I wanted to remind you guys that I'm currently running a giveaway with calm computers for this cooling pad, as well as the Razer BlackWidow X keyboard. The giveaway is still opened for a few more days and open 21 in Australia check the link in the description to enter all right, so this cooling pad is quite large and, on top it's got a metal mesh with the Thermaltake logo on the back. Perhaps most importantly, it's also got RGB lighting around the edge, which should keep your laptop, even cooler compared to not having it don't worry. You can turn the lighting off if that's, not your thing, but they also sell cheaper models without the lighting it's so large, because it's got a 200 millimeter fan in the centre and the cooling pad supports laptops up to 19 inches I've got the fairly large 17 Inch or sx7 here and it fits with room to spare what the front there are some rubber pads which prevent the laptop from sliding off when it's on an angle underneath there's nothing going on just the fan intake in the centre, as well as some rubber feet. The rubber feet did an acceptable job of keeping it in place. However, there are two extendable feet towards the back to raise it up further. This angle may aid in typing and also improves airflow and I'll check that later in the temperature testing, the feet can be extended twice, giving you three different heights to use by default.

It'S on a three degree angle – and this can be extended to 9 and 13 degrees and now refer to these as levels, one two and three respectively from now on, with the feet extended at any level through the bottom of the mahad plastic. So it's much easier for the back of the cooling pad to move around, although I did find this a little more difficult once you've actually got the weight of a laptop sitting on it on the back from left to right, there's the fan, speed, adjustment, dial buttons For cycling, through the five lighting effects and changing between seven different color, as well as the power input, the fan, speed dial can be turned all the way to one side to completely turn the fan off or turn it on and adjust. The fan, speed from low to high and I'll, be including temperatures with a fan at different speeds. Later the fan is listed is running between 600 to 800 rpm speeds, so there's not really much difference between minimum and maximum speeds, here's how it sounds at the different levels. To give you an idea: the Auris x7. Was it idle during this test, so immersively hearing the fan from the cooling pod there's, not much of a difference between running the fan at low or maximum speeds, the difference will be even less noticeable when you include the laptop fan noise anyway. The first button, which cycles through the five lighting effects, allows you to change between wave RGB spectrum, pulse blink and a solid color.

Some of the effects like pulsing or the solid color can be changed between seven colors using the next button, including red, yellow, green light. Blue dark, blue white and purple finally there's the power input. You connect the included cable to the cooling pad, which has two USB type: a ports that you plug into your laptop. The cooling pad requires 1.2 webste activate so, depending on the USB port of your laptop. You may be able to use one port or both may be required. While I get that it's good to be able to plug into your laptop and power it, I feel like a calling pad this size isn't exactly portable, so it may have made more sense to also have a power adapter that you can instead plug into the wall. Rather than potentially taking up two USB slots, which is a fair amount for a laptop when you're, essentially using it while docked so you'll probably want to attach things to it using the USB ports. So how does the cooling pad actually perform? I'Ve tested using the 17 inch or a sex 7 with i7 8850 H, CPU and NVIDIA, GTX, 1080 graphics. So quite a powerful and hot machine testing was completed with an ambient room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and the laptop is running a to 64 and the heaven benchmark at the same time, to try and utilize both the CPU and GPU together in a combined load. I'Ve got the x7 set to 80 fan speed, so not quite max, but still pretty loud.

We can see here that the CPU temperature was always 90 degrees Celsius. In this test. It was always thermal throttling, regardless of what I did with the cooling pad we'll see in the next graph. How performance was improved, though, just because it's constantly thermal throttling doesn't mean we're, not getting improvements, we're, seeing improvements to the GPU temperature as that wasn't thermal throttling we're able to drop the temperature from 89 degrees Celsius without the cool by 7 degrees to 82. With the fan maxed out and legs fully extended here in the average clock speeds for the same tests just shown as the GPU wasn't thermal throttling we're, not really seeing a difference here, but that does appear to be an extremely small improvement as GPU boost works better Under cooler, temperatures what's more interesting is we're, seeing an improvement to CPU clock speeds as we raise the feet of the cooler and increase the fan. Speed, though, not by much the difference between the laptop, only and then best case with the cooling pattern. Maximum height and maximum fans is only 200 megahertz across all cores. But this is kind of a worst case with the six core 8850 H under full load, combined with GPU load. If there was no thermal, throttling we'd probably see temperature improvements like we did with the graphics for up to date, pricing check the link in the description at the time of recording this cooling pad is around 40 US dollars.

There are others seem to be less than that, so it really seems like you're paying for the larger size and, of course, that RGB lighting compared to the price of your beastly gaming laptop, that seems fine for the small boost in performance you'll be looking at while There is certainly an excessive amount of RGB lighting in products these days. Overall, I personally like the design of the coin pad, as we saw in the thermal testing, it does make an improvement but it's nothing, exceptionally crazy performance can be boosted that the results will vary between laptop all it's doing is blowing air up and increasing the space Between the bottom of the laptop and the desk, so if you've got a laptop with no air vents on the bottom, like a MacBook or the asou severus M, for example, you'll probably see less of an improvement as the internal components. Won'T get that airflow. The only issue I had was the potential requirement to take up two whole USB type, a ports granted many may be fine with just one port like I was here. I think this type of cooling pad is less portable and more of a stationary object, so it may have made more sense to have a power adapter to plug into the wall. Instead, let me know what you guys thought about. The thermal take massive 20 RGB cooling pad Dell in the comments don't forget to enter the giveaway link in the description, if you're in Australia and, of course, subscribe for future tech.