to the battery life that’s, pretty good, no issues over there. If you keep the laptop on standby, at least for two three days, the battery will drain like little bit: five percent, maybe and that’s a huge plus point.

In my opinion, there are no fans on the laptop and the laptop does not become very warm. We were using the laptop at maximum brightness and still the laptop was not like it is getting too hot or something like that, but i know for a fact that a lot of windows laptop will become really really hot. The display quality on this laptop is something i was not a fan of. Once again, there are rumors of real me launching a tablet and if they launch it below 25 000, rupees in let’s, say 10 inch form factor, then that will most probably have and will probably have a better display as compared to this particular laptop viewing angles. On the laptop are not amazing, but if you view the display, like directly view it without viewing it from the extreme sides, then the display quality is good enough. I would say still this could have been slightly better. I would say the display quality is 7 out of 10.. The speaker quality here is good. If the room doesn’t have a lot of noise, then you will be able to attend lectures and everything or with laptop speaker itself, even though i would recommend you to use the headphone jack, which is present at the side. There is a usb type, a port here. One single usb type, a port one micro sd card slot. I don’t know why it’s there but it’s there, usb type c port is present here and another usb type c port is present.

Here you can use the charger which is provided inside the box, or you can also use a usb type c charger. If you have that already a 10 watt or 15 watt charger may not work, you need at least 50 60 watt charger and power. Delivery needs to be there in that charger and that can be used separately as well. The charger is not huge, which is a plus point. In my opinion, when it comes to opening the laptop, you cannot really open the laptop with one hand you have to use two hands but that’s fine. The hinge is pretty good feels solid, actually uh for this particular price tag and i’m, not going to complain about the laptop’s build quality as well, because for the price tag of 25, 000 rupees let’s, say uh, the laptop feels good looks good and the back is Made out of plastic but that’s good, because the heat distribution is good. As i said earlier, uh the laptop doesn’t become hot and plastic plays a very good role in that, because the heat goes away very quickly, and i guess that’s not it for this particular video. If your budget is 25 000 rupees strictly then i feel like this is a very good laptop choice. Considering zoom google meet uh and google classroom, everything can be done using this laptop, you can type you can edit what documents you can do excel sheets. Everything can be done. These are the most important things, but there are a couple of cons as well, which you should know.

First one is going to be the display quality. As you know, i gave it 7 out of 10, which is still, i feel little bit generous and the internal storage uh. It is 32 gb, but only 22 gb 22 23 gb will be available for you to use, which is. I am not really sure how to feel about that. But the great thing which i did not talk about in this video – because i did not know about that – is the pricing. The laptop is priced at just 18, 000 rupees 17 triple nine. Even if i compare some of the smartphones which are available at this particular price point, i feel like the laptop performs really good when it comes to comparison with those smartphones, but this is a laptop. I know this is not a windows. Laptop chrome os has its own limitations, but it’s not like for a student or for a parent who wants to do day to day tasks only it is going to matter. If you want to play games, then this is not the laptop for you. If you want to uh install some random exe files, then this is not the laptop for you, but other than that. All the tasks can be done on this laptop and at the preset of 18 000 rupees. I feel this is a pretty good laptop, but if google meet or zoom are the only things that you are looking forward to then uh there are rumors of real me launching a tablet.

Uh samsung has couple of tablets. Ipads sometimes come at around twenty twenty. Three thousand rupees price point, then those devices are also very good. If you, google, me, google, classroom and zoom are the three things which you are looking for. Plus the performance will be much better on those laptops. Those tablets uh the display quality will be better, not just that, but you will also get higher internal storage and you will be able to play all the android games because battery launch mobile india does not directly work on the laptop. It says error code area or something like that, but with those tablets you can play games as well, very easily it’s up to you whether you want a keyboard which you can buy for those tablets as well. So you can consider this as a tablet with a keyboard with android os, because you can install all the applications from play store, including games, and everything basically – and i guess that’s it for this particular video. If you enjoyed it, give this video a thumbs up. If you still have any more doubt solutions or queries regarding this particular variant that i have, which is the 18 000 rupees variant, the cheapest chromebook, i i was expecting the pricing to be 20, 000 plus actually but i’m surprised i’m. Happy about the pricing actually with the laptop that i have, and i guess that’s it if you enjoyed this video, give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and press the bell icon so that you get notified next time.

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