This video is all about a particular product and a special flavor. It brings to the pc gaming world i’m, going to show you how you can break the pc gaming stereotype with just one simple add on. Obviously this isn’t anything revolutionary, but in this era of revisits i decided to bring this one back from the dead. So what comes to mind when you think pc gaming yeah a desk, monitor a pc keyboard, a mouse and a nerdy dude slashed over a chair that looks like it was pulled out of a go. Kart see that’s where you’re wrong it doesn’t have to be that way and console gamers aren’t the only people that can enjoy themselves chilling on a couch while gaming on a 65 inch 4k tv from 12 feet away. Nope times have changed. My friends and open minded pc gaming can net you a cool, different style of gaming, but random youtube guy. How can you game on a pc without a controller and sit so far away from the tv, oh timmy timmy, to me to me to me, you can do it and you can do it for cheap with the use of wireless technology that you might already have And this Music laptop owners have always had this concept of comfortable computing sitting anywhere anyhow and just browsing or even doing some light gaming. One particular item which has been around for a while but featured in different shapes and forms, has definitely helped pave the path to the expectation, so you can ditch the laptop and put a keyboard and mouse on it.

Hell yeah i’ve been doing that for the past five months and it’s freaking awesome. So this laptop lap holder is not my best friend. Of course, you’ll need a good pair, and by pair i mean a keyboard and mouse that’s wireless, hardly budget equipment. I went for the kikron k2 and a logitech g603 wireless mouse. Both of these guys can last for a long time so i’m not concerned about charging or battery loss. Any wireless equipment will do you. Don’T have to go balls to the walls. If you already have wireless equipment, then you have no excuse not to try this. I sit approximately 12 to 13 feet away from my samsung q8t 4k tv i’ve got my overpriced console killer, build which was capsuled inside a node 202 and powered by an rtx 3070 at an intel, 10 400 cpu with 16 gigabytes of ram, not bad huh. So let’s talk about the star of the video. The lap desk by lap gear is a 21 inch by 12 inch lap desk designed to hold laptops up to 15.6 inches, but we’re, not using it for a laptop we’re using it to hold a wireless keyboard, which is roughly 12 inches by 5 inches. That leaves a small rectangular area of 5 by 9 inches to place your wireless mouse on which is a soft felt like material for the mouse to roll on and it’s quite accurate when it comes to tracking on the bottom of the hard plastic surface.

It’S padded with dual bolster cushions made of fabric, which is soft and durable. At the same time, it sort of molds to your lap, depending on how you’re sitting it’s super lightweight weighing in at just over a pound, then add the weight of whatever behemoth of the keyboard and mouse. You put on it there’s a little plastic guard at the bottom, designed to prevent your laptop or keyboard from sliding down and falling into the oblivion, but nothing for the mouse. There’S. A cool nifty slit above the mouse pad area which is designed to hold your phone kind of useless, but a nice feature to have i guess so. What else can i say about this item it’s available on amazon for ‘.99 canadian and comes in only two colors for the canadian market, the silver carbon, which is the one you see in this video and a black carbon version for just a few dollars more? When i put together my second pc, i honestly thought that i would be stuck using a controller when gaming from a distance there’s nothing wrong with that. I still switch to a controller here and there, but when switching games or wanting to just sit back and browse or mess around having access to a keyboard and mouse versus slouching over the coffee table is way way more comfortable and it also beats paying hundreds of Dollars for something like the corsair k63, which is a wireless keyboard design with a lap board section at a premium price, if you’re concerned about viewing text and other details, then, depending on the distance and resolution of your tv, you can play with the display scale settings.

You don’t have to use the recommended percentage it’s, whatever looks good for you. Even the resolution can be changed. I’Ve already discussed that in my review, video for this exact tv, couch gaming doesn’t have to be something you need to overthink or feel like that. It’S going to cost you a crap ton of money, it is an alternative to sitting at the desk it’s, probably not the best choice for someone that’s going to be using the pc for anything other than gaming and browsing. If you already have wireless peripherals, which i strongly recommend and unless you’re competing in esports games in a competitive level, then you’ve already got 75 percent of the gear. Almost everyone has a tv in their house and chances are it’s bigger than your monitor. If not, please, let me know down in the comments what kind of monitor you have it’s nice to break away from the norm of pc gaming and just try different approaches since we’re all home. More often, these days it’s a good idea to change it up. So you’re not always stuck in the same room gaming. The same way, i think my next gaming experience video is going to be something outside where there are no walls. So guys, if you like this video, please consider, subscribing and hitting the like button. Also, leave me a comment and let me know how you find our content. Let me know what kind of monitor you guys are using and what you think about couch gaming or, if you’re, already doing it and what other equipment you use.