I think for the better part of every three months, and yet for the past five years i haven’t even owned a single laptop every time. I need it. I just borrow my wife. However, sometimes you need the mobility of a laptop, maybe because you were away from home or your station, or things like that. So today we are going to look at a very good laptop. It doesn’t cost very much but provides a very decent value, but first we are going to unbox it Music, so Music, Music, the laptop itself, is actually very sleek. Looking very slim now it looks metal but it’s, actually not it’s made of plastic there’s. The bottom ssd expansion, the speakers and the rubber feet on the side, there’s an sd card usb and mic, and earphone port there’s, also a mini hdmi, usb 3.0 and power. The laptop itself is also lightweight weighing around 1.3 kilograms, only and it’s very small. How small here you guys can be the judge, as you can see, the size is even shorter than an average keyboard. Now look at the spec. It has three things that i look for in any laptop, which is a quad core processor, 8 gb of ram and a minimum of 128 gb of ssd. The ram is a bit short at only 6 gb, but still considering the price close one. I accept it. I’M not going to go into the detail of the specs. You guys can pause and see at your base with any of the specific specs that you guys want to see after this we’re going to cover some key points of the specification of the laptop.

Now. The first part that we are going to cover is actually the performance, as you can see right now, i’m, going to opening up to six steps on chrome and there’s. Really no performance like you can scroll very smoothly. You can pan in and out very smoothly there’s. No like penalty or anything even when you’re playing high quality videos like playing videos at 4k youtube. The performance is fine, there’s, no gta or stutter, when playing back even multitasking is really not a problem. With this laptop, the 6gb ram doesn’t seem to affect it that much as you can see i’m scrolling one website and i’m playing another video on the other tab simultaneously. But you can see there’s really no lag in either the video or in terms of looking at the website, so the performance, the quad core processor and the 6gb of them is actually very adequate for basic tasks like this Music. Now i did mention earlier in this review that this laptop comes with an ssd, unfortunately it’s a sata, not nvme, and even then the sata performance is actually one of the worst starter performance that i’ve seen before it takes up to 18 seconds just to boot. Up to windows, you will see why later i’ll show you the ssd device i’ve, never seen before, it’s an obscure china event. The performance is actually quite appalling. I mean look at the rate and write speed, although i guess when you consider it is still better than normal mechanical hard drive.

The screen is actually one of the good surprises of this laptop it’s. Actually, a 1080 screen, not the 720 and, as you can see, the colors are very vivid and, as you can see right now, it has a very good viewing angle, but i still think it’s a tn panel now onto another display part of this laptop it’s. Actually, the wifi card is actually only wireless end. So, as a result, you can only connect to a 2.4 gigahertz wi fi band. So what this actually means in layman’s terms is that the laptop is only capable of uploading and downloading at a maximum of 50 megabyte per second, so let’s say you’re on a on a unified, 100 megabyte per second plan. You cannot fully utilize that speed laptop though redeems itself with bluetooth connectivity, it’s, actually just a bluetooth, 4.0, but connection is actually pretty serious, as you can see i’m connected to my phone pretty easily and the connection is very stable. So another feature that i like about this laptop is the trackpad it’s quite large in size, and also the tracking is very good. The right and left click is also, as you can hear, is also very well defined and it uses the windows precision driver. So it supports multi finger gestures, so you can like scroll zoom in zoom out just like that. The keyboard is also another star feature of this laptop. It uses a chiclet style and it’s a very nice type.

One here you guys can have a listen. I know it’s not like a mechanical keyboard or anything, but you know the key travel is very nice and it’s well spaced. Now, as good as the keyboard is, there is one feature that is missing that i know can be a deal breaker for some people and that’s, that is, the keyboard. Doesn’T have any backlighting. So if you type a lot in the dark or work in a very dark environment, this laptop is a no go. The speakers on this laptop is also lacking. It’S, no better than a handphone speaker here, have a listen Applause, no there’s, a reason for this very weak speaker performance. The number one is that the speaker is actually at the back and downward facing and the speaker size is actually very small. So, if you’re expecting like watching movies with your fans or using this as a general netflix device, if you’re not using headphones it’s, not really, i mean not really a very good choice. So, despite all of the cons, i still give this laptop a 4.5 over 5. In terms of 18., why? Because we have to circle back to the price it’s only 800 milligames here or 270 us dollars. I saw it on aliexpress, so this is already chromebook territory and instead of buying a chromebook, you get a decent performing laptop that can use windows application and you can even do things like like video editing and photo editing on this laptop, no issues.

You can see the multitasking performance is also very good, so basically we have reached the end of the video. So what do you guys think so? The laptop is actually very nice. Looking it’s decently priced and the promise is very good, especially if you’re only looking for doing light tasks like you know, we’re browsing document reading. Maybe you want to watch some movies or play very light games, even like video, you think, is possible in this laptop. So i mean uh for the price you really can’t fault it.