🟡La NUEVA IMPRESORA 3D de Resina de CREALITY (2021) 🟡 Creality HALOT SKY + Wash and Cure
You pay a monthly, quarterly or annual fee, and you have unlimited access to all the content that is in that moment and those that we are taking. While you are so, you know the link here below welcome one more day to be in print and welcome to the double review of the critic, batches kyle, plus the double cleaning and curing machine. I wanted to do this double review because I think that these two separate machines do not have sense. They have to go together, united, because the truth is, I think they earn a lot together. Of course, these two products have been given, on the one hand, by the people of power, planet online.com, who have tended us in the face miranda that has given us sealing wax to the ittihad lot sky is from here. We thank you for having passed us this product and then we thank the people of tom top that there is also a fair, more or less at that time. It was not offered To any product and we ask it – is precisely a cleaning and curing machine to be able to show our two products in the video. If you are interested in these two products, you know that here below the description of the video, you will be able to find them if we see these machines from the outside first, What catches our attention is: the halo of sky, which is a fairly large machine To be treated with resin with a completely renewed design, and it is appreciated that it was about time that a resin 3d printer risked a little trying to do something different, because the truth was beginning to appear all together.

We have the most striking from the outside. With this proportion that in which we have all the electronics in the lower part and the upper part, the case that is folding – that comes with hinges, and it is also a quite hard hinge which we have to We assemble when we unpack the machine is the Only thing we have to do screw the diving suit from its place; otherwise it is practically taking it out of the box and putting it in print reminds a lot of the design if it is a little shot in shape, but I think they have done it In a more elegant way, without being very obvious, so the truth that I think they have taken there is a pretty good balance and It is true to clarify that, for example, my case came with this line here as a waterfall. To see, nothing happens because I understand that it is one of the first units and this series of things is forgiven, but I think it is a matter that we must take care of face now To what is a mass production. Another thing in which he believes in and that has put a lot of emphasis on the z axis action. We have a double rail with linear guides and a much fatter spindle, which will result in better table quality up and down.. It will not be mechanical, but in x, yen, and it is also assumed that we will have better quality with this printer, since we have an improved light source without going into many details, because they have not told very well what their technology is.

People from krlky Say that we have lets, say greater stability on its entire surface and that we can have curing times between one and four seconds then Ill. Tell you about it later, like this interesting things that it says to create and that we have a Buddhist, artificial intelligence chip. Still for what It works, you do not know it, because I neither really nor idea how typical it is that it has, but I have not seen it useful. I do not know, then. This serial printer also comes with a serial Wi, Fi control and, apart from being able to interact with it via Smartphone, we also have the facility to update via ota, that is, the people themselves create lit and automatically send us a firmware update to our printer, which I found super interesting and it is the first time that I see something like this. In a 3d printer of Chinese resin, we have a large enough printing volume to be a zuleta resin 3d printer. We have 192 x, 120 x, 200, millimeters of printing, more or less similar to the photo in mono, x, neptune, etcetera, etcetera, more or less. All of them are out there couples. It seems to me that it is a quite interesting volume and then also interesting things. This machine is that we have our own laminator that reality people have done based on a lot In the people of Forln. It has been shot and a little without being as top as that of Fort La, but it is true that it remembers a lot which aims to be more minimalist and that we say that the process of preparing pieces is as simple as possible.

Is One more striking thing? Is that the print settings of what has been exposure of layers and others? We do not do from the laminate, the girls, we do it from the printers own screen which has caught my attention is the first time I see something like that: a Chinese resin 3d printer and you are recording the truth. This is recording here, then the wash and your machine is in parallel. What is the double cleaning and curing machine? The truth is that It is very, very well lets say that these machines are usually very simple and so striking things about this is that we have a double source, double ultraviolet light source which will guarantee that our pieces better cover the plate. It has a mirror effect so that It also reflects light from all sides and lets say we have a more homogeneous, curing and cleaning level lets say we have the typical tupperware and their shared test is with enough volume. Lets say to put our isopropyl alcohol here and that the pieces that we can cure are quite large. The truth is that it seems to me that it is quite good already lets say that it is like a standard lets say all the Chinese are doing this in the curing cleaning machines. Things that I also liked is a bit well then lets say all the keypad that we can program the times of curing that we can choose. There are many options.

We can choose the speed. We want the plate to rotate. I do not know, I think, within the simplest, is that these machines are, I think they have put a series of details that make it quite a lot of tula, but these are the two machines from the outside very simple, very cool, great now. Well, as you know, in all the reviews of the videos, I am going to tell you the five things that I liked, and I have not liked about these printers of these machines that I am teaching. The first thing that I liked updating via ota is the first time that we say here create lit and 3d printing is being taken, and in this case in resin very seriously – and this is a clear example – I the only time I have seen something like this. In a resin, 3d printer has been in fort the second thing that I liked the design and, as I have told you in the design section, they have worked it out a lot, not only because we have a diving suit and all this is very cool and It sounds fantastic, and I know that this can be very relative, but also especially the z axis. I think they have a very well designed very rigid z axis and I think, which is one of the things that differentiates it. A lot from the competition as well as things that I have not commented on.

For example, are things like the arm and what is the construction platform that are quite rigid? They are very well built. It is something that has already been common. in all resin 3d printers, but I do not want to overlook a small thing that you have to take into account in the design. Part is that it weighs and that weight has been condemned as a death. But a lot but good, not all this! The z axis is redundant In the third positive point: the printing quality, a printing quality with the truth that it makes very good pieces. I have made a little of everything from pieces with parametric design to more organic pieces. Simpler pieces, the truth that in any situation, it does very good things to have Keep in mind that you have to configure the anti jazzy well in your laminator lets, say these laminating effects in x well, and they do not appear to us. Lets say that people believe lit, and it says that in x, yen and we have a resolution of up to 50 microns, I believe it. The truth is that it has a very, very good resolution, and the truth is that it is a good resolution accompanied with a fairly large print volume. It gives us a lot of play. Fourth thing that I liked the screen in this case: what is the screen with which we interact is very, very good, not because it is tactile, but because it is very similar almost to the experience with a smartphone.

It is quite fast in what is the Tactile response is very good, and I was surprised to find a screen of this style in a printer. It came from China, hey, they have worked it out and the fifth and last positive point integration with the wash and cure was seen to come, and the truth is that, as I have told you, they are two machines that do not understand each other separately. I think that the two have to go together. Ok, it is a joy to be able to finish printing and direct the piece to take it off and put it to clean the truth that it is an exp. This science has greatly simplifies everything that is the resin process that you already know is quite messy and others. I think that, thanks to having this curing cleaning machine next to it, that simplifies everything. A lot, then, when it comes to curing our pieces, they are super homogeneous since, in general, all this interaction is very, very good, very and nuria. We are speaking well of the people of the school, that is that they have smeared the tickets. There truth and the partners to this it shows that they make you semen, stretched true, is that I also see the child a lot subscribe because not, as you know, not everything is perfect, and I do not know why I am there with what they pack, but I am going to tell you the five things that I have not liked: that there are a few and some of weight.

First thing that I did not like in the mine for a moment, but no title that eliminated the one you liked that it looked like forln and blah blah blah to see the laminator is very good. It has a pretty cool design and it works much better than That of the competition that many times make their own solutions, but it is true that they spend a little bit of simplicity. I am of the theory of less is more a fairly simple. Laminator is appreciated. I think that here things have been removed from things such as, For example, the subject of the supports is too simple and practically does not let you touch anything and, in fact has had problems when configuring supports with the laminate itself. Things such as that, for example, we cannot add the pieces or put drainage holes. I do not know are things that have been simplified. I think to see this in future updates. I hope you create lit and take note and implement these options. I am looking for following the line of what they are doing. That, I think, is very good if it is true that I, what I have done to print pieces is to generate the supports with a software as if you box and then pass the piece already with the supports configured to laminate it with this laminator. That brings the subject, lame Chitu box piece. I put it with supports and I make them from here to futures on youtube box and at the finish line, and what are the profiles compatible with this machine? But for now, if we want to print with this machine from here, the files have to come out of their own laminate.

Second thing that I did not like the curing speed of the screen people of credit and say that the type of curing goes between 1 and 4 seconds rain. A I have not been able to lower with any resin than the 5 seconds with any. I have tried quite a few more standard resins, a little more resistant, transparent, of which I will talk to you in a video and in none of them managed to get less than five seconds now. In fact, I am printing a piece with a fairly normal resin and I am with seven seconds per layer already. I tell you, I do not know exactly very well if there is some kind of hidden configuration in the machine that allows me to increase the power of the screen, which I do not advise. I am going to tell you why, but I at least As it comes standard, I already tell you that it did not get down from the five third thing that I did not like adjustments from the screen to see it is cool the fact that we can Adjust the lamination settings from the screen that we can set the time exposure blah blah blah. That is fine, but it is true that I find it strange. I think his thing and the ideal would be to do as in other competitive printers, that we put the printing settings in our laminator and then, if we want Carlos, We can modify them from the printer, but that the printing settings are directly from the machine itself.

Seems strange to me, especially because of things such as the profiles we, for example, in situ box, and we print with one resin or with another. We have different settings, of course here.. I cannot create these profiles directly on the machine I have to have as a side note with the settings of the same for lets say exchanging. I do not know, I think the intention It has been good, but here they have to give it a fourth thing that I did not like the firmware of the screen, and let me explain if it is true, as I told you before, that today, how cool The wifi update via drop speaks, speaks, speaks you cannot use it, because A super cool thing is that the keyboard does not admit capital letters as it seems like bullshit, but it is not a practical case. For example, one of the first things I did when I saw this machine is to connect to the Wi Fi very well, because I am going here the section of wifi, obviously the password. But, as you know, many wifi passwords have uppercase and lowercase, because here it does not allow to enter capital letters. Yes, I know it seems a bit of joke, but something as simple as not being able to enter capital. Letters on the keyboard does not allow me to enter the wifi then. Well. I think that in the future it is to put an update on this screen and it will solve this problem.

That seems a nonsense in which I think they have not taken this into account then well, I hope that And correct it. I look for firmware updates on the screen and from now to date, when I am recording this at the moment, there is no guess that in the future, because there will be – and fifth and last thing that I did not like it warms you, You shit the Printer gets hot enough, its not dangerous, its not lets, say something bad per se, but what must be taken into account, for example, lets say that in all these weeks – and I have had the best printer, it has printed with it. I know more than 150 hours. and nothing has happened, but it strikes me that, in the face of its direct competition, it gets quite hot. This is what I told you before that if there is a hidden setting of the machine to increase the power of the screen, I would not touch it because it gets hot enough Now and Im using that between 5 or 6 seconds per layer as to increase The power more, I already tell you, they are little things that I think we have to say that we have to comment so that you take into account the conclusions of this review in it. Since we have seen the credit bag, it can be said that I think in these two machines lets talk about bread sheet from the critics batch sky.

You can find it on the page of power, planet online.com dotcom, who has been the one who has given us. This machine and lets say the base price of this machine is 900 euros, but lets say at least now Tuesday, August 3, when Im recording this its at 7′, which seems to me to be quite a demolition price and the cleaning and curing machine that people have Given us As a fool, he finds you for 99 euros since in total steels to the idea that 840 euros, the two machines are worth because I think that one does not understand one without the other now well, what do I think of these two machines here? I advise them not to see myself under my point of view, thus seems to me that I believe it if it is true that it is a printer that I believe has certain flaws that are more typical of being the first units that I believe that, in The future, when they correct certain nonsense, it was even the publication hen of this video better than some of these have already been corrected. I have no record, I think they are things that are good. For example, things like the laminator are not serious. Surely, in a few months there will already be a profile of this itself had things like, For example, the firmware of the screen will end up solving it for sure they are small nonsense. I think it is typical that the printer just released is still a little green in some things, but I think it is a printer and if you want a powerful resin printer and You cannot get to Forln, I think the Skype wings are very, very well and It is very interesting, I think that also its implementation with the joke makes it say a couple that is brutal and simao now.

Well, I understand the reflection or more than one that says that this rises from the budget, that it is very expensive. Obviously, lets say that reality here is not looking at a more generic audience. I think it is looking at an audience that wants lets, say something a more professional machine onal, but without spending six thousand euros so good. That is my reflection, and I hope that you share yours down here in the comments box and before saying goodbye. I do not forget that for each video that the public gave away a monthly subscription online academy shares in the prairie that, by the way in summer, we are giving a 15 percent discount with the summer coupon three of the quarterly subscriptions here. This funny winner, winner and successes, just gave a spam and the winning winner has been going up and fantastic, fantastic, the party and in the final minutes of the videos, what a slap I have given. I want to tell you things and, as you know, we are in the month of litis breeding and apart from the fact that we are doing a raffle, we are drawing one in depression, 2 link here and all these things I love you Telling that the next Printer is going to go and next week Im going to show you the acr 30, the one known as the prim and naomi de naomis printer is that I no longer know or h, ablar and pistone, or that you shit at the end of the video and That I think it is a very interesting printer that I am liking much more than I thought and that I think that the most interesting printer for more than one and more than two and three and four and five and six – and I do not continue counting.

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