I will show you in absolute preview. The brand new Blackview Acebook1 is really the bombshell because it is the first laptop produced by this technology company until last year produced exclusively tablets and mobile phones, and from this year it decided to expand its production also and laptops and computers. As you can see, I collaborate very often with this brand and they to ingratiate me sent me an absolute preview of the launch presentation, video and I could not share it with you. Obviously, not, and in fact he showed it to you in this video that for the occasion divided it into three parts in the first part, I will show you the preview. In the second part, we will talk about the technical specifications and in the third part I will reveal the launch promo price equipped with 110 dollars links. Yes, if you buy it during the pre order, you will have a discount of 110 dollars. Of course body. I left you the link of the promo in the description. I said this let’s not waste any more time and get the absolute preview. How hard video presentations youzze really give you a crazy adrenaline charge and now let’s go analyze. The technical sheet mounts the windows 10 operating system, an intel cheney, the ex n 41 24 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of memory, expandable up to 256 gb 14 inch display in full hd with center east frequency and equipped with 3 usb ports, 2 version 3.

0 And a single version 2.0 frame resistant in ultralight aluminum that leads to weigh ours and the book one only 1.3 kg double side speaker and as regards the colors, we have two versions: silver and dark gray, and now we have reached the price. You are ready. This beautiful computer has just launched costs only 499. However, if you buy it during the pre order, you will have a discount of 110 on the total price and therefore you will only pay for it. Three 189 dollars 3 is incredible. If, by chance, you are interested in this beautiful laptop, I have left the link description of the pro but, as you have seen in my public channel a lot of promos and previewed in fact every day I look for offers and launches of new products so as To share, above all, to inform you who follow me of all the technology offers that are published punctually every week. So if you are interested in promos and discounts, video reviews unboxing heads subscribe to the channel, so you will be updated of the discounts and news at each of my publications. If you liked this video preview leave a live reminder that, in the descriptions released, the link of this beautiful facebook, one without indiscretion, released all the telegrah groups to which I am registered, technology games and fitness. Where every day we publish the best amazon time offers concerning these three categories, I recommend you go and take a leap with them.

Nk invitation that must be left in the description, because there are really many more than 2400 in that games almost 700 in that technology is practically a thousand in the fitness one. In addition to the telegraph channels, always description find my instagram profile, my facebook page luca, that grows 2 audience weekly, my costly creations and the link of all the equipment he uses to make videos on youtube. That said, we have reached the end of this video, but before saying goodbye, I give you a news. I will be present next week in rimini comix. I do not know if you know one beautiful, fair, like that of lucca comics, but made in rimini. There will be many cosplayers. It will last four days from thursday to sunday in which, if, by chance any of you will go there, you will find yourself around the fia in the role of kakashi baywatch version.