My name is Julie and we are doing another Frugal Mama reviews here at The Frugal family. We do all sorts of different product reviews if you are looking by chance for anything. A little spicier in the product review Department, hop on over to my uncensored, unfiltered grown up Channel Frugal Mamas time out, well be doing some really fun. Reviews over there fun things from coffee to feminine hygiene to feminine fun. Im not gon na go anywhere into it. Im just going to tell you hop on over Frugal Mamas time out, but here today at The Frugal family. I got something awesome in the mail, something I have needed. Oh my goodness. I have needed for so long and I should have done it a lot sooner, but I didnt so here we are, as always, with the Frugal mama. I am notorious for this Im slow, but eventually I do get things done or bot, so I have a fabulous laptop that I love its an Asus gaming laptop so powerful. So quick – and I am grateful for that – I adore that perfect for a YouTuber or a gamer. The problem is, it gets so hot and like hot to the touch hot, like you think its going to catch the house on fire. I am too smart. I am and thats because its working so hard to be so fast and so quick and so fabulous, but it hurts like if you just have that sitting on your lap, you cant do it, you just cant.

Do it its not so bad if its on the table, but if its on your lap or on like a pillow or a regular like laptop lap, cushy squishy thing, no, its going to burn you alive, so I finally invested in a cooling pad. I will leave an Amazon affiliate link for this in the video description that is, of course, The Frugal family affiliate link. You could buy this or any other product that you regularly buy through Amazon. If you buy it through that link, do any of your shopping. It will benefit The Frugal family channels without costing you anything extra thanks in advance, lets see: okay, simple, Im, not like jumping up and down about the like my immediate assessment of the quality but thats. Almost anything anymore, everythings made out of plastic, and I guess in this case, maybe its good, that it is because you dont want like metal getting all heated up and everything its just. It doesnt feel like super crazy, solid, fabulous plastic. What brand is this? You guys? Probably want to know that um I dont know if its branded or if it is. I dont know that I can read it because I dont I dont read this. Is that Chinese is that Japanese Olivia would know I dont know V2. Is that the brand, or is that the model Im not sure Ill, put information about it somewhere like right here? Hopefully the name of the brand fabulous review Julie, you dont even know what it is well, I know what it is.

I just dont know who made it but Ill find out and Ill put it right here anyway. So yeah not like super thick solid, I mean you. Can you can hear that? I think you guys can tell just by seeing it thats, not super duper solid, but will it do the job God I hope so theres fans in there? Can you see maybe its better, to show you that way? There are fans in there. I love the color blue. It is available in other colors, but I really like the blue. I think thats fun and then right here on the back youve got. Does that come out more? Yes, it does. Okay, so theres your USB lets see and then its got. Where am I going to plug it in? Should I plug it into my laptop thats? Probably what Ill do huh lets see its got these little guys so that it can, you know, be elevated. Do you have to have it elevated Im gon na find out? Did it come with instructions? Sorry Im asking myself all these questions, but at least Im trying to answer them too Im going to get a quick little bit of Google education. I think, however, that youre gon na want it up on these and thats how they show it in the picture. So my best educated guesstimate is that yeah youre going to want these up so that it is, you know at an angle so that it can vent through, obviously youre going to want to up so it can vent.

Although I will say that, probably if youre not able to have it up on these, its still gon na be better than not having a cooling pad at all Im, quite certain of that, because yikes they get hot, you get a high powered gaming laptop and, my Goodness great for videos, absolutely fantastic for Minecraft and whatever other games people play, but it just Sizzle Sizzle Burns through you like acid and thats, dangerous and scary. I am so excited to try this out lets see so the cord. I guess once these are up that cord is not going to be in your way its not going to be a problem, but there is a little moat. Can I call it a moat? Is that all right a little moat right here? If you can get it to stay in there a little moat so that the cord is not like in your way, but then its got to go over here anyhow, I dont know maybe that doesnt matter, maybe its neither here nor there were going to plug it Into my laptop and were gon na, try it out, we are going to try this in the way that I would normally be using it, which would be on my lap here in my little happy place, that is my office. My studio was my bed for like six or seven nine months this year, this last year anyway, we are going to get my fabulous laptop.

This thing, God its heavy and were gon na set it on this cooling thing and were gon na. Take this USB and were gon na plug it in somewhere, right here or here right there plugged in and were gon na see. If this stops, the burn. Wish me luck, Frugal Friends, plugging it in oh, I hope. Okay, I have been on here for like 15 minutes at least probably 20, maybe even 25 minutes. I lost track of time. I have been doing multiple different functions all at the same time, the computer has been wordling and twirling. Okay worrying. I just dont like that. Word its been going and going and doing its thing and my legs are not heating up. This is fantastic yeah. This might not be the fanciest like cooling pad thats available on the market, but its working for Frugal Mama yeah, like oh wow, okay, putting the computer straight onto my leg right there definitely warmer, but not as warm as it normally would be without the cooling pad And then, if I have the computer on the cooling pad Im, not feeling any warmth at all, that is fantastic. This is a game changer. I just plugged in my phone Im, gon na start moving some files over for videos that Im doing. That is an activity that will usually get the computer warming up. Okay, you can probably hear things are whirring and worrying and its doing its thing and Im not feeling any heat on my legs.

That is fantastic Im waiting too long for this. Thank you so much for watching. I do hope that this review was helpful for you in finding your own cooling pad. I am going to be trying so many more products, giving you guys an honest, thorough review so that you can find the products that you need and youre not gon na have to waste your money or go through the return process or any of that nonsense. Because I am gon na try that item out. First, if you do have any suggestions or requests of items that you are interested in trying out, but you want me to try them first go ahead and tell me about that. In the comments section, we also have our business email down there for anyone who would like to have us try their product and give it a very honest, thorough review here at The Frugal family. I do hope that you are subscribed so many fun videos coming not just our regular content of dumpster, diving and decluttering and living a full fabulous Frugal life on a budget, but also finding the best value for your hard earned money with Frugal. Mama reviews have a great day Ill, see you all very soon.