This is the sarin in 4100 it's a quad core, with a maximum to about a 2.4 gigahertz. It has sadly only 4 gigabytes of RAM now that's a problem. What we had with all of these releases lately there are some models from tech last the course that do have the 8 gigabytes. The chewy here seems to just be stuck with the 4, unfortunately, and not matching their competitors, which is something I hope is going to be changing in the future. Now, if you missed my unboxing video, I did cover the build to the sign and the speakers, and that particular video so do also check them out. If you want just a little bit more detail with some things, I'm going to quickly recap here the build and a few things that I have discovered and then get onto probably what you're more interested in, which is the performance of this particular laptop. So I start out with the bezels, as you can see, they are very slim, and this screen is a real surprise to me, because it actually turned out to be very good in in regards to the actual the color space we're. Getting with this was the gamut it's, very good, but more on that, once they do the screen, capturing I'll show you the exact Adobe asaji percentages, but they are really good, in fact better than a thousand dollar laptops that I have reviewed. So this has a type C put on here, but what they've done is really silly to me because they put a type C put on here, but it does not actually support power.

Delivery there's not enough power output from this particular type C port here to power external hard drives, I mean they will power. You sometimes can start moving and copying files off it. But when I tried to copy, for example, a 2 terabyte video file, it cut out halfway through, so it really cannot power large files large large drives. That is so. If you get a flash drive, you can set that in here, that's gon na be fine because there's a low powered, but anything that has a high power demand not going to work here. I'Ve got a status LED there and then micro HDMI out, which does support 2k at 60. Hertz tested that no real problems. It is working fine, so the build, as you can see, is all metal, so the gone with the middle Palmer is now the first few days when I use this. I did notice some current actually coming through the frame of this, which is why a lot of manufacturers resort to putting plastic panelists like the LED book. I see it hasn't been happening again, which is quite strange. I haven't been able to reproduce that problem every time. I have it plugged in now, and I touch it. I cannot feel any charge coming through now. That could just be just a one off sort of thing that happened to me the same with the space key when I talked about the keyboard and the unboxing video that the keyboard is quite good to type on, but I have had and still do have a Bit of an issue with my space key now after repeated use of it, I can comment that it is improved, but the very outer edges they don't register all the time now in the beginning, it was not working about only about 50 at the time now.

It seems to approve a little bit so every I would say now about seven times out of ten it's going to work for me, space key and I have confirmed well thank you for so many people that's come forward and talk to me about this problem conferred With other users that their space key is actually fine with some people and then another person that also commented that they had the same problem as me, so it's. Looking from what I've gathered of about five people that have come forward, one has the issue. So I would say: there's, maybe just a slim chance that if you were going to be buying one of these, that you could have perhaps the space bar a little bit. Funny there and not not really the greatest. The other thing to note too is the keyboard is backlit, but we have a little bit of light that comes through on the bottom, depending on the way you're looking at the keyboard. That is so, if you're looking at it at a certain angle, you can get quite a bit of light coming through on the bottom that's a little bit blinding when you're, using it late at night other than that the space bar issue it's an OK keyboard very Similar to say the easy book – 3 Pro they reviewed, it almost seems like a similar, build here that we've got with this particular laptop now, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack does have a very clean and clear output to it.

The speakers on the system – I just make a comment on them, but the sample is actually in my unboxing. Video is quite good they're a little bit better than the let book is but there's still not amazing speakers. So don't expect to have some sort of Dolby AKG tuned, really good, Harman and infinity kind of speakers. Not. This is not the case here with a 300 laptop you're not going to get that kind of performance with it now the same goes with the webcam at the top. In fact, this webcam is absolutely terrible, here's a sample of it, the quality that you can expect from this webcam it's a very poor, as you can see, grainy blurry, the sound also has some has to it, and the framerate of this video 720p is only about 15 frames per second, so really bad, so justly quickly back on the build of the laptop. So the screen goes back here, which is a fair enough angle. I think most people going to be happy with that. The overall build of the laptop too is very good or middle, and no logos are calls on the back of the screen here. So the let Bach AC does have a big chewy logo, which a lot of people weren't very fond of myself too. I wasn't really that fast with it, but you know I think, it's better. This look to not have a big glowing logo on the back here.

I prefer it keeps it a little bit more professional looking and the hinge is very stiff too so there's no problems would that build aspect there. There is the touchpad too that when I, if I tap on the palm rest here, you can probably hear that that there is a little bit of a vibration coming through on that. So this could be just another first batch build problem like that. Spacebar that's come through, otherwise it is a very good touchpad I'm, not having any issues using it. So the accuracy is fine. The finer movements, the sensitivity of it all good and the surface of it to me feels perfectly fine there as well. Now this laptop does come with 64 gigabytes of emmc storage. I'Ll get onto the speeds of that soon sort. Shortly in this video, I just wanted to point out too. We do have this little hatch on the back here. As I pointed out my unboxing video, but this is where you can install yourself a 20 to 40 to 20 to 60 or 20 to 80 settar 3 MDOT to SSD in there, and I highly recommend doing this to get better performance and more storage. Of course. So there's footage you're about to see is all being screen captured, not internally but externally, so won't affect the performance it's at 60 frames per second as well. The recording rate 1080p I've only up scaled it to 4k just to match the rest of the video.

So the laptop saving grace and one of the things that really did surprise me – is this right here. So take a look at the screen. The gamut, the color space we have here is actually so good for this type of laptop selling for around 300 u.s.. You would not expect this, so it has an sRGB of 99. Seeing now this. This beats some of the thousand dollar. Many of the thousand dollar laptops that I have looked at, the NTSC is 73 and then our Adobe RGB is 78 as well. This is very good. The maximum brightness of the screen is around 350 Lux, so a bit of panel than the let book se. So this is why I say that maybe this is the thing that's really saving it with the slimmer bezels. It certainly is a much more attractive screen and if you intend to be doing, color grading photo work and things like that, but only light stuff. Then this is ideal having such a good panel in this particular laptop. So maybe this is where truly spend all their money and why they couldn't give us power delivery support with the type C port that's the reason going for that more expensive screen. So we take a look at the wireless speeds: it's, not the fastest it's, the Intel 3165 wireless AC, at least of course, so you can get on the 5 gigahertz band and it does improve the performance there and, if you're doing the FTP file transfer it's gon Na be around 370 318 megabits per second, so it's, certainly not the fastest card.

It has that one by one antenna, setup, Geekbench full score, is the only real benchmark. I will show you here because I'm just gon na focus on real world performance, which I believe is a lot more important of course. So here we have a school that is very similar to the other laptops. I have reviewed, perhaps a tad slower than the lip of. I see here for some reason and the tick nose if 15, which got scores in 1800 there and perhaps about another hundred more points there, but they're more or less the same. So we have some applications here, open that I wanted to demonstrate to you the performance. You can expect so a lot of people when they're asking me about what about Photoshop edits. So I've got a few layers in here there's a my old thumbs. I used to use for my videos. I wanted to demonstrate what the high megapixel image that's in here and if you have apps open that want to go to move this around. Take a look at this terrible lag so it's a little choppy. I mean it's possible now, if I do, of course, kill Chrome kill down these other apps have gotten like LibreOffice and things in the background yeah that will help boost up the performance, but it's not gon na, be wonderful. You can even see that when you enable and disable different layers and things that it doesn't exactly load in super quick, I'm gon na close that to help boost our performance because I'm a little low on RAM.

Just one of the things. The the limit of this particular tick, having only four gigabytes of ddr4 Ram, not exactly amazing, so it's for good for basic tasks, as I will show you so you're gon na meet in your documents, so Microsoft Docs – and this is LibreOffice here performance – is fine. You can scroll edit edge images and you're, not gon na see too much of a problem at all with that. This is what this tick is ideal for. This particular CPU is all about battery life and just giving you efficient performance here and when you move over to say, Excel spreadsheet spreadsheets, as well as long as they're, not huge like two megabytes and pages and pages, and then you're gon na have no problems to With this, so that's gon na be fine, searching editing, and things like that now, if you using formulas and really massive ones, again, expect the performance to be a little bit slow, it will help if you're on an SSD, which I highly recommend now for my Google Chrome browser tab test so I'm, just gon na go to Google here and what I'll do is. I will bring up just something: generic so to search houses open, have a lot of tabs and we'll see how it reforms. So I found that you can run normally with the four gigabytes of RAM and this Hardware about 10 tabs once you go over ten you'll find they start to reload, because this is actually loading in really quite quick, those tabs.

Hopefully they are fully loaded. So I think that'll be enough. You want to push it too much and swap between them here, okay, so that performance looks reasonably good. Some of these pages took a little while to render just coming in and it's understandable, because I've got the video going there in the background as well and still something's cashing in there. So I'll go back to these other tabs back to the speed test, and that is still there so that's really about the the limit there once you start to push it with even more tabs than this. So there was one guy in the comments. Last time said to me: I run 30 tabs in Chrome. Can I do it? No, I mean you, can you can try, but it was hard to reload those all the time. So the thermals we'll have a look at that. I have done some gaming just before which I will show you 77 degrees. Remember. This is passively cooled there's no fan in there and it does get a little warm the outside of it. So, on the bottom around the palm rest on the left hand, side when you're charging and then gaming. At the same time it will get up to about 35 degrees, so it's warm to the touch but it's. Nothing, alarming! It'S to me perfectly fine, considering again that there's no fan in here so kicks out with the thermals there's no need to do.

I feel any modifications we've got the 12 what's that they are running by default. So if you were to increase that to say 15 and really push it and then maybe you might have to do some mods right then, with that so battery life I've done a few tests on it and it exactly the same as the let book I see. Well, more or less you're going to get somewhere between about 7 to 8 hours and that's. What the brightness at about 30 to 40 running it indoors. You can see the screen perfectly fine, so I think think that the battery life here is actually quite good. This is what the Gemini Lake is all about: a coarse battery life and now on to video performance, so streaming 4k. This is back in YouTube and you can see that we're gon na get a few drop frames here, it's starting out and it's. Looking pretty good into smooth and easy, so of course your internet connection can keep up with decimal and now a 4k 60 megabit per second 10 bit encoded aqvc file. Playback looks good, although not perfect. I am seeing a few little stutters here. You can skip ahead. Fine, you can see, it will load it in right. So moving on now to have a look at some gaming performance, so you can game. As you can see some light titles older games. They are gon na, be playable, so getting about 45 frames per second here in counter strike.

This is on the dust2, with a full server. Well, eight each side and really it's, not too bad. I feel for this particular hardware at 720p, although I just got a mess of frame dip, then down to 17 frames per second, so it's not gon na, be amazing performance, as you can clearly see here, but it's, not overall bad. I believe for what it is. I mean yeah cool 60 frames per second would be so much better and the other game I'd like to test out this. The League of Legends running in 1080p that's why it looks so much sharper and better than counter strike, and it will run on the low setting about 60 frames per second, as you can see, when you move around the map it will dip down, but not by Much still keeping over these 60 frames per second, in fact, which is really good, so I'm happy with the performance, especially here in League of Legends and as for Linux use. If you didn't see my unboxing video that Linux Mint I tested it out, it was the latest build working all finds, and that is really good to see now the build quality in a laptop overall it is nice it's well put together the weight isn't too bad. I mean it's 1.47 kilos they're, not the lightest out there that you ii era book is a good 200 grams or so lighter the screen is what makes this laptop.

So you can see that to me clearly most of the budget went on the screen, so it has a very good srgb, 99 and Adobe RGB rating as well much better than the let book se it's, also a good hundred and twenty or so Lux brightest or A much brighter screen and being the fact yes that's fully laminated it's glossy super reflective, but that can be fixed if you apply one of those met, anti glare screen protectors and as long as you don't get any annoying dust under the screen protector. When you apply it, it actually turns out to work and be alright. I'Ve done it before myself. So the type C port is a really big, huge letdown there. The fact that it does not support power delivery and then it cannot power external hard drives. It can power your flash drives mice, webcams all that just fine it's, just anything that needs a high power output from a USB port it's. Not there. I don't know why, so they really did mess up a little bit there with the type C port on here. I would rather just had DC and charging and another USB 3 port here, second, one instead of the type C port, because it doesn't support the power delivery, so it really defeats the purpose completely. Webcams, absolutely terrible, as you saw from my sample, not good at all, because the bezels so small, they have used a very small sensor, it's, absolutely tiny.

When you look at it and you can see from the resulting quality. Really bad speakers are better than the let book se but overall that's the model to go for all the let book air C. So please do my review of that one. You can pick it up for a little bit more expensive than this model, but it does come with an SSD and overall, it gives the same kind of performance, which is good. The thermals on this as well are good and the battery life seven to eight hours are very similar there, but it's just because of the better keyboard with that model. The fact that we've got another second USB 3 port and the microSD card means without a doubt, in my mind, that the laptop se is still the best Gemini Lake laptop to go for. Thank you so much for watching this review. Please do think about subscribing.