Laptop is about 1.3 kilos. So inside we have a power, adapter very, very light, very small and it does have an asian type of plug, but there is also the adapter there to convert it to british plug so no complaint on that, and this is the machine itself. So already, the presentation is pretty good and it’s, also all cardboard, which is nice um, a bit more environmentally friendly, apart from, of course, the form to try and try to protect in well warranty card, and this is a one year warranty on it. Some instructions. Okay in several languages and also some stickers for the keyboard in case, you want to convert it to a different language. I assume there will be a american keyboard and we have several languages as a sort of a startup system. I, like the look of it already: um let’s, go through a few things, so we have a mini hdmi here, love it. So this is a usb which is nice, tucked away it’s a usb type 3, which can be expanded when you need to connect it. But in the meantime, it keeps a nice line for the laptop that’s, the connection for the charger and, on the other side again, another usb same scenario. So this is a very very nice feature, a tf card and a headphone jack. Here we have the 512 gigabyte ssd. This machine comes with either a 256 or a 512. I went directly for the 512 a bit of extra space, and actually the value of it was also pretty good.

If you want to replace it, it’s just one little screw and then you can change it for whatever you want. I don’t know if you can see guys, but the chassis seems to be pretty solid, so there is barely any flex in the keyboard as well same with the monitor. Um is not bad at all. Actually, considering how light it is, there is a minimum flex, but the chassis does seem pretty good anyway, so first impression already very, very good and again once he’s closed well. Personally, i think he looks pretty stylish and again feels very. Very light is 1.313, so it’s 1.3 kilo exactly. I will put also the charger and adapter on it just because most people will carry that with them as well. So with that included, it comes to 1.440, so it’s 1.4 kilo it’s, not even one and a half kilos with everything, included a couple of observations. While we have the machine upside down, so we have the stereo speakers there. Um and the machine is, as you can see, is very well balanced. Putting my finger right in the middle without trying to drop it, but you can see then, is actually very well balanced. The body is hard plastic, so as much as it does look like a metal chassis um, it is a plastic uh covering in the bottom and cover but uh, but it feels very good. It looks very nice as well and, as i said, there is a pretty good stiffness all throughout so i’ve, been using this machine.

For a couple of weeks now, and just to summarize a few things that i really like and potentially don’t like of the computer and to begin with i mentioned before, when you open the computer, it slightly tells the keyboard, which i really really like it does put In a more ergonomic way, um the keyboard is fantastic. I want to show you also how quickly the computer starts anyway. The keyboard is very, very good. Um. All the keys are traveling a perfect amount to give you a bit of a tactile feeling then it’s, good, um computer is already. I change the language, also nice and easy to do all the keys are very well balanced, even something like the space bar as you can see. Even if i press it on this side, it does keep a very good balance on it. Let me just put my password in there we go um the monitor, uh, very nice, very bright, as you can see, um, even with quite a strong lighting at the moment on works very well going back to the keyboard. Also, one feature that i really like is at the moment it’s quite bright, but, as you can see, there are a couple of different settings to turn on a light on it as well so it’s, quite handy uh during the night time, and also the separation between The keys is very, very good, so it makes typing very comfortable without struggling potentially to type to click, two keys at the same time, trackpad and ideally would have liked it slightly taller.

Potentially, they could have put the keyboard slightly higher up and then make the trackpad taller um. However, it works incredibly well, it is very smooth, it is very responsive and of course, you have multiple uh touch system as well that you can select. It also fits very well the screen because, as you can see, size wise, they are pretty much the similar thing, so even the movements are precise for the type of screen as well. The feel is very good. It’S, not glass by all means let’s keep in mind, and this is a 300 pounds machine or even cheaper, but yeah works incredibly well. The machine, as i said, is very very fast. Even considering the price um, everything is very responsive. You saw how quickly uh it turned on earlier on and now going to open openoffice, which is quite a navy program, as you know, but everything works very well there we go so this speaker speakers are also very, very good um, so let’s, maybe open google we’ll Open a video i’ll even try to open a 4k video, so so we’ll check and we’ll we’ll push really the uh the quality of the processor and the screen. So you will see then it plays it fine with no problem at all. Of course, the screen is not 4k um, but it is able, anyway to um there we go to push through um such a navy, um Music. Stop this such an heavily graphical program with no problem at all.

Let’S keep the ad there. We go and let’s put the volume up as well. Now, of course, it’s going to rely on my internet connection, which is not the fastest, so this is not actually the computer. This is actually my internet connection that is struggling a bit, but, as you can see, the quality of the picture is fantastic and you can probably hear the speakers as well. The speakers are underneath stereo speakers and we’ll put some music on in a second just to um to test those a bit better, but yeah quality of the screen is uh. Absolutely superb, and so here is just to test the the quality of the music um. I put the speakers at maximum volume, as you can probably hear i’m shouting at the moment um. So they are pretty decent um overall for uh for the size and the the price of the machine. As you can hear, they are quite well balanced and just a little awkward thing that i noticed and it might trigger some people. He did me originally, and i changed the language to the system, all in italian so and you can change it to whichever language you want to. It works very well, not a problem at all. However, one of the cool things is that when you go into the speaker, you have some chinese characters there and actually, you know, put rename on it in purpose. To show them is possible to change it um, but that is not actually mentioned in the speaker for what i can understand, that is potentially the brand of the sound card.

So that is something that will always in one way or another, come out, but to kind of rename the whole system. You know, let’s call it speakers um just go on to the icon of the speaker over there right bottom of the mouse um. Unfortunately, i did change it in italian, but it is the same thing with regards of uh, doing it in english as well uh options there. There you go and then just put whatever you want on it um once you rename it now, you will have it as the speakers coming out there. There you go. Of course, if you press the right button of the mouse hold on. If you press sorry, the left button of the mouse comes up as speakers, and then you still have that character that unfortunately, cannot be removed, um, but yeah doing this anyway. It does allow you to change uh, the speaker part and it’s the same with regards to the input. You do exactly the same thing and those are the only two things that i noticed then. For some reason, i have some chinese characters um. So this is the microphone which i assume is because it’s the brand of the parts itself. Another great thing is that this machine is actually reasonably powerful on the graphic part of it. So um, okay, you cannot play triple a games, but you can play some games that are reasonably graphically demanding and it plays very, very well Music, hmm, ah Applause, Applause.

Finally, on the negative parts, um and believe me, i don’t think there are many. I really like the machine. One thing that is dreadful and in fairness is dreadful on all the machine of this price. Is the camera i’m not even going to bother opening? Believe me, it is a bit rubbish again. I don’t particularly mind. I actually prefer that if they want to skimp on something skimp on that, just because it’s very easy to purchase a cheap and cheerful camera, you can find one for about 15 quid onwards and they always do a far far better job than those internal cameras. Do um, apart from that you know it is a fantastic little machine. I really like the possibility of upgrading the ssd. If you want to, i mean i went for a 512, so i really don’t think i will ever need that, as you can see, it’s very, very um, very thin. The hdmi is a mini hdmi. So if you want to use a normal cable, you might need a little dongle little conversion, but i understand why they went for it because after all, it’s, so small, then even a full usb um cannot be fit onto the chassis. But this system is quite an ingenious one, um and again, as i said before, two usb type three on both sides so guys i hope you like this review of this q machine um. Personally, as i said, i find it a very nice little bargain if you like the review thumbs up, would be amazing if you don’t, like my charming italian accent, you know what to do and subscribe.

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